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Torment (Craving 2) Claudy Conn 2022/7/22 14:04:46

Allora pulled the gag out of his mouth. “Is there something you need to tell your little witch friend?”

All Jeremy did was close his eyes.

I knew what he was trying to tell me. He wanted me to save his girl, Tina, before him.

He did say, “She has my Tina…Bobbie, the bitch has Tina.”

“Careful,” Allora said on a hard note, and pinched his arm.

“Welcome home, Devin,” Jeremy said, looking at Devin, desperate for someone to save Tina.

There was only one thing I could do. Only one thing I could think of.

“Allora,” I said, and lunged at her. I had a chunk of her blonde hair and with a thought, just one thought, I opened my silver portal to Trinity and pulled her through.

We stood in the jungle, the sun had faded in Trinity, but its light was still enough to cause her pain. She screamed at me, “What have you done?”

“This is where you sent Devin for so long. Now it is your turn, but I don’t think you will manage as well.”

I didn’t see what happened next coming.

She released a bellow of pure rage as she pushed me backwards and held on tight to my arm. With a sinking heart, I realized I had not closed the portal. It was still open at my back.

We fell back into the library, and rolled, but I saw at once that both Jeremy and Devin were gone. They had gone off to save Tina—thank goodness. At least I had bought them some moments.

I was off in a puff of purple smoke.

Allora followed at vampire speed, but what met her gaze, and mine, made her give up the fight with just one last shout, “This is not finished!”

I knew as I watched her flash away that she would get to her car and drive off into the coming night. Would she return to London, or would we have to deal with her tomorrow here at MacLeod?

I then saw everything in full view.

My huge gray wolf with black markings stood on all fours. At his feet were the ashes of two dead vampires. “Hawkeye,” I said out loud. “Thank you.”

I expect you’ll do the same for my pack when the time comes. We are off for London, where Ramon is digging his claws into the humans. Do you mean to help, Red? Will you come and lend us a hand in this fight?

I need all of you, the warlock…and even your vampire friend, he added.

“Yes, we won’t forget your help today, Hawkeye,” I answered.

Do you think of the day-walker as your forever mate? Hawkeye asked as he lingered.

“Yes, yes, I do,” I answered, and smiled.

If a wolf could grin, he did. Not for long…I mean to change your way of thinking, beauty.

Tina was crying as Jeremy held her in his arms and Hawkeye looked their way before adding, Tend to your needs and I will contact you, Red, as soon as I can.

Devin came to stand beside me and stared hard at the wolf shifter.

Hawkeye looked into my eyes and said, Your eyes glow with violet light—and whisper of love and peace. Your heart glows pure, as does the light that surrounds you. We, you and I, are destined, Red. We are destined. Don’t fight it. Later. He turned, howled long and loud for his pack, and vanished into the woods.

I dismissed his words. We had shared some wild moments with vampires. I was the new girl on the block and so he was interested. That was all it was. Nothing to concern myself about.

“Jeremy,” Devin said. “See the lass home and stay with her. Make certain she forgets…understood? We’ll talk later, much later.”