Chapter 683 - Delinquent at Such a Young Age

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Chapter 683: Delinquent at Such a Young Age

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Why would Dr. Wang neglect Song Qingyu’s request? She was his God of Wealth. Of course, he had to be respectful. After all, 200,000 yuan wasn’t a small sum of money. How good would life be if he had more such clients?

Dr. Wang immediately said with a smile, “Don’t worry. I will definitely keep this matter a secret!”

Song Qingyu walked out of Dr. Wang’s office after hearing his affirmative answer. After witnessing Song Qingyu’s unsavory behavior, Su Jin pretended to be a patient and deliberately came face-to-face with Song Qingyu.

Su Jin pretended to ask nervously, “Hello, may I know if Dr. Wang, who’s responsible for abortions, is in this office?”

As she spoke, Su Jin slid a silver needle across Song Qingyu’s finger. Song Qingyu didn’t feel it at all. She just looked at Su Jin with disdain and said in a contemptuous tone, “This is it. Delinquent at such a young age. How far along are you?”

Su Jin saw that Song Qingyu didn’t suspect anything, and she didn’t want to talk with her anyway. Su Jin had already gotten the evidence she needed. Once it’s made public, Song Qingyu would be a pariah that everyone shunned.

Su Jin answered curtly, “Thank you!”

The poison on Su Jin’s silver needle just now would make Song Qingyu’s whole body break out in chicken pox. The blisters would itch if she didn’t touch them and hurt if she did touch them. This would be a small punishment for Song Qingyu. Who asked this b*tch to frame her husband’s sister and nephew?

Song Qingyu didn’t care about Su Jin’s reply either and left. After she left, Su Jin walked straight into Dr. Wang’s office. Dr. Wang had just put the money away, and his heart was filled with joy.

He frowned when he saw the not-very-old Su Jin walk in, and asked, “Are you here to get an abortion?”

Su Jin smiled coldly. Was this Dr. Wang pretending to have medical ethics again? He wasn’t like this when he received the hush money just now!

Su Jin looked at Dr. Wang coldly and replied, “I’m here to revoke your medical license!”

Dr. Wang became a little nervous when he heard this. After all, he had just received a large sum of cash and now a young girl suddenly came in and said this. How could he not be nervous?

Dr. Wang replied nervously, “W-what? W-what do you mean?”

Su Jin sneered when she saw Dr. Wang’s reaction and sat down across from him. Wasn’t it a little late for him to be afraid now since he had just received a large sum of money?

Su Jin replied coldly, “What will happen to a doctor who takes bribes?”

Dr. Wang’s face turned pale. This was no small matter and he had just accepted a large payment. Dr. Wang looked at Su Jin and stood up apprehensively as he asked nervously, “You, you saw everything?”

Su Jin laughed even more brazenly. This Dr. Wang was so timid. He’s indeed not suited to accept bribes. He’d be found out immediately when he looked like this! Su Jin waved her hand and said, “No, I didn’t see anything!”

Dr. Wang was also at a loss now. Did she see it or not? After all, her words implied that she had seen everything. Why else would she say that? But now she’s saying that she didn’t see it? Dr. Wang asked in confusion, “What do you mean?”

With this, Su Jin felt that it’s about time. She didn’t expect Dr. Wang to be so timid and so easily subdued. It seemed that God was on her side. Su Jin beckoned Dr. Wang with her finger as she said, “It’s nothing. I just need you to do something for me, and then I didn’t see anything. You can also keep the money!”

When Dr. Wang heard this, he was sure that Su Jin had seen everything. Dr. Wang’s forehead was full of cold sweat. If he was reported, not only would he lose his job, but he might also go to jail, so Dr. Wang said quickly, “What is it?”

Su Jin knew that Dr. Wang had already taken the bait. As long as she could get a testimony from Dr. Wang, Song Qingyu wouldn’t be able to do much later. Su Jin looked at Dr. Wang and asked calmly, “You did Song Qingyu’s abortion. Have you destroyed the fetus?”

Dr. Wang felt a little guilty and scared when he heard Su Jin’s question. He had just accepted the money and promised Song Qingyu that he would keep her abortion a secret. Since he had accepted the money, he had to do something, so Dr. Wang said nervously, “Well, the fetus has already been destroyed!”

Dr. Wang never expected a young girl to ask him such a question. Was this girl here to investigate? Was she here to investigate his other secrets? How was this possible?