Chapter 686 - You're Not Allowed to Sell It

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Chapter 686: You’re Not Allowed to Sell It

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Dr. Wang heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Su Jin. This girl almost scared him to death. He thought that she was an undercover for the police. But why did she want the fetus’ hair?

Dr. Wang looked at Su Jin in confusion and asked, “Why do you want his hair?”

Su Jin did not directly answer Dr. Wang’s question. In any case, her priority was to get a few strands of hair and then leave this place as soon as possible. Su Jin felt really uncomfortable as she took out a transparent Ziploc bag from her pocket and handed it to Dr. Wang.

She then looked at Dr. Wang coldly and warned, “Take a few strands of his hair and put them in here. And then leave the fetus alone!”

“You’re not allowed to sell it either. Do you understand?”

Dr. Wang felt a little helpless when he heard this, but he had no choice. Su Jin had evidence of him taking a bribe and she now knew about his illegal supply chain. Dr. Wang could only nod his head in agreement. After a while, Dr. Wang handed the Ziploc bag with strands of the fetus’ hair back to Su Jin.

Dr. Wang reminded her worriedly, “My little young miss, please keep this matter a secret. You must never tell anyone!”

Su Jin looked at Dr. Wang in disgust. He’s afraid of his secret getting out after doing so many immoral things? Even if Su Jin didn’t report it, the truth would come out one day. Su Jin had no time to care about reporting this anyway. Yu Haiyang’s still waiting for someone to rescue him.

Su Jin said coldly to Dr. Wang, “That depends on your performance!”

After saying that, Su Jin took the sealed Ziploc bag with hair inside and walked out. She headed straight to Song Qingyu’s ward. Inside the Class-A ward, Song Qingyu lay looking pitiful and weak on the hospital bed. Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Yu Haiyang’s father and said, “Brother, if you marry me, I promise I won’t pursue the things your son, Yu Haiyang, did to me!”

Yu Haiyang’s father’s face was filled with helplessness. It was all because he drank too much that day. Why else would he do such a stupid thing? Strangely enough, he had absolutely no memory of it. But he’s now trapped between his son, Song Qingyu and also Xi Shuangshuang. Yu Haiyang’s father was in a very difficult position.

He thought for a while before he replied, “Qingyu, I don’t love you at all. I only love my wife, Xi Shuangshuang!”

Song Qingyu wept like a baby when she heard this. She couldn’t believe that Yu Haiyang’s father would say that after so much had happened. She thought that she had him under control, but he said that? There’s no way she would accept this. She couldn’t let her self-stabbing go to waste.

Song Qingyu sobbed, “But we’ve done everything and even made a baby!”

“But the poor baby was killed before he was born!”

Yu Haiyang’s father looked depressed. He couldn’t believe that they got pregnant with just one drunken incident when he didn’t even feel anything. He doubted the whole thing since the beginning, but the fact remained that he woke up in Song Qingyu’s bed.

Yu Haiyang’s father said in a depressed tone, “Qingyu, don’t say that. She didn’t mean it. It was an accident!”

How could Song Qingyu be calm when she heard this? Although everything was a trap, she must keep Yu Haiyang’s father under control, or all her efforts would be for nothing. As long as she controlled Yu Haiyang’s father, she’d live a luxurious life!

Song Qingyu replied with resentment, “What accident? I think she did it on purpose!”

“She’s jealous of the things we did and our baby. She did it on purpose!”

Song Qingyu cried even harder as she said this. Song Qingyu had long figured out the kind of person Yu Haiyang’s father was. Moreover, Yu Haiyang was waiting to be prosecuted. She had the upper hand.

Song Qingyu put on a distressed look as she said to Yu Haiyang’s father, “Your wife killed our baby, and your son tried to kill me!”

“You also robbed me of my innocence. You must take responsibility!”