Chapter 495 - Is She Your Lover?

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Chapter 495: Is She Your Lover?

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“Is your head ever filled with anything other than nonsense?”

“Making babies is also a serious matter,” Lin Yi said, “If you want to have children, I’ll definitely cooperate.”

“In your dreams,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“I just sent my mother away. Why don’t you come to my office to discuss the road for that school? But don’t come in your Phantom. Just drive the Shari.”

“There’s nothing pretentious about driving a Shari. I want to drive my Lykan.”

“That would send the wrong message,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Other than the leaders in Yangcheng, there will also be reporters from the television stations. We have to create the image of a simple entrepreneur. Only then can win public support.”

“But my shining face doesn’t look simple at all.”

“There’s nothing I can do about your face, and I can’t let you disfigure it,” Liang Ruoxu said. “In any case, don’t pretend to be rich. Just say that you donated all your belongings to benefit the children in town.”

“Isn’t that lying? Forgive me for not agreeing.”

“If you say you’re a billionaire, people will ask why you need the city’s supporting funds. They will say you can donate to them yourself. How will you answer then?”

“Uh… I really have to think about your question.”

“Also, don’t bring your watch that costs more than ten million yuan. In short, pretend to be simple and don’t make yourself look too rich.”

“I’ll try my best. After all, I can hide other things, but I really can’t hide my temperament.”

“Cut the crap,” Liang Ruoxu said. “Just come to my office at four o’clock so we can have a simple chat. Don’t feel pressured.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi looked at his watch. It wasn’t even three o’clock yet. After sending Li Chuhan back, he would head to Liang Ruoxu’s place. This way, he would make it just in time.

“Lin Yi, do you like children?”

Li Chuhan’s question confused Lin Yi.

Everything was going well. Why did they suddenly start discussing family planning?

This wasn’t exactly the cardiology department’s area of expertise either.

“I quite like them,” Lin Yi said honestly, “But why are you asking this?”

Ever since he was young, there had always been countless children in the orphanage. Lin Yi was already used to them.

Lin Yi had always been very tolerant and patient with children.

“Weren’t you discussing childbirth with your girlfriend just now? I was just asking.”

“Girlfriend?” Lin Yi said, “Who said she’s my girlfriend? Boss, you’re overthinking things.”

“Then is she your lover?”

“Um… Aren’t we being a little too straightforward with this topic?”

“It’s fine. If you don’t think it’s good, you don’t have to answer. I’m just asking,” Li Chuhan said.

Lin Yi didn’t say anything else because he didn’t know how to answer.

After all, Liang Ruoxu was not his lover!

After sending Li Chuhan to the hospital, Lin Yi went to Liang Ruoxu’s office.

Other than Liang Ruoxu, there were four other people in the office.

The other woman was wearing a red suit skirt and black stockings. She sat on a chair and straightened her back.

Beside her was a microphone. From this, it appeared that she should be the reporter that Liang Ruoxu was talking about.

Next to the female reporter sat a young man with a camera beside him. He was also a staff member from the television station.

In addition, there were two middle-aged men dressed in the same attire. They were wearing shirts and trousers, the standard attire of veterans.

However, one of them had a rosy face while the other had dark skin and a frown on his face. He looked a little out of place in this old cadre outfit.

At this moment, they were chatting enthusiastically with Liang Ruoxu.

When Lin Yi entered, everyone in the room looked over.

The main character had arrived.

“Mr. Lin has arrived,” Liang Ruoxu stood up and said.

In order to avoid arousing suspicion, she even used a respectful title to make herself seem distant.

“Mr. Lin, let me introduce you.”

Liang Ruoxu welcomed Lin Yi in and pointed at the middle-aged man with a greasy face.

“This is Yangcheng’s Secretary Wu Zhaoyou, and this is Beiqiao Town’s town leader Sun Maoqun. The remaining two are Yangcheng TV Station reporter Wen Shu and cameraman Wang Jun.

Liang Ruoxu politely introduced the four people in the room. She did not treat them differently because of their status.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. Thank you for your financial support of Beiqiao Town. On behalf of the 15 million people in Yangcheng, I thank you.”

“You’re too kind. I’m just doing what I can.”

“In today’s society, we need caring people like you. We will also actively cooperate and strive to continue with these good deeds that will benefit the country and the people.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Thank you.”

Seeing Lin Yi’s performance, Liang Ruoxu nodded in satisfaction. He was doing his part and everything was going well.

After Wu Zhaoyou expressed his gratitude, Sun Maoqun also came up and said a lot of platitudes.

However, his attitude was more sincere than Wu Zhaoyou’s. After all, Lin Yi was directly helping them.

From their attitudes, Lin Yi could tell that they didn’t come here to see him.

They were mainly here because of Liang Ruoxu.

If she could climb up the ranks of the Liang family because of this, she would be able to rise to greater heights in the future.

“I think it’s about time. Let’s start the interview now.”

Knowing that Lin Yi didn’t like such fake events, Liang Ruoxu immediately kickstarted the interview segment.

She wanted to end it quickly.

The preparations for the interview lasted for about five minutes. After this, Lin Yi sat down in front of Wen Shu.

During this process, Wen Shu sized up Lin Yi for a long time.

This man was really too handsome. He even had a cynical and handsome temperament.

Such a person did not look like a philanthropist at all. Instead, he looked like a rich young master.

“Sister Wen, everything is ready. We can start the interview now.”

Wen Shu nodded and looked at Lin Yi.

“Mr. Lin, I would like to ask why you want to build a school of hope in a place like Beiqiao Town.”

“If you want to help children to achieve their dreams, only knowledge can change their fate.”

Liang Ruoxu was very satisfied with Lin Yi’s answer.

There was a hint of chicken soup in his simple answer. It was a perfect answer.

“Since Mr. Lin values education so much, I believe that in your experience, your personal education would have had a deep impact on you. Would it be possible for you to reveal your school?”

“University of Penntania.”

“University of Penntania? The University of Penntania in Meiguo?” Wen Shu asked.

Liang Ruoxu’s heart skipped a beat. She felt that this interview was developing in a strange direction.

“I have a PhD in software engineering from the University of Penntania.”

Liang Ruoxu was speechless.

You graduated from Zhonghai Institute of Technology. Why are you bragging about the University of Penntania?

Can’t you take this more seriously?