Chapter 505 - There Are Three Treasures in a Gold Digger

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Chapter 505: There Are Three Treasures in a Gold Digger

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After leaving the orphanage, the two of them drove to the Qinghe Hotel.

“Get me a room,” Lin Yi said, “Help me choose a room closer to Room 1304.”

“Previously, Wen Shu helped me get a room, but I still need to get another room.”

The receptionist looked at Lin Yi with a meaningful gaze.

“Sir, there’s a Room 1305 available opposite. Is that okay?”

Just as Lin Yi handed over the bank card, Li Chuhan stopped him.

“There’s no need to waste money. One room is enough.”

“Don’t we always sleep in the same room at work?”

The female receptionist was speechless.

‘Is it like this at work?’

“That’s true.” Lin Yi waved the room card in his hand. “There’s no need to prepare another room. This one is enough.”

Lin Yi took the room card and went to the room Wu Zhaoyou had booked. It wasn’t a presidential suite, but it was still an extremely luxurious suite. It was more than enough for two people.

“Do you want to take a shower? I’ll go get you some water,” Li Chuhan said.

“There’s no need. I’ll use the shower later…”

Before Lin Yi could finish, the phone in his pocket rang. It was an unknown number, but it looked a little familiar.

“Mr. Lin, I’m Wen Shu.”

“I want to do an exclusive interview with you. Do you have time now?”

“Exclusive interview? Haven’t we done an interview before?”

“I came back and sorted out the content. I felt that the interview that day was not detailed enough and wanted to do another interview.”

“Okay, where should we meet?”

Lin Yi didn’t refuse. Coincidentally, he had to something talk to Wen Shu about too.

“Have you arrived at the hotel? I’m nearby.”

“Okay, I’ll go downstairs now.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi said goodbye to Li Chuhan and went downstairs to meet Wen Shu.

As soon as he left, he saw Wen Shu’s car parked at the entrance of the hotel, as if he was waiting for her.

Just as Lin Yi thought, Wen Shu had driven the car here after dark and waited for Lin Yi to return.

While waiting for Lin Yi, she didn’t forget to send her best friend a WeChat message.

Wen Shu said, “Yangyang, let me tell you, you can’t keep making mistakes. I almost got killed by you today!”

Best friend, “I was wrong earlier. This time, choose Yifeng Hall as your dinner venue. That place is definitely good enough.”

Wen Shu said, “No way. That’s a three-star Michelin star restaurant. A casual meal requires a booking of a few days and a thousand yuan. Do you think it’s a place I can afford?”

Best friend, “Don’t be so stingy. You’re looking for a husband, not a friend. If you can’t bear to give up a little, what kind of impression will you leave on him?”

Her best friend, “Besides, the other party is so rich. Eating a three-star Michelin is like eating at a roadside stall. Do you think he will let you pay considering how chivalrous he is?”

Her best friend, “After all, he had studied abroad. This is what he cares about the most. Even if you want to treat him, he won’t let you spend money.”

Wen Shu nodded thoughtfully. This seemed to make sense.

Wen Shu said, “Alright, I’ll talk to you later. He’s coming down.”

Best friend, “Best of luck. Pretend to be innocent and make him feel like you’d be a good wife and mother. Rich people like this. Don’t dress up so coquettishly. This isn’t a one-time fling.”

Wen Shu, “Don’t talk nonsense. I know what I’m doing.”

After a simple reply, Wen Shu got out of the car and welcomed Lin Yi into the car.

“Mr. Lin, I didn’t disturb your rest, right?”

Lin Yi saw that Wen Shu had changed her outfit. She was no longer wearing the tight wide-legged pants she wore during the day.

Instead, she had changed into a short dress that accentuated her figure. She was also wearing a pair of black stockings, making her look even more alluring.

“I was about to take a shower when your call came.”

“I’m sorry for wasting your precious time, Mr. Lin.” Wen Shu smiled and opened the passenger door to welcome Lin Yi.

The two of them got into the car. Wen Shu pulled her seatbelt and deliberately stuck it between her two mountains like a flowing river.

“It’s fine. Business is more important.”

“To apologize, I’ve booked a nice place to treat Mr. Lin to a meal. Let’s talk while eating.”

Lin Yi supported his head with one hand and looked ahead. The smell of a gold digger in the car was a little strong.

The car had just started when Wen Shu’s phone rang.

Seeing that it was her boyfriend’s number, she did not pick up and instead declined.

A few minutes later, the call came again. Wen Shu declined without looking at it.

Today’s date was a major event that would determine her future. She could not let him disturb her.

“There’s a section chief in the district office who is trying to ask me out for dinner tonight. It’s been a few days, but I’m a little busy with work, so I haven’t agreed to it.” Wen Shu smiled and said, “Mr. Lin’s matters are more important.”

“That’s not good. Why don’t we go together?”

“That won’t do. I’m planning to do an exclusive interview with Mr. Lin today. He’ll understand.” Wen Shu smiled and said.

“Besides, I don’t have any feelings for him, so I don’t want to give him a chance. Besides, I don’t like to be ambiguous. I think it’s better to be transparent to him.”

“That’s not bad,” Lin Yi replied with a smile. Indeed, all of them were comparable to actors!

“I prefer boys with high academic qualifications. It’s best if they have overseas study experience. They’re simple, caring, and passionate about charity. I don’t think much of other types of guys.”

“Hehehe… This requirement seems a little high.”

“Is it high?” Wen Shu smiled. “Isn’t Mr. Lin such a person? If you have someone suitable by your side, you have to help me keep an eye out.”

“The people around me are all billionaires. They’re handsome and rich, but they aren’t loving and don’t like to do charity. It seems like it’d be quite difficult to introduce them to you.”

Wen Shu paused for a moment and felt that she had mispoken.

If hse had known earlier, she wouldn’t have given those requirements.

However, it did not matter. As long as she could catch him, her efforts would not be in vain.

“It’s alright. Mr. Lin, just help me keep an eye out.”

After driving for about twenty minutes, the two of them stopped at the entrance of a Japanese barbeque shop.

However, Lin Yi’s gaze was attracted by a building beside it.

The DiDi headquarters was less than a hundred meters away from where he was.

If everything on hand was progressing smoothly, he could go to DiDi to see how things were going.

It just so happened that he had something to arrange for Tian Yan to handle.

“Mr. Lin, this is Didi Chuxing’s building. It’s considered a famous company in Yangcheng. It’s said to be valued at more than 30 billion USD. It’s considered one of the biggest tech companies in the world,” Wen Shu said.

Wen Shu did not know much about the Internet industry.

However, after interviewing Cheng Su, the son of the CEO of Didi, the two of them hooked up.

At that time, she was still dreaming of marrying into a rich family, but the other party was just playing with her and had no intention of getting married. Their relationship eventually fell through.

Although she was a gold digger, Wen Shu was smarter than the average gold digger.

She didn’t want to be vain and rich for a moment. She wanted to marry into a rich family and change her current situation forever.

Therefore, her goal was never those top tycoons.

It would be fine as long as his family background was sufficient.

Lin Yi nodded. “Let’s go eat first.”

“Alright, please head in, Mr. Lin.”

The interior of the shop was decorated with a Japanese style. Even the waiters in the shop were all Japanese girls.

Despite this, Lin Yi felt that one of the girls looked a little familiar, as if he had seen her on one of his hard drives before.

“This shop looks pretty good. I don’t think it’s cheap.”

“This restaurant has just been given a three-star Michelin star rating. The taste of the dishes is not bad, so I specially chose this place to bring Mr. Lin to try.”

“Then let’s go. We can have some supper.”

Wen Shu brought Lin Yi to the reserved private room and pushed the menu over.

“Mr. Lin, this is the menu. The things on it are all good. You can’t go wrong ordering anything casually.”

Lin Yi looked at the menu and pointed at the last article.

“One portion of every meat dish on the menu. You can pick any vegetable dish you prefer.”

Wen Shu was shocked. Were all rich people like this when they ordered food?

Wasn’t he a little too generous?

He would not be able to afford this without tens of thousands of yuan.

However, a few seconds later, Wen Shu calmed down.

Yangyang’s words made sense. People like them who had studied overseas were most particular about being gentlemanly. He probably wouldn’t let her pay for the meal.

Moreover, if he had no intention of treating, he would not have ordered in such a way.

In short, it was not a big problem, but when paying, she had to be polite and try to pay firsst.

After all, she was the one who said she would treat him to a meal.

Soon, the dishes Lin Yi ordered were served. The table was piled with food until it formed a small mountain. The two of them definitely couldn’t finish it.

Wen Shu suppressed the urge to take a photo with her phone and helped Lin Yi put the meat on the grill.

“Mr. Lin, you don’t have to move. I’ll do it.”

“I really didn’t expect you to be so nice.”

“Thank you for your praise, Mr. Lin. In reality, I don’t have many hobbies. I don’t attend many social activities either. When I’m free, I usually practice yoga, bake, and learn how to cook. Thus, I have no problem with ordinary housework.”

“Not bad, not bad.” Lin Yi smiled.

Gold diggers often offered three treasures, yoga, baking, and a less active social life.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. She stuck to the original formula. There is nothing unique about this dish.