Chapter 496 - The Term Mother-in-Law Is Not Used Randomly

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Chapter 496: The Term Mother-in-Law Is Not Used Randomly

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“So Mr. Lin graduated from a famous school, but at your age, you should be pursuing your postgraduate studies now.”

Wen Shu continued to probe as if she was very interested in Lin Yi’s personal life.

“I skipped a grade when I was in junior high. I was also granted early admission in high school, so I graduated very early.”

After learning about Lin Yi’s education, Wu Zhaoyou, Wen Shu, and the others were all very surprised.

Such a person should be considered a genius.

Liang Ruoxu held her forehead and sighed in her heart.

If Lin Yi continued like this, she would start her menopause early.

“Mr. Lin, I heard from Mayor Liang that you want to donate all your assets this time, right?”

“At first, I only wanted to build a Hope School and use the remaining money to support myself into old age. But later, I realized that there were no roads in town, so I thought of repairing the roads. To achieve this, I sold my house and car. However, I realized that it was still not enough, so I could only request an equal portion from the city’s funds.”

“Mr. Lin is really a person with a big heart. He’s really a role model for us to learn from. There are still a few questions…”

The interview lasted for about half an hour. Wen Shu’s questions were not difficult and Lin Yi easily handled them.

“Mayor Liang, Secretary Wu’s interview is over. We’ll go out and tidy up our equipment. We won’t delay your conversation.”

“Alright.” Liang Ruoxu smiled.

Wen Shu and Wang Jun tidied up the interview equipment and walked out of the office, but they did not leave immediately after.

They had come here with Wu Zhaoyou, so they had to go back together.

“Little Wang, do you think that man will really donate all his belongings?” In the corridor, Wen Shu asked softly.

“That’s what he said during the interview. There’s no need for him to lie,” Wang Jun replied honestly.

“But look at the way he dresses. He doesn’t look like that kind of person.”

“Never judge a book by its cover. People are free to do what their heart desires. In any case, it’s for the benefit of our Yangcheng.”

“You’re right,” Wen Shu replied casually. Then, she took her phone and sent a WeChat message to her best friend.

Wen Shu, “Yangyang, I interviewed a very young tycoon today. He’s really handsome, but he’s also quite unbelievable. He donated all his money to charity. Do you think such a person could really exist?”

Her best friend, “Of course not. There are so many charitable people in Huaxia, but list down the ones who actually donated all their possessions. They just say it but don’t back it up.”

Wen Shu said, “But he’s a top student at the University of Penntania. He’s been influenced by foreign cultures for so many years. He just might do such a thing.”

Best friend, “Isn’t the solution quite simple? Just check what kind of car he drives when you have time.”

Wen Shu said, “You’re right. I’ll go out and take a look later.”

Best friend, “Beauty Wen, are you attracted to this handsome man?”

Wen Shu, “Not really, but that boy is indeed very handsome. Moreover, he’s a top student from a top school. I feel like his family background will also not be bad.”

Best friend, “Then you have a new goal. I suggest you investigate. According to his conditions, he should be better than your current boyfriend.”

Wen Shu said, “Not just a little better, he’s a lot better. But first, we have to see if he actually donated all his money.”

Best friend, “Don’t worry, there’s no way that can be true. You have to seize the opportunity when you see it.”

Wen Shu was about to reply to her best friend when her phone suddenly rang. She realized that it was a call from her boyfriend.

“What’s the matter?” After picking up the call, Wen Shu stood aside and said.

“It’s nothing. I just got off work and wanted to ask if you’ve eaten.”

“I’ll eat with the city leaders later. I have something to do here, so I can’t talk to you right now.”

“Don’t hang up yet.” Wen Shu’s boyfriend said.

“When will you be back?”

“I’m not sure yet. I’ll update you later on when I will be coming back. I still have work to do, so I’ll hang up first.”

Wen Shu hung up the phone and continued chatting with her best friend on WeChat.

A few minutes later, the office door opened, and Liang Ruoxu and the others walked out.

“Secretary Wu, thank you for your help,” Liang Ruoxu said politely.

“This is for the benefit of our Yang City. We should be the ones thanking you.” Wu Zhaoyou smiled and said.

“It’s getting late. We won’t disturb Mayor Liang anymore.”

Originally, Wu Zhaoyou wanted to invite Liang Ruoxu out for a meal, but he was rejected and could only leave like this.

The group walked out of the building. Wen Shu couldn’t suppress the excitement in her heart. She would get to see what car Lin Yi drove soon.

When they walked out of the courtyard, Wen Shu, Wu Zhaoyou, and the others were surprised to see Lin Yi standing beside a Shari.

“Mr. Lin, is this your car?”

“That’s right. I donated all my money, so I changed to this car.”

With that, Lin Yi opened the car door with his car keys to prove this statement.

Seeing that Lin Yi’s car was just a lousy Shari, Wen Shu lost all interest and cursed in her heart,

‘This man is too stupid. He actually donated all his money. All his years of studying were in vain.’

“Mr. Lin, you’re really noble. On behalf of the citizens of Yangcheng and the children of Beiqiao Town, I thank you.”

“You’re too kind. I’m just trying my best.”

“Then let’s stop here for today. We’ll have another chance to meet in the future. We’ll continue chatting then.”

With that, Wu Zhaoyou got into an Audi A6, followed by Wen Shu.

Sun Maoqun and the photographer, Wang Jun, got into the Skoda beside them and slowly drove out of the courtyard.

As soon as the two cars drove away, Lin Yi screamed.

“Why are you pinching me?”

Liang Ruoxu rolled her eyes at Lin Yi. “You still have the cheek to ask? Aren’t you from Zhonghai Technology? How dare you say that you’re a PhD student from the University of Penntania? You are really something.”

“I’ve done so much, can’t I just brag a little?” Lin Yi said.

“Didn’t you see? Earlier, when I said I graduated from the University of Penntania. That female reporter looked straight at me.”

“How can someone with her looks and figure catch your eye?”

“It’s not like that. I’m just keeping her around. It’ll help make up the numbers.”

“I knew you men were all the same.”

Liang Ruoxu complained, then took out a box from her bag and handed it to Lin Yi.

“Something my mom bought for you before she left. See if you like it.”

“Huh? Mother-in-Law even gave me something? This isn’t good. I’m embarrassed.”

“The word mother-in-law isn’t just for show.”

Because the person standing in front of her was Lin Yi, Liang Ruoxu didn’t care about such details. He wouldn’t listen to her explanation anyway.

“You’ve helped me so much. My mother helped buy you a gift on my behalf, so don’t think too much about it.”

Lin Yi was shocked when he opened the box Liang Ruoxu handed him.

“Richard Mille? This watch cost about ten million.”