Chapter 497 - You Can Tell She Is a Gold Digger

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Chapter 497: You Can Tell She Is a Gold Digger

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“It’s somewhere around there. I don’t know the exact price, but your Patek Philippe is too high-profile. Take this.”

“Richard Mille is probably better.”

“But it’s not known by many people,” Liang Ruoxu said. “Those who don’t know it will just think that it’s a decorative watch. You can wear this for unimportant occasions in the future.”

With that, Liang Ruoxu took out a check from her bag and handed it to Lin Yi.

“A check for ten million? Where did you get this from?”

“I told my mother about your situation. She decided to invest ten million in you. You can use this small amount for your project.”

“No way. The project is already 40% funded. If my future mother-in-law is also giving me 10 million yuan, then I don’t think I will need to spend much money at all.”

“Anyway, she invested it in you. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it back…”

“Go back and tell our mother that I’ve taken the money.”

With Lin Yi’s straightforward personality, Liang Ruoxu had no choice but to let him be.

“What plans do you have on your side? Wu Zhaoyou and Sun Maoqun can receive you at any time. It’s up to you when you want to go over.”

Lin Yi thought about it. Li Chuhan’s mother’s death anniversary was the day after, so that would be a good time for him to visit.

“I have something on tomorrow. I’ll go the day after tomorrow.”

“Alright, I’ll inform them tomorrow and pick you up at the airport.”

“No,” Lin Yi refused, “I don’t like having a bunch of men pick me up.”

“Should I get Wen Shu to pick you up? Maybe your trip to Yangcheng will ignite some sparks.”

“That’s possible,” Lin Yi said, “But I’m poor. I don’t think anyone will like me. It’s unlikely that there will be any sparks.”

“How do you know she dislikes poor men?”

“Is there a need to ask? You can tell she’s a gold digger the moment she opened her mouth.”

Liang Ruoxu opened Lin Yi’s car door. “Let’s go eat. I’m hungry.”

Later, Lin Yi and Liang Ruoxu had a meal before heading home.

Lin Yi’s life seemed to have become busy.

When it came to the photolithography machine project, if he wanted to obtain the four-nanometer light source, he had to resolve the problem with Cymer.

If he wanted to deal with Cymer, he had to find a way to deal with Intel and find something to keep them in check.

Because of this, he urgently needed to develop the Chip 3.0 source code.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi called Lu Ying and asked her to buy a set of equipment and send it to his house. This way, he could make use of his spare time and continue his progress.

In addition, the last mission issued by the system was also very time-consuming.

He had to keep visiting patients and performing surgeries. Only then would it be possible for him to trigger sincere feelings of gratitude from a patient and obtain a silk banner from them.

Due to this, his schedule would be very tight in the near future.

At 9:30 pm, a flight from Zhonghai to Yangcheng slowly landed at the airport.

Wu Zhaoyou and the others got off the plane and entered a car waiting outside.

As usual, Wu Zhaoyou and Wen Shu were in one car, while Sun Maoqun and Wang Jun were in the other.

“Alright, alright, alright. I understand. Thank you, Mayor Liang.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely do a good job.”

In the car, after hanging up Liang Ruoxu’s call, Wu Zhaoyou said to Wen Shu,

“Mayor Liang called me just now and said that Mr. Lin will come to Yangcheng the day after tomorrow. You can receive him then.”

“Am I the one who is supposed to care of this?”

Wen Shu was a little surprised. She was just a small-time reporter. It was not her place to do such a thing.

“This is what the other party said. They don’t want anyone else but you. You’ll have to work hard for the next few days.” Wu Zhaoyou said.

“I’ll give you his phone number later. You can contact him and arrange the details later. If you can’t make up your mind then, just call me.”

Wen Shu answered absent-mindedly.

If she hadn’t seen Lin Yi’s Shari, Wen Shu would still be looking forward to this mission.

However, now, she had confirmed that the fool had donated all his money. It would be pretty boring to be friends with such a person.

“But why did he ask for me by name? Something doesn’t feel right.”

Wen Shu didn’t really want to receive Lin Yi, but she didn’t know how to reject him. Thus, she could only ask indirectly.

“Maybe it’s due to the compatibility between a man and a woman,” Wu Zhaoyou said casually.

“You’ll have to work hard.”

Wen Shu pursed her lips. Looking at the current situation, she could not avoid this matter. She could only brace herself.

She only hoped that he wouldn’t have any other bad thoughts about her.

Otherwise, she would not hesitate to give him a slap on the spot!

Wen Shu’s phone rang. It was a call from her boyfriend.

“Shu, are you done with work? Will you be coming back soon? I found a very good hotpot restaurant. I’ll bring you to try it when you come back.”

“I’m busy. I might not be back for a few days. I won’t talk to you for now. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

After a few simple words, Wen Shu hung up the phone and drove to a farmhouse in the suburbs.

The next morning, Lin Yi called someone to deliver Shen Shuyi’s check to Lingyun Group.

This was the money that Shen Shuyi had given to the Lingyun Fund. Although he could do whatever he wanted with it, it might lead to some problems with the accounting down the line, so he simply sent it over.

As he was driving to the hospital, he received a call from He Yuanyuan.

“Boss, we’ve already received the check. With so much money in our hands, we don’t need to spend a single cent to do this project.”

“Spend other people’s money and to complete your mission. This is exactly the effect I wanted.”

“Boss is awesome.” He Yuanyuan said,

“Just now, Cisco called me and said that our goods are almost finished. They will be delivered in about five days. Now, they want to discuss the delivery payment plan with us.”

“Set it to take place in a week, then.”

“Do you need us to take care of anything else?” He Yuanyuan asked.

“No need. You and Old Qi can focus on the company. You don’t have to worry about this.”

He Yuanyuan had her priorities straight when it came to serious matters. She usually wouldn’t talk nonsense with Lin Yi.

After hanging up on He Yuanyuan, Lin Yi called Lu Ying.

“How’s the preparation for the press conference going? Are there any problems?”

“Everything went smoothly,” Lu Ying said. “But President Cao from Fenglan Culture kept asking me when the press conference would be held. I didn’t answer her.”

“If she asks again, tell her it’ll be in a week.”

“Got it,” Lu Ying said. “Boss, I’ve already paid for the equipment you asked me to order. It should be delivered tomorrow.”

“Just arrange for them to be sent to my house. Help me assemble it too.”

After giving instructions, Lin Yi got out of the car and stretched. After such a long time, it was finally time to reel in the net.

With this, Cisco might go bankrupt. When that happens, the capital behind him would probably step in to help.

Those monsters were finally going to show themselves.

He walked unsteadily towards the eighth inpatient department. However, before he reached the department, he heard a commotion coming from Room 801.

“Who asked you to operate on my father? We were planning to go to Yanjing, but we can’t even leave now. You have to give me an explanation today!”