Chapter 499 - : Shen Shuyi's Peaceful Approach

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Chapter 499: Shen Shuyi’s Peaceful Approach

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Lin Yi paused. “Is that the one I sent to Lingyun Fund this morning?”

“Yeah, that check for 10 million yuan.”

“A friend sent it to me. Is there a problem with the check? That shouldn’t be the case.”

Lin Yi thought about it and felt that this was unlikely. With Shen Shuyi’s status, it was impossible that she would give him a faulty check.

“When I tried to cash the check earlier, I saw the investor’s information. Guess who it was?”

“No,” He Yuanyuan said, “CITIC Bank is just a subsidiary of CITIC Group.”

“Don’t you know what this means?” He Yuanyuan said in disbelief.

“What am I supposed to know? If you have something to say, say it quickly.”

“This is a state-owned company. Together with Poly, Huaxia Merchants, and Huaxia Resources, they are known as the four largest companies in China. Their significance is equal to that of Samsung in South Rania. Their combined valuation is eight trillion!”

Lin Yi almost fell back on his chair. “Really?”

“This field is my specialty. Do you think I would make a mistake?”

“Alright, I understand.”

“Boss, I’m really admiring you more and more.” He Yuanyuan said sincerely, “Although this sum of money is nothing to CITIC, it’s quite extraordinary for you to know one of their people.”

He Yuanyuan wasn’t used to Lin Yi calling her this.

“Didn’t I say just now that I would spend other people’s money to achieve my goals? This might not be the case anymore,” Lin Yi said seriously.

“This time, we might have to spend someone else’s money to help them achieve their goals,” Lin Yi said. “Don’t put that check in that money yet. Listen to my arrangements.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi took out his phone and prepared to take a look at CITIC Group.

He briefly browsed through Baidu and ToughCom.

Lin Yi had a rough understanding of this company. CITIC Group’s main business was in finance and investment.

It had 176 subsidiaries and spanned many industries.

Construction, mining, metallurgy, oil, shipping, charity, security, trusts, and so on…

It was like a huge octopus with countless tentacles. It was so big that its scale was unimaginable.

Lin Yi’s expression was silent as he rubbed his fingers. This was a habit of his when he was thinking.

What role did Liang Ruoxu’s mother play in CITIC Group?

‘Boss? Vice-President?’

However, regardless of her position, she seemed to be someone who could shake the mountains with a stomp of her feet.

He looked at his watch. It was 13.2 million yuan RM056, the tenth-anniversary edition.

Compared to this watch, the cheque worth ten million yuan paled in comparison, and was even a little redundant.

This was because he had already planned to build a school and a road, which meant he did not lack the 10 million yuan in the first place.

From Liang Ruoxu’s words, it seemed she also knew the extent of her mother’s financial strength.

Whether it was to him or herself, this 10 million yuan check was nothing.

However, when combined with the watch in his hand, her approach came off a bit strong.

If she genuinely wanted to help him, she could have completely covered up the information about CITIC Group.

In other words, she was using this method to flex her identity.

This seemed to be a light warning.

In that case, this money was a little dangerous.

Lin Yi rubbed his chin. Rich people were different. The way he oppressed others was so simple and boring in comparison.

Just as Lin Yi was thinking about this, Li Chuhan whispered.

Lin Yi came back to his senses and realized that there was no one else in the department.

Only Li Chuhan was next to him.

“What’s wrong, Boss?”

“The day after tomorrow is the anniversary of my mother’s death. Do you have time to go back and visit her grave with me?”

“Didn’t we agree before? I’ve already set aside the time. We’ll leave tomorrow morning and be in Yangcheng by noon.”

“Then I’ll book a flight,” Li Chuhan said. “Is a flight tomorrow at nine o’clock okay?”

“Sure, you can set the time. I’m okay with any time.”

“Do you have any surgeries planned for the next few days?”

“I have surgeries every day for the next week,” Li Chuhan said. “I’m sure you will also have some surgeries to perform when you make your house calls.”

“I still have other things to do, so don’t arrange any house calls for me,” Lin Yi said, “I’ll take advantage of your planned surgeries. Just let me be the chief surgeon in those operations, okay?”

“As long as you’re confident.”

In the medical system, this was quite an extreme request.

However, to Li Chuhan, this request was very normal.

She was extremely accommodating toward Lin Yi.

In the eyes of others, this was like a girlfriend’s unlimited love for her boyfriend.

‘I’ll agree to anything you say.’

“I’m glad we could reach an agreement.”

It was impossible to get a silk banner when he was working in the outpatient clinic. He had to perform surgery to finish his mission, so this was what he would focus on.

He could maximize his efficiency in this way.

Despite this, in his heart, Lin Yi still set a date for himself. A month.

If he could not obtain the silk banner within a month, he would temporarily close this profession.

He couldn’t keep dragging this out. There were other professions waiting for him right now.

“I have a small cardiac stent surgery later. Do you want to do it?”

No matter how small a mosquito’s leg was, it was still meat. He could not let go of any opportunity. Who knew when someone would be open to gifting him a silk banner?

By the time the cardiac stent surgery was over, it was noon.

Lin Yi didn’t stay in the hospital any longer. He said goodbye to Li Chuhan and drove home.

Although the professional equipment had not been delivered, he could still go back and do some preparatory work.

He had to develop the source code before Intel released the Chip 3.0 technology. Otherwise, the photolithography machine project would fall further behind.

For the entire afternoon, Lin Yi was busy with the preparatory work. At around four in the evening, he received a call from Ji Qingyan.

“Doctor Lin, are you busy?”

“I have some work to do. I didn’t go to the hospital today. I’ve been at home the whole time.”

“So what are you having for dinner?”

“I haven’t thought about it yet. Let’s order takeout later.”

“Takeout food isn’t hygienic. I’ll make you some food. Is there anything you want to eat?”

“If you’re cooking, I’ll eat anything? I’m sure it’ll all be delicious.”

“Hehe, you sure know how to talk.” Ji Qingyan giggled. “But you have to invite me over before I can cook for you.”

“Then I sincerely invite CEO Ji to my house to cook a meal. Otherwise, I’ll starve to death.”

“No problem,” said Ji Qingyan. “There’s not much food left in your fridge, right? I’ll go to the supermarket to buy some, and then I’ll come over.”

About two hours later, Ji Qingyan arrived at Jiuzhou Pavilion.

She saw the messy documents and strings of code that he could not understand in the study.

Ji Qingyan realized that Lin Yi was busier than she had imagined.

“That’s enough. Focus on your work. I’ll go cook. It’ll be ready soon,” said Ji Qingyan.

“Just make anything that is convenient to you. Don’t trouble yourself.”

“Aiya, I’m just a woman who wants to cook. Why are you so worried?” Ji Qingyan pushed Lin Yi out of the kitchen. “Just wait to eat.”

Ji Qingyan was not a fast cook. It took her about an hour to finish cooking.

Braised pork ribs, winter melon shrimp, cucumber scrambled eggs, cold noodles, and beef persimmon soup.

This meal was very sumptuous.

After dinner, Ji Qingyan took the initiative to do the dishes. Other than eating, Lin Yi did nothing else.

In the middle of the night, the lanterns were lit.

The colorful neon lights illuminated the nightless city.

In the study, the light from the screen shone on Lin Yi’s face, making him look meticulous and serious.

Ji Qingyan changed into her silk pajamas and lay on the sofa in the study room with her legs bare. She held the report in her hand as she edited it, looking like she belonged in a tranquil scene from a painting.

Nothing outside disturbed the two of them.

Although he did not say anything, they could both feel the other party’s existence.

To them, this place seemed to have a hint of home.

The villa was very spacious, but this small study room was very warm.