Chapter 3451 - : Happy Cooperation (8)

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Chapter 3451: Happy Cooperation (8)

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Huang Yueli shook her head quickly, “There’s no such thing! He just sent me here! He’s going back soon!”

As she explained, she saw that Li Moying was still motionless so she gently pulled on his sleeve.

“Alright, go back early, I’ll go back on time in the evening, you don’t have to come pick me up specially, it’s a waste of your cultivation time…”

“I’ll come pick you up!” Li Moying frowned slightly, interrupting her words.

Huang Yueli blinked, “I really don’t need it, yesterday was just an accident, today…”

“I will come to pick you up!” Li Moying repeated again.

Then, before Huang Yueli could speak again, he raised her chin, brought her luscious lips closer, and gave a light peck.

“I’m leaving first! Today… I hope no one will disrespect my wife again!”

He glanced at Grandmaster Xiao and a few members of the Black Tortoise Clan with a warning, before turning around and getting into the carriage.

Huang Yueli came back to her senses, and a faint blush appeared on her face.

This man really… actually kissed her in front of so many people! And even said such words!

Grandmaster Xiao treats her pretty well?

Having said that, the corners of Huang Yueli’s mouth were still upturned.

Grandmaster Xiao was so angry that his beard flew up, but after looking at Huang Yueli, he didn’t say anything. He just snorted twice, turned around and left, “Follow up, I have a lot of things to confirm today!”

Grandmaster Xiao led them into a well-decorated reception room in the backyard. The walls of this room were painted with layers of soundproof formations, which was enough to see how much Grandmaster Xiao attached to this negotiation.

After everyone was seated, Xuan Qingling looked around and asked strangely, “Grandmaster Xiao, may I ask… Young Master Li, who drew the maps of these Spirit Armaments… why isn’t he here? When will he come?”

Xuan Zifan also said: “Exactly, I have heard people say that this time the twenty illustrations were drawn by this talented young Spiritual Armament Master, and I have long wanted to meet him. I thought we could meet him at the competition but I didn’t expect that he did not show up. Today is just a negotiation, to confirm the details of the cooperation, he should come? ”

When Grandmaster Xiao heard this, there was a trace of embarrassment on his face.

“This… I can only disappoint you. This old man also thought that Young Master Li would come over today, but who knows, just a quarter of an hour ago, he sent someone to send a letter to the old man, saying that something cropped up today and he is unable to come. He also mentioned that this old man should sign a contract with you on his behalf. He also sent his own Spirit Armament badge as a guarantee.”

As Grandmaster Xiao said this, not knowing whether it was intentional or not, he glanced at Huang Yueli.

Immediately, he took out a badge from his sleeve and swiped it on the special mechanism, revealing the name of the badge owner.

“Li Yuehuang, junior Spiritual Armament Master…” Xuan Qingling read it out in a low voice, and a look of shock flashed across her eyes, “He’s actually only a junior Spiritual Armament Master, and about the same age as me! This… This is too shocking! This is no ordinary young man!”

In the realm of the gods, at the age of thirty he has only just reached adulthood. To be able to become a full-fledged Spiritual Armament Master at this age was quite outstanding.

However, he could actually improve so many kinds of standard Spirit Armaments and even directly created a new method of refining!

Such an achievement was simply incredible and unimaginable.