Chapter 492 - There's a Fundamental Difference Between Frat Boys and Scumbags  

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Chapter 492: There’s a Fundamental Difference Between Frat Boys and Scumbags

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“Lil Brother Yi, are you really here?”

Hearing Lin Yi’s voice, Kong Jing was exceptionally happy.

“Why would I lie to you?”

“Did you come here on your own or with my sister-in-law?”

“I came here on my own. I haven’t eaten lunch yet, so I came to your school for a meal.”

“Then wait for me. I haven’t eaten either. I’ll go downstairs to look for you now.”

“Let’s meet at the entrance to your school’s cafeteria.”

“Sounds good.” Kong Jing said playfully.

After hanging up, Lin Yi slowly walked toward the canteen.

At the entrance of the Second Duty Hall, a row of parasols had been erected. Under each parasol were people standing and holding banners.

This scene was extremely familiar to Lin Yi.

The first-year students had started school. All the clubs were actively recruiting new students and trying to coax a few more people to return to their club.

Back then, he was young and insensible. He was forcefully pulled into a lingerie appreciation and research club by a few seniors. Moreover, he was not allowed to leave the club and stayed there for four years.

What an unspeakable memory.

After waiting in the canteen for a few minutes, he heard Kong Jing calling his name from behind.

Lin Yi turned around and realized that Kong Jing wasn’t the only one who had come over. Her roommate, Jiang Nan, was also here.

Kong Jing was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a pair of white shoes. Ji Qingyan had an identical pair of shoes, so they must have bought it together.

Her roommate, Jiang Nan, was dressed much more demurely. She was wearing a light blue dress and looked very pleasant.

“Brother Xiao Yi, this is my roommate, Jiang Nan. You’ve met her before. You should still remember her, right?” Kong Jing said.

“I remember. Didn’t you buy the necklace on your neck from her?”

“Yes, yes, yes. She was the one who sold it to us. In that case, I won’t introduce you two. Let’s go eat.”

Under Kong Jing’s lead, the three of them arrived at the second floor of the cafeteria.

Fudan’s cafeteria was better than Lin Yi had imagined. The food inside was also cheaper than he had imagined.

This was the so-called advantage of a good university. Assuming one had sufficient funds, these benefits could dramatically reduce the cost of living for the students. It was far from what ordinary universities could compare to.

“Brother Xiao Yi, what do you want to eat? I’ll go buy it for you.”

“Just a bowl of braised noodles.”

Lin Yi found an empty seat, and Kong Jing and Jiang Nan went to the cafeteria window to buy food.

Other than braised noodles, they also ordered a special Fudan grilled fish for Lin Yi.

“Brother Yi, try this. Our school’s grilled fish is especially delicious.”

“It looks pretty good.”

“Not only does it look good, but it’s also j9ce to eat. Try it quickly.”

Lin Yi took a bite. Just as Kong Jing said, the food here was almost as good as the dishes sold outside.

“Hehe, Brother Lil Yi, eat more.”

As she spoke, Kong Jing nudged Jiang Nan with her elbow.

“Nannan, when we were in the dormitory just now, weren’t you making a fuss about coming out to see my brother? Why aren’t you saying anything now?”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Jiang Nan blushed. “I just didn’t eat lunch and wanted to come out with you. When did I make a fuss about wanting to see your brother?”

“Yo, yo, yo, why aren’t you admitting it? You were wearing jeans this morning. When you heard that my brother was here, you changed into a dress. Now that the opportunity is in front of you, so you have to cherish it.”

“I thought it was too hot to wear jeans, so I changed into a dress,” Jiang Nan said in embarrassment as she ate her food.

“Since you’re afraid of the heat, why did you put on your stockings?” Kong Jing teased.

“Besides, you tell me every day that you want to be my sister-in-law. It’s time for you to confess.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Focus on your food.” Jiang Nan was so embarrassed that she did not dare to look up.

The girls in university were like this. They were all fiesty.

In the dormitory, they could and would say anything.

However, when they were outside, they were all like little white rabbits. Even riding on someone’s bicycle could make them blush, let alone getting into someone’s car.

Just as Kong Jing was teasing Jiang Nan, she suddenly heard a voice beside her.

She turned her head and saw a boy wearing glasses. He had on a checkered shirt and looked refined with a scholarly aura.

“Class Monitor.” Kong Jing put down her chopsticks.

“Didn’t you ask me to ask about the student union’s new intake?” The boy adjusted his glasses and said,

“I just went to the instructor’s office and took a look at the student union’s new list. It seems you didn’t pass.”

“Oh, so be it. It’s not a big deal,” Kong Jing said.

“Don’t take it to heart, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a student organization. There’s no need to be so conflicted.”

“Yes, thank you, Class Monitor.”

After a brief chat, Kong Jing’s class monitor left with his food.

“What did I say? I told you that you definitely wouldn’t have a chance if you applied, but you didn’t listen. You should believe me now, right?” Jiang Nan said.

“If that’s the case, I’d rather not participate.”

“What’s wrong? Is there more to this matter?” Lin Yi asked casually.

“Our student union is so arrogant. When they were recruiting new students, they clearly stated the entry fee. We would only have a chance to join if we paid. Jingjing didn’t believe this and didn’t pay, so she failed,” Jiang Nan said.

“So that’s what happened.”

Lin Yi didn’t mind because this was very common in university.

The student union of an ordinary university was a very ordinary organization. It was totally useless.

But for a good school like Fudan, the situation was different.

If he joined the student union and gained a title, it would massively help his career prospects when he graduated.

This was also the reason why many people tried their best to join the student union.

Lin Yi also felt that such a small setback wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

This was because the real world would be even crueler than the ivory tower on campus.

“Now that I’ve gotten over it, I don’t think I’d be able to get much training if I stay in such an organization anyway,” Kong Jing said. “There’s nothing to regret.”

“You can’t say that. Even though they remain unconvincing, the experience will definitely be able to develop your character,” Jiang Nan said.

“But if you really want to join the student union, you can ask President Zhu. As long as you ask, he should be able to help.”

“Don’t mention his name to me. It’s so annoying.” Kong Jing said in disdain.

“You’re really something. After all, Zhu Shilong is the president of the student union. Having him chase after a freshman like you is such an honor, yet you’re still rejecting him. You don’t know how lucky you are.”

“It’s obvious that he’s a scumbag. Who would think about him?” Kong Jing said.

“When I find a boyfriend in the future, I’ll find someone like my Brother Yi. Otherwise, I’ll be single for the rest of my life.”

Lin Yi nodded in satisfaction. This was a good idea.

After all, there was a fundamental difference between frat boys and scumbags.