Chapter 681 - You Can Only Be My Woman

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Chapter 681: You Can Only Be My Woman

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Xi Chenxiao brightened up when he heard Su Jin’s words. As far as he was concerned, Su Jin could only be his alone. No one else could touch her. Anyone who dared to touch her would have their family destroyed. Even though this was a little overbearing, it showed how much Xi Chenxiao loved Su Jin.

Xi Chenxiao said with a smile, “Alright, as long as you’re good. You can only be my woman!”

How could Su Jin not understand what Xi Chenxiao meant when he said this? However, what Su Jin said just now was also the truth. Xi Chenxiao was the only man in this world who made her feel love. Moreover, he’s so handsome. There couldn’t be a better man than Xi Chenxiao in this world.

Su Jin raised her hand and swore, “I promise, I will only be your woman for the rest of my life!”

Xi Chenxiao was deeply satisfied when he heard Su Jin’s promise. He hugged her even closer and kissed her passionately. The two of them separated only after a long while. Xi Chenxiao helped Su Jin tidy up her slightly messy clothes and looked at the time. Su Jin’s class was about to start and he had to head to the airport.

Xi Chenxiao said, “Alright then, you should go to class!”

Su Jin checked the time and then looked at Xi Chenxiao. When she thought about how long they would be apart, she suddenly felt a little sad. After all, they had never been apart for so long since they were together. Other than when she’s in school, they basically spent all their time together.

Su Jin put her arms around Xi Chenxiao’s neck and said, “Hubby, why don’t I take a leave of absence and go on the business trip with you?”

“I know everything anyway. My grades are good too. I won’t score zero in my exams!”

Xi Chenxiao’s expression turned cold. He was about to go on a long business trip. If Su Jin didn’t solve Yu Haiyang’s problem in the meantime, Yu Haiyang would be in jail by the time he came back. So, someone had to stay and solve Yu Haiyang’s problem.

Xi Chenxiao replied coldly, “No!”

Su Jin was immediately unhappy when she heard this. They had to be apart for so long and she already knew all the stuff she’s learning at school. She only attended school every day because she did not want to take too much time off. But Xi Chenxiao would be gone for so long this time and Su Jin really could not bear to part with him. Su Jin asked gloomily, “Why not?”

Xi Chenxiao thought about the place he was going to. That place was filled with danger. Even Xi Chenxiao himself dared not say that he would be able to escape unscathed. How could he let Su Jin go with him? To such a far away and dangerous place?

All Xi Chenxiao could do now was to coldly reject Su Jin’s request and have her stay home. Moreover, there was still the matter of Yu Haiyang to be resolved. Xi Chenxiao said, “If you also go, you don’t care about Yu Haiyang’s matter anymore?”

“Don’t forget, you still have to participate in the competition tomorrow. Are you sure you don’t want to compete anymore?”

Su Jin was stunned when she heard Xi Chenxiao’s words. He was right. Yu Haiyang was still waiting at the detention center and Su Jin had said that she would clear his name in the coming two days. And there was the piano competition and Hou Wan’er’s precarious situation. Su Jin really did not have the time to go so far with Xi Chenxiao.

After Su Jin thought it through, she immediately got out of the car for fear of not letting Xi Chenxiao leave. Su Jin stood outside the car door and said to Xi Chenxiao, “Then, I’m going to school!”

“Hubby, you have to come back soon too!”

Xi Chenxiao also couldn’t bear to leave but there were some things that he had to do. So, he nodded and let Xi Tian drive him to the airport. After Su Jin saw Xi Chenxiao’s car leave, she decided she would solve Yu Haiyang’s problem as soon as possible and called Pang Lili.

Pang Lili had just picked up the call when Su Jin said hurriedly, “Lili, please apply for half-day leave for me!”

“I’ll go to the hospital first to check on that b*tch!”

Pang Lili heard Su Jin’s words and knew that Su Jin was on a mission. Pang Lili was also very worried about Yu Haiyang’s situation. After all, it had been very difficult finding evidence to prove his innocence. But everything would be fine with Su Jin.

Pang Lili didn’t waste time and said quickly over the phone, “Sister Su, I’ll do it right away. You have to be careful too. That person is no picnic!”

After Su Jin hung up, she flagged down a taxi and went straight to the hospital. She had to start with Song Qingyu because only through her would she find a breakthrough in Yu Haiyang’s case.

After Su Jin walked into the hospital, she had no idea which ward that b*tch was in, so she approached the nurses’ station and asked politely, “Hello, I’m Song Qingyu’s family member. I’d like to know who her attending physician is. Could you please help me check?”