Chapter 685 - Threats

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Su Jin felt relieved when she heard Dr. Wang’s words. Song Qingyu had no convincing argument as long as the fetus was not disposed of. Su Jin would produce the evidence when the time came and everyone in the Yu family would understand what was going on, and she would clear Yu Haiyang’s name.

Su Jin looked at Dr. Wang expressionlessly as she said, “Then bring me there to take a look!”

Dr. Wang got nervous when he heard this. They were at the hospital. If anyone heard or saw anything, he would be in deep trouble. None of his big-shot higher-ups would be able to protect him. Dr. Wang stood at the door and nervously looked left and right to make sure no one was around.

He then heave a sigh of relief and said quickly, “No, this is no trivial matter. I…”

Before Dr. Wang would finish his sentence, Su Jin stood up angrily and interrupted him. This matter was no longer up to Dr. Wang. If he disagreed, he couldn’t blame Su Jin for accidentally leaking this matter.

Su Jin slammed the table angrily and threatened, “Shut up. What right do you have to say no to me now?”

Dr. Wang thought that Su Jin was a kindred spirit since she wanted to buy this thing and didn’t make things difficult for her. It seemed now that he’s wrong. This girl was way too anxious. If anyone found out, both of them would be finished! However, Su Jin had witnessed what happened before and was now threatening him.

Dr. Wang was shocked and he said quickly, “No, no!”

Su Jin was very satisfied when she saw Dr. Wang like this. She went up, grabbed his collar and started to drag him out of the office. She didn’t care if anyone saw them because worst case, she would just tell the whole world about it. She wouldn’t rest today until she saw the fetus.

Su Jin said coldly as she dragged Dr. Wang out of the office, “Walk quickly!”

Dr. Wang was already quite scared. He was even more scared after Su Jin started to drag him out of the office. Although his job was sometimes tiring, it was a respectable job. It gave him face in front of his relatives.

Dr. Wang put on a begging look and said in a panic, “Little young miss, I beg you. Please don’t do this. If others see us, I won’t be able to explain it. I need some face too!”

Su Jin let go of him in disgust. She didn’t want to do this either, but Dr. Wang kept telling her no. Also, Song Qingyu was about to be discharged from the hospital. She must expedite her investigation of Yu Haiyang’s matter, or there would be a lot of problems when he’s formally charged.

Su Jin said in disgust, “I also dislike the fact that you’re dirty!”

After saying that, Su Jin took out an alcohol wipe and carefully wiped her fingers as if she had touched something disgusting. With Dr. Wang leading the way nervously, they arrived at the hospital morgue. After they entered, Dr. Wang brought Su Jin to a place where the surveillance cameras could not see them and took out a bag.

“This is what you want. Take it and go!”

“But be careful. Don’t let anyone see what it is!”

Dr. Wang then handed the bag to Su Jin. Su Jin’s face turned pale as she looked at the bag and recalled the scenes from her pervious life, including the child that she couldn’t care for. She quickly took a few steps back.

Dr. Wang was still handing the bag to Su Jin when she shouted, “I didn’t say I want this thing!”

Dr. Wang was stunned when he heard this. Didn’t the girl ask him to take her to it? Now that they got the fetus, she didn’t want it? Was this girl trying to trick him? At the thought of this, Dr. Wang’s face filled with anger and wariness.

He looked around nervously and said as calmly as he could, “You don’t want it? Why did you ask me to bring you here then?”

“Are you an undercover for the police? Are you going to report me now?”

Su Jin snapped out of her daze when she heard this, but her face was still pale. She didn’t want to take the bag at all. This thing brought her emotional trauma! In any case, Su Jin did not care about Dr. Wang’s dirty business. The evidence was right in front of her now and she must take it.

Su Jin looked at Dr. Wang coldly and said, “You’re thinking too much. I just want a few strands of his hair! I don’t want anything else!”