Chapter 682 - Hush Money

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Chapter 682: Hush Money

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As Su Jin spoke, she took out the snacks that she had prepared earlier and gave them to the nurse on duty. After all, a person would be more willing to help after receiving a gift. When the nurse saw that Su Jin was so sensible and spoke so well, she nodded and with a smile, “Wait a moment.”

The nurse lowered her head and began searching hospital records. She thought to herself, wouldn’t it be great if every patient’s family member was as sensible? Unfortunately, many patients’ family members weren’t like that.

After a moment, the nurse said, “Miss, I’ve found the patient record. The doctor who performed the surgery on Song Qingyu is Dr. Wang from our hospital!”

Su Jin immediately revealed a smile. She would be able to find out what’s going on if she found this Dr. Wang. She would then reveal Song Qingyu’s true colors and let Yu Haiyang walk out as an innocent man.

Su Jin said with a smile, “Nurse, thank you!”

“May I also ask, where can I find Dr. Wang’s office?”

The young nurse’s heart was filled with joy when she heard Su Jin’s thanks. The people who usually came here were either arrogant or rude. Some would even scold the nurses for no reason.

The nurse replied with a smile, “Dr. Wang’s office is on the second floor. First room on the right!”

Su Jin thanked the nurse quickly and followed her instructions and found her way to the second floor. Just as she arrived at Dr. Wang’s office, she heard voices inside. Su Jin carefully peeked through the door and saw the Song Qingyu in her precognition. Su Jin immediately took out her phone and started recording.

Song Qingyu, who was in the office, had no idea that someone was recording their conversation outside. She seemed to have just arrived as she put her backpack on the table. She took out 100,000 yuan in cash from her backpack and placed it on the table as she said, “Dr. Wang, here’s 100,000 yuan. Consider it your hush money!”

When Dr. Wang saw Song Qingyu come in, he thought that she was there for a follow-up. After all, follow-ups were common after such surgeries. When he saw Song Qingyu take out so much cash from her backpack, Dr. Wang asked in puzzlement, “What do you mean? What hush money?”

Song Qingyu sneered when she saw the doctor’s puzzled look. This money was to shut him up. Otherwise, if someone found out what really happened, she would lose everything. Song Qingyu replied calmly, “This money is for you. You are not to tell anyone that my baby was medically aborted! You must say that I had a miscarriage after a fall!”

Dr. Wang frowned. Although other patients had asked him to do this before, he had never agreed to it. If this was connected to something unlawful, he would have joint and several liability! Dr. Wang replied unwillingly, “No, this goes against my medical ethics. I can’t do this!”

Song Qingyu also frowned when she heard Dr. Wang’s response. She thought that she would shut this doctor up by paying him 100,000 yuan. She didn’t expect this doctor to bring up medical ethics. Song Qingyu took out another 50,000 yuan from her backpack and said, “Then I’ll give you more. Here’s 150,000 yuan. It’s enough to cover your salary for half a year, right?”

“And it’s not for anything outrageous. It’s just helping me keep a secret. How can that go against any medical ethics? You may want to think about it. This is 150,000 yuan, not 15 yuan!”

Dr. Wang was a little tempted when he heard this and saw the money on the table. Who didn’t like money? But was this really ethical? However, it would take such a long time to earn so much money…

Dr. Wang said with some hesitation, “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Song Qingyu was a little annoyed when she heard this. She didn’t believe that there was anything in this world that money couldn’t buy. She took out another 50,000 cash from her backpack and put it on the table.

“It’s 200,000 yuan now. Can you earn that much in a year?”

“It’s just to keep a small secret. Think about it carefully. How easy it is to earn this money!”

Dr. Wang looked at the 200,000 cash on the table. How could he not be tempted? He just needed to keep mum about this matter, and he would easily pocket this much money to buy the things he wanted.

Dr. Wang nodded, “Okay, I will keep your secret!”

Song Qingyu smiled when she saw Dr. Wang nod. Sure enough, there was nothing in this world that money could not buy. If there was, it’s simply because the price wasn’t good enough. What medical ethics? Nothing’s more important than money.

Song Qingyu said with satisfaction, “I’m leaving now. You must keep this matter a secret!”