Chapter 3448 - Happy Cooperation (5)

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Chapter 3448: Happy Cooperation (5)

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Li Moying was stunned for a moment.

Taking advantage of the moment while he was still in a daze, Huang Yueli used some profound strength to push him aside.

However, she was so anxious and her strength was out of control, so she accidentally pushed Li Moying out of bed.

The sound of heavy objects falling to the ground sounded!

Huang Yueli’s eyes widened, she couldn’t even react!

When she realized what had happened, she quickly jumped up from the bed, grabbed the sheets to block her in front of her, and at the same time used her profound strength to sweep away the curtains that were pulled tightly closed by Li Moying before.

The sun shone into the room, revealing a dazed handsome man half lying beside the bed.

Even with such an embarrassed posture, Li Moying still looks full of indescribable charm. Every inch of his muscles was so perfect, like a craftsman had spent his entire lifetime carefully crafting it…

At this juncture, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but stare at him a few more times.

Then, she said embarrassingly, “Cough, husband, are you all right… Have you been injured anywhere?”

Li Moying sat on the ground and glared at her coldly.

Huang Yueli touched her nose with some guilt, and at the same time, she sneaked a peek down his abdominal lines. The danger she had felt earlier had receded and all was calm.

Actually, it’s not that she didn’t want to accompany Li Moying to get up early for double cultivation, it’s just that she really…really had something important on today!

Huang Yueli gave Li Moying a sweet smile, “Husband, I’m sorry! However, I have a lot of things to do today. When I come back in the evening, I will serve you a delicious apology!”

After she finished speaking, she didn’t eve go to him to pull him up but hurriedly ran behind the screen to change her clothes.

Although the sound just now sounded a bit scary, Li Moying was also an exponent of the Heart Profound Realm.

Moreover, she knew with her toes that if she dared to go over now, that shrewd man would never let her go easily.

In addition, the two of them are not wearing any clothes now, so the result… she was certain that she was going to be late!