Chapter 498 - Where Did You Get the Check?

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Chapter 498: Where Did You Get the Check?

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Hearing the roar in the ward, Lin Yi stopped and pulled aside Yuan Siqi, who was passing by.

“What happened in Room 801?”

“Some visitors are causing a commotion. Director Li is trying to calm things down inside,” Yuan Siqi said in disdain.

“Visitors? What’s going on in there?”

“Didn’t you and Director Li perform a heart bypass surgery on the patient in Room 801 yesterday? Now that the surgery is over, his family has come to look for him. They said that they only wanted to temporarily place the old man here and send him to Yanjing for treatment. We did the surgery without the family’s permission, so they came over to cause trouble and even asked us for compensation.”

“These things happen every year, but they are happening especially frequently this year.” Lin Yi was amused and walked into Room 801.

In the ward, other than Li Chuhan and Qiao Xin, Miao Guofeng was also there.

In addition, there was a middle-aged couple standing beside the old man, arguing loudly with Miao Guofeng and Li Chuhan.

“Brother Lin, you’re here.”

Upon seeing Lin Yi enter, Qiao Xin felt as if she had spotted her savior.

When it came to unreasonable people like this family, it was better to let Brother Lin deal with them.

“Why are you making so much noise? Are you here to pay the hospital bill?”

“How dare you ask me to pay the fees?”

The old man’s son said,

“Did I ask you to operate on my father? You operated on him without permission. I haven’t asked you for compensation yet, and you still want to ask me for the fees?”

“Ouch…” The old man lay on the bed and said,

“I didn’t want to proceed with the operation at first, but they insisted on arranging the surgery for me. I’m already so old, and I couldn’t resist, so I was dragged to the operating theater in a muddle-headed manner. Even if your hospital wants to earn money, you can’t use such methods. It’s too cruel.”

Qiao Xin couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Can the three of you grow a conscience? Who here would take the initiative to operate on you? Given your situation at that time, if you didn’t undergo surgery yesterday, you would have gone to the crematorium today. Moreover, you’ve been staying here for a week. After your family sent you here, they couldn’t be reached. Now that his surgery is over, you are finally coming to the hospital to cause trouble. What did you do before the surgery? Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?!”

“You little girl, what nonsense are you spouting? I’m already so old, so why would I lie? You were the ones who insisted on operating on me.

“Be honest, why would I frame you? How can your hospital act like this? You have to give me an explanation today, or I’ll expose your hospital!”

“Xinxin, stop talking.”

Lin Yi stood at the side with his hands in his pockets.

“Let’s talk about this slowly. You haven’t visited your father once since his hospitalization to his surgery, and you also weren’t contactable. How can you explain this?”

“The two of us have been overseas for the past few days. That’s why you couldn’t contact us.” The old man’s son said.

“We came back from a business trip and were about to pick up my father when we realized that you had actually completed his surgery and are even asking us for more than a hundred thousand yuan in medical fees. What an evil hospital!”

“There were a lot of questions I wanted to ask, but you just said you were out of the country. That makes things easier.”

“I’ll call the authorities now and check your immigration records to see which country you went to.”

Upon hearing this, the old man’s son panicked. “It’s useless even if you investigate. We left in a hurry, so you definitely won’t be able to find anything.”

“So What? Did you grow wings? Could you fly out by yourselves?”

“With our current level of technological development, if you want to go overseas, you can only take a plane or a boat. Of course, if you wanted to go by train and took the northeast line to Russia, this is also possible. However, no matter what mode of transportation you chose, you would definitely have been able to receive the update.”

Lin Yi changed his posture and continued.

“If we can’t find any proof of your travel, then there’s only one possibility. You must have been smuggled something into the country. During this period of time, I couldn’t get through to your phones, so it’s very likely that you’ve done something illegal. I have even more reason to report you.”

The old man’s son was so frightened that his face turned green.

“What nonsense are you spouting? We didn’t do anything illegal at all. Don’t try to arbitrarily accuse us!”

“I’m just speculating. When the police come, we’ll find out the truth. He’ll give you justice.”

“Bullsh*t, stop slandering me!” The old man’s son said.

“I was so nervous that I misspoke just now. We didn’t go overseas at all. We were on a business trip within the country!”

“Then why couldn’t we get through? Did you go up the mountains? Was the signal that bad?” Lin Yi asked.

“Besides, I don’t think such circumstances can be changed so casually. You claimed you went overseas a moment ago, now you say you were in the country? Why don’t you f*cking claim you visited the moon too? I’d be surprised if Chang’e didn’t look for you during the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“Brother Lin, I’ll call the police now!”

“Let me tell you, it’s useless even if you call the police. You have to take responsibility for operating on my father!”

Lin Yi shook his finger. “It doesn’t matter. The surgery only cost a hundred thousand yuan. We don’t care about this small sum, so we’ll happily compensate you. But before that, you have to explain why you went overseas.”

“What evidence do you have to say that I went abroad?”

“I recorded it. You said it yourself.” Lin Yi took out his phone and said.

“Xinxin, call the police. Tell them that someone is smuggling illegal drugs into the country. Let the police investigate. If he’s innocent, we’ll compensate them later.”

“Yes, yes. I understand, Brother Lin.”

Qiao Xin’s eyes were filled with stars. Brother Lin’s IQ was too high. With these new developments, they would not be able to prove their story.

As soon as Lin Yi left, he saw the old man’s son chasing after him and kneeling behind Lin Yi.

“Doctor, don’t call the police. We were just scum who didn’t want to pay the medical fees. We’ll go back and gather the money now. Please don’t call the police.”

“Don’t talk to me about this. Explain yourselves to the police.”

At the same time, the hospital’s security guards ran over and took the old man’s son away, returning peace to the department.

“Brother Lin, you’re really amazing. I’m impressed by how you came up with this plan,” Qiao Xin said.

“I’m puzzled. What era are we in now? He actually tried to go back on his word so casually. I wonder what his IQ is?”

“Although society has improved, there will always be some immoral people who will damage social harmony.”

Lin Yi leaned back in his chair and said, “I still have a lot of tricks I haven’t used yet. This matter ended too fast.”

“It’s mainly because you’re too amazing, Brother Lin. You knocked the other party down with a normal attack. You didn’t even have to use any special moves.”

“Learn from this. You don’t have to waste your breath on such people in the future. Just challenge them. Reasoning with them is useless.”

“Got it, Brother Lin.”

As Lin Yi was talking to Qiao Xin, the phone in his pocket rang.

“What’s wrong? Is Cisco up to something again?”

“Boss, where did you get this check?!” He Yuanyuan asked in surprise.