Chapter 3447 - Happy Cooperation (4)

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Chapter 3447: Happy Cooperation (4)

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However, before she could say anything, Li Moying stretched out his fingers and raised her chin, and the hot breath landed on her lips again.

“I can do anything for you, but I can’t tolerate anything untoward that happens to you… Do you understand?”

The man’s deep mesmerizing voice resounded closely in her ear, by her side.

Huang Yueli wanted to say that she understood, and she understood what he meant.

The next day, Huang Yueli woke up very early.

It was rare for Li Moying to wake up later than her, and was still asleep. Even in his sleep, he leaned his head against her neck, as if he was afraid that she would disappear in the middle of the night.

Huang Yueli tilted her head slightly, and she could see Li Moying’s handsome face.

In the morning light, his long eyelashes were like two small fans, leaving a light shadow under his eyes.

The face that usually looks cold and severe, now has a soft, gentle and pure expression, like a newborn baby.

This makes him look even more handsome and extraordinary than at night, and has a contrasting cuteness. With such a unique appearance, it is no wonder that so many girls like him…

However, this man was now hers,all hers!

While thinking about it, Huang Yueli secretly kissed Li Moying’s lips.

She just wanted to touch it lightly, so as soon as she touched it, she regretted it.

At that moment, Li Moying’s arm suddenly tightened, and at the same time, he turned over, lowered his head, and flipped her over.

Huang Yueli was taken aback by the sudden attack, but somehow she remembered the purpose of getting up early this morning, and hurriedly pushed Li Moying several times before pushing him away a little.

However, Li Moying just propped up her body with her elbows, her pitch-black ink pupils narrowed slightly, and looked down at her without saying a word, not intending to let her free.

The long hair, which was usually neatly tied in a white jade crown, was messy at this time and slipped down from the corner of Li Moying’s forehead, making him even more lazy and calm, like a dormant cheetah, ready to fall in front of him at any time. The little fox was caught in the trap and he was ready to swallow it!

Huang Yueli shook her head quickly.

She… she was thinking about something!

“Moying, look, it’s already dawn, we can… we can get up!”

Li Moying stared at her calmly, “Who said it’s dawn?”

Huang Yueli subconsciously looked at the window.

The early morning sun was shining through the gaps in the curtains, which was particularly dazzling.

But then, the curtains suddenly moved automatically without wind, as if being pushed by an invisible force, moving on their own, blocking every gap, and not even a bit of sunlight could penetrate.

The light in the room suddenly dimmed.

Although it’s not as late as night, it makes it difficult to see things around.

Seeing this, Huang Yueli was speechless for a while, and glared at the man in front of her, “What are you doing? Aren’t you a tad too childish? It’s dawn when it’s dawn. Alright, don’t stay in bed, get up!”

Li Moying’s eyes darkened, “You say your man is childish? It seems that I have to prove myself…”

He said, bowed his head slightly, and leaned towards Huang Yueli with his beautifully curved lips.

However, what he touched was the skin of Huang Yueli’s palm.