Chapter 684 - You Think I Believe That?

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Chapter 684: You Think I Believe That?

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Su Jin heard Dr. Wang’s words and put her feet up on the table with her ankles crossed. She had a half-smile on her face. Based on Dr. Wang’s nervous expression, she knew that he was lying. Su Jin sneered, “You think I believe that?”

Dr. Wang looked at Su Jin warily in panic. After all, the matter of bribe-taking was resolvable but not this matter. He’d be dead if he mentioned anything about Song Qingyu’s abortion.

Dr. Wang asked anxiously, “What do you know? Why are you asking about the fetus?”

“Let me tell you. I’m doing these things because I was forced to. I can’t afford to offend these people and neither can you!”

Su Jin could hear a little fear in Dr. Wang’s voice. She figured that this Dr. Wang had other secrets, but she didn’t care about those. All she needed now was evidence against Song Qingyu.

Su Jin raised her eyebrows and said with a half-smile, “Don’t panic. I’m not trying to scare you!”

“I really need this fetus!”

Su Jin’s gaze turned sharp as she said this. She had already obtained evidence of Song Qingyu asking Dr. Wang to keep her abortion a secret. If Dr. Wang gave her the fetus now, she would get it DNA-tested and verify if it was a Yu baby.

Su Jin’s eyes were filled with warning as she continued, “I’m not interested in your other nonsensical matters, and I don’t want to meddle in your business!”

“No one in this world doesn’t love money, and I’m not going to get in your way to riches!”

Dr. Wang let out a sigh of relief when he heard this. However, why did this girl insist on getting Song Qingyu’s fetus? Dr. Wang looked at Su Jin warily and asked, “What do you want with that fetus?”

Dr. Wang then looked Su Jin up and down. He was silent for a moment when he saw her devastatingly beautiful face. Suddenly, his eyes flashed as if a light bulb went on in his head. Dr. Wang asked sneakily, “Girl, have you eaten them before? That’s why you look so young!”

“Also, you’re not that young. You’re already in your thirties, right? Do you want to buy it?”

Su Jin quietly heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this. She was just trying to trick the doctor, but he’s actually confessed to everything. It seemed that the fetus hadn’t been destroyed after all.

Su Jin more or less knew what Dr. Wang had done in secret. She had seen this on the dark web. Some people in the upper echelons of society had perverted hobbies and ate all sorts of exotic foods. They believed that eating these things could extend one’s life!

Therefore, many doctors who performed abortions would cozy up to these rich people and government officials. In the eyes of these unscrupulous doctors, the aborted fetuses were money. Since they were going to be destroyed anyway, why not sell them for money!

Su Jin saw that Dr. Wang was no longer so nervous. It’s now impossible for him to just hand over the fetus. She must pretend to be a kindred spirit. Su Jin pretended to be very familiar as she asked, “How old is the fetus?”

When Su Jin read about this on the dark web, she found out that fetuses of different ages command different prices. Dr. Wang was even more relaxed when he heard Su Jin’s question. Treating Su Jin almost like a client, he grumbled, “Woman, you really have the guts. You actually came directly to the hospital to buy from me!”

“If something happened, both of us would be in trouble. You should have contacted me in private!”

When Su Jin heard this, she didn’t want to talk to Dr. Wang anymore. After all, she came here to get evidence. She had gotten some and she was at her last step. In fact, she didn’t really need the fetus. If she knew how old it was, she could deduce if it was Yu baby.

Su Jin looked at Dr. Wang and said with a serious expression, “Just tell me, how old was that woman’s fetus and has it been destroyed?”

“I still have other things to deal with. I don’t have time to waste. Just tell me quickly!”

Dr. Wang was quite pleased with himself when he heard this. It seemed that this woman was very anxious about this fetus. Dr. Wang immediately looked like a profiteering seller. He sat down on his chair and said unhurriedly to Su Jin, “It was more than four months old and it’s a baby boy!”

“There has been more scrutiny on this lately, so the fetus hasn’t been sold yet. It’s in our freezer. If you really want it, we can deal in person after I get off work!”