Chapter 504 - You'll Get Used to It

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Chapter 504: You’ll Get Used to It

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Seeing the cultured and refined Li Chuhan, Mother Wang smiled and welcomed her into the home.

Regardless of the relationship between the two of them, since they were here, she naturally had to receive them.

“Kid, why didn’t you tell me in advance that you were coming back? I didn’t prepare anything,” Wang Cuiping whispered.

“Mom, stop pretending. Ji Qingyan must have told you over the phone. Don’t think I don’t know.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Qingyan didn’t tell me.”

“Then your acting is too poor. You’re actually not excited at all.”

Wang Cuiping looked at Lin Yi and thought to herself, “You brought another woman back. You almost scared me to death.”

The family chatted for a while before Wang Cuiping stood up.

“You guys haven’t eaten yet, right? I’ll cook for you.”

“I haven’t eaten anything since this morning. Please get me something to eat. I’m starving.”

“Wait, I’ll do it now.”

“Auntie, I’ll come help,” Li Chuhan stood up and said.

“That’s not necessary. I’ll do it myself.”

Just as Li Chuhan was about to help, Zhao Quanfu stopped her.

“No need, no need. You and Lil Yi can just stay here. How can I let you help with the work? The two of us can handle it.”

As he spoke, Zhao Quanfu pulled Wang Cuiping to the kitchen and said,

“What’s wrong with you? This is her first time here. Why did you ask her to come to the kitchen?”

Although Cuiping Wang acted like she had rejected the offer, it was not a firm rejection. To Huaxian people, it did not even count as a rejection.

“She said she wanted to help,” Wang Cuiping mumbled.

“I think you’re biased.” Zhao Quanfu said.

“When Qingyan came, you didn’t let her do anything. Now that it’s someone else, you let her into the kitchen. Why is your heart so crooked?”

“Qingyan is my daughter-in-law. Can’t I make her work?”

“He’s Lil Yi’s friend. Why are you making her work?”

“It’s not as simple as a simple friendship,” Wang Cuiping said. “Maybe there’s something going on between them. I can’t let Qingyan down.”

“You’re already so old. Don’t worry too much.” Zhao Quanfu lectured.

“Let him handle Lil Yi’s matter himself. Just do your job well. If he brings one back, you entertain one. As a mother, if you don’t treat them well, won’t you be slapping Lil Yi’s face?”

“Nonsense. My son is rich now and he’s good-looking. Those women outside can’t stop themselves from pouncing on him. If he brings them all back, am I supposed to receive them all?”

“That’s because he’s capable. Other people don’t even have two prospects.” Zhao Quanfu said, “Anyway, don’t worry about Little Yi’s matters. Just focus on your own things.”

“Also, let me tell you, don’t fuss about the relationship. When they leave, don’t forget to give her a red packet.”

“It’s her first time here, and she even bought us something. Why shouldn’t you give her a red packet? Why is she getting worse treatment?”

Wang Cuiping did not hate Li Chuhan. She even sort of liked this gentle and refined girl.

However, she firmly believed that she was a mistress, so she had to take her stand on this matter.

“If Qingyan were here, you’d give her everything. Now that Little Li is here, you won’t give her anything? What’s going on?”

Wang Cuiping thought about it and felt that he was making sense, so she did not refute.

“I can give her a red packet, but only 500 yuan.”

“Why is it only 500 yuan? The days are good now. 500 yuan is too little.”

“When Qingyan is here, I only gave her 500 yuan in the red packet. If I gave this girl more and Qingyan finds out, how will I be able to face her?” Wang Cuiping said.

“Anyway, this is the rule. There are so many brats in the orphanage. No matter who brings their girlfriend back in the future, they will be given 500 yuan.”

“Alright, alright. You can decide how much you want to pay so long as you remember that you have to pay.”

“Hurry up and fry your eggs. I know how to handle this.”

Because she knew that Lin Yi was coming back, Wang Cuiping had already stewed the pork ribs and beef. They could eat after she stir-fried a few vegetables.

Twenty minutes later, six dishes were served. Wang Cuiping asked,

“Son, I heard that you came back this time to do something. Can you stay for a few more days?”

“That’ll be tough. There are still many things to do in Zhonghai. Don’t worry, even if I leave, I’ll come back again.”

Now that he was home, Lin Yi stopped pretending and said whatever was on his mind.

“Be careful when you’re busy with work. Don’t tire yourself out. Money isn’t earned in a day.”

As she spoke, Wang Cuiping even put a few pieces of pork ribs into Li Chuhan’s bowl. “Miss, eat more. You’re too thin.”

She saw Li Chuhan quietly eating.

Wang Cuiping felt a little apologetic. She felt that what she did just now was indeed not right.

However, the red packet could only contain 500 yuan. No one could receive more than their eldest daughter-in-law.

“Mom, how’s the orphanage now? Do you need me to buy anything?” Lin Yi asked.

“Don’t worry, we don’t lack anything. Didn’t you see that they’ve all gained weight?” Wang Cuiping couldn’t stop smiling. She danced around and said,

“Now that we’re able to go out to buy things, we’re very satisfied. We often go to the slaughterhouse to buy pork and beef one by one. We’re all feeling good eating it.”

“Yes, don’t be stingy. Let me know if you need money.”

“We don’t lack money, but it’s more troublesome at school. They often have parent-teacher meetings, but they’re all held at the same time. Your father and I don’t know who to visit.”

“Talk to the teacher about this. It’s usually not a big problem.”

“That’s true. The teachers in the school are quite open-minded. They know our situation and gave us the green light. They don’t make things difficult for us.”

“That’s good.” Lin Yi said, “If there are any other difficulties, remember to tell me. I’ll help you solve them.”

“Don’t worry. You don’t have to worry about this place. Everything is going fine.”

They ate happily, and Lin Yi and Li Chuhan played with the children for a while before leaving.

Seeing Wang Cuiping’s red packet, Li Chuhan took two steps back and waved her hand.

“Auntie, I can’t take this.”

“Why not?” Wang Cuiping said with a straight face, “Do you think Auntie gave you too little?”

“That’s not what I meant. You can save it for the children in the or[hanage. There are still many places to spend money you.”

Having lived for so long, this was the first time Li Chuhan had seen such a scene.

She also knew that this red packet seemed to have a secondary meaning.

“This has nothing to do with money. This is the rule. I have to give you a red packet during your first visit,” Wang Cuiping said.

“Take it quickly, or Auntie will be unhappy.

“Take it. It’s not much. It’s just a token of his mother’s appreciation.”

Li Chuhan shyly tucked her hair to the side and took Wang Cuiping’s red packet with both hands.

“What are you thanking me for? In the future, when you have nothing to do, come over with Lil Yi to play.”

“Mom, I have something to do. I’ll leave first. I’ll visit you again when I have time.”

“Alright, let’s get back to work.”

As everyone watched Lin Yi and Li Chuhan drive away, Wang Cuiping sighed.

“Old Zhao, why did I feel so uncomfortable when I gave her the red packet?”

“Why are you feeling unwell? Did you have a heart attack? I’ll bring you to get a checkup.”

“It’s not that my heart is uncomfortable. I just feel sorry for Qingyan. I’m too two-faced,” Wang Cuiping said.

“In the afternoon, he was still chatting with Qingyan. Then, he gave another girl a red packet. Is this something a good person should do?”

“It’s fine. You’ll get used to it after he brings back a few more in the future.”