Chapter 491 - New Reward Received

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Chapter 491: New Reward Received

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Qiao Xin, who was standing at the side, almost laughed out loud.

This was too surprising.

“Yes, yes. Let Mommy give birth to a little brother and give Daddy a surprise. He will definitely be very happy,” the little girl said.

“That’s right. He’ll be surprised and happy.”

After about half an hour, Lin Yi stood up and said,

“Xinxin, give the child a tetanus shot and write a medical prescription.”

“Got it, Brother Lin.”

Because there would be surgery later, Qiao Xin would take care of the rest.

After coming out of the emergency room, Lin Yi went to the operating theater to make the final preparations before the surgery.

“What do you plan to do with the patient in Room 801?” Lin Yi asked casually.

“I don’t know either. Let’s just listen to the hospital’s arrangements and do our part.”

Lin Yi nodded and didn’t say anything.

Regardless of the situation, his mission was to perform surgery. It was better to let the hospital worry about such things.

The surgery today was a heart bypass surgery that was riskier than usual. Therefore, Lin Yi and Li Chuhan were very cautious.

“Director Li, do you want me to be the chief surgeon?” Lin Yi said in the operating room.

“Do you want to do it? Are you sure it’ll be okay?”

“It’s not a big problem.”

“Alright, you’ll be the chief surgeon. I’ll assist you.”

“Chief Surgeon Li, are you serious? You’re spoiling Director Lin too much. How can you let him be the chief surgeon for such a big surgery?” Chief Surgeon Liu, the anesthetist, said.

“Director Lin’s standards are alright. If not, I’ll take over.”

“That’s true, but isn’t it too risky?” Chief Surgeon Liu said.

“Although the patient’s family didn’t give us any gifts, we have to take this seriously. If there’s a deviation in the first surgery, even if you handle it yourself in the later stages, it’ll be very difficult to fix.”

The anesthesiologist was not belittling Lin Yi.

A cardiac bypass was already considered a major surgery. Generally speaking, without more than ten years of clinical experience, one was not qualified to be the chief surgeon in such an operation.

Only a genius doctor like Li Chuhan could be an exception and perform such a major surgery so early int his career.

Lin Yi had only been here for less than a month, which meant it should have been impossible for him to take the lead in this operation.

“It’s okay, I trust him.” Li Chuhan said, “As long as he is confident in his own abilities.”

The anesthesiologist was helpless. Looking at Director Li’s attitude, it seemed that she had completely fallen for Director Lin’s good looks.

Hearing their conversation, Lin Yi smiled and didn’t say anything.

He also understood the other party’s concern. The reason why he wanted to perform this surgery was because the surgery was relatively long.

If Li Chuhan did it, it would take at least four hours. If it were him, it would be over in about three hours.

This could save him a lot of time.

After this surgery, he could complete the system mission at this stage.

Lin Yi was also looking forward to it.

The surgery began very quickly. Lin Yi took the alloy scalpel rewarded by the system and prepared to open the patient’s chest.

Ten minutes later, Li Chuhan and Chief Surgeon Liu witnessed an unbelievable scene.

Lin Yi’s technique was very mature. There were no excess movements, almost as if he knew how to move before even seeing the organs in question.

Even Li Chuhan felt inferior.

“I’m really impressed,” Chief Surgeon Liu, the anesthetist, said. “I originally thought that Chief Surgeon Li was already impressive enough, but I didn’t expect Chief Surgeon Lin to be even more impressive.”

“Director Lin is talented,” Li Chuhan said sincerely.

As she spoke, Li Chuhan took a gauze and wiped the sweat off Lin Yi’s forehead.

Three hours later, Lin Yi stitched up the last needle and the surgery ended.

Li Chuhan gave him a thumbs up. “Very good.”

After that, the two of them walked out of the operating theater and prepared to return to the department to change their clothes. They still had a speech at university in the afternoon, so they had to hurry over.

It was already half past twelve, so there was no time for lunch.

At the same time, the system notification sounded in Lin Yi’s mind.

[Mission completed. Reward: 150,000 proficiency points.]

[Profession Proficiency: 70%. Reward: 10 billion RMB.]

Seeing this reward, Lin Yi’s heart stirred.

The research of the photolithography machines was a bottomless pit. This reward could be viewed as a way to stop the bleeding.

It should be enough to last for a while.

However, after the matter surrounding Cisco was over, he had to gather He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao for a meeting to consolidate his assets.

This was equivalent to having a blood production machine that could continuously support the lithography machine.

[System mission: Obtain a silk banner. Reward: 300,000 proficiency points.]

Lin Yi’s eyes widened when he saw the mission given by the system.

The reward was 300,000 proficiency points. If he completed it, he could receive the ultimate reward.

“System, this silk banner must be given by the patient on his own initiative. I can’t ask for it, right?”

[Yes, the silk banner must be a voluntary gift from the patient. You may not take the initiative to ask for it.]

Lin Yi had already expected this answer. The system’s mission had always been like this. Humans could not try to manipulate or cheat it, and simply had to let nature take its course.

Even so, was this mission difficult?

It was definitely not difficult. Li Chuhan had been in Huashan Hospital for more than two years, and she had received almost a hundred silk banners.

With his clinical level, it should not be difficult for him to obtain a silk banner.

However, it was not like there was no difficulties at all. The greatest challenge was that this matter was a bit too intangible.

Since he was bored, Yuan Siqi told him that Li Chuhan’s record was three silk banners in a week.

However, he had been here for a long time, and though Li Chuhan had also performed many surgeries, he himself had not received any silk banners thus far.

This was very troublesome.

“What are you thinking?”

Li Chuhan said in front of Lin Yi, “It’s time to go.”

“Director Li, you look too good.”

Seeing that Li Chuhan had changed into new clothes, Qiao Xin exclaimed, “Where did you buy this dress? I want to buy one too.”

“I bought it in Times Square.”

Hearing that she had bought it at Times Square, Qiao Xin gave up.

That was not a place she could afford to shop in.

“Director Li, this dress is obviously not your style.” Qiao Xin winked and said, “Did Brother Lin help you pick it out?”

“It doesn’t matter who picked it. It is fine on me. It’s not ugly, right?”

“Of course there’s no problem. You’re too beautiful. You’re like a perfect match for Brother Lin.”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Li Chuhan said. “Take care of the patients in the department. We don’t know when we’ll be back.”

“Yes, yes. You and Brother Lin don’t have to rush back. I can handle it.”

“You only know how to spew nonsense.”

After leaving theeighth inpatient department, the two of them drove to Fudan University.

“You can take care of the afternoon lecture,” Lin Yi said in the car.

“I’ll applaud you from below the stage.”

“Okay, whatever you say.”

Li Chuhan was always like this. She would never reject Lin Yi.

They drove to the school and parked in the parking lot.

“I’m going to see Dean Duan. Do you want to come along?” Li Chuhan asked.

“I’m just an invisible person here to clap for you, so I won’t go,” Lin Yi said, “I have a sister studying here, so I’ll go look for her first.”

Not long after, they parted ways. Lin Yi took out his phone and called Kong Jing.

“Where are you? I’m at your school.”