Chapter 689 - Persevere Until the End

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Chapter 689: Persevere Until the End

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Song Qingyu’s cheeks were swollen and burning with pain, but she knew that she couldn’t confess. Even if Su Jin beat her to death today, she wouldn’t say a word. She would persevere until the end.

Seeing Song Qingyu’s stubbornness, Su Jin raised her hand and slapped Song Qingyu a few more times before she said coldly, “Hmph, it takes two hands to clap. If you weren’t willing, he couldn’t have done it! You are not a good person either!”

After saying that, Su Jin let go of Song Qingyu’s hair and glared at Yu Qiang coldly before she strode away. After Su Jin left, Song Qingyu checked the door to make sure that she was really gone before she spoke again.

Song Qingyu endured the pain in her face as she looked at Yu Qiang with extreme grievance and sobbed, “Why didn’t you help me stop her just now? Why didn’t you call the police to arrest that girl?”

Yu Qiang also pulled himself up from the floor. His face was expressionless but he was secretly pleased. He had long wanted to slap Song Qingyu when she started making trouble for no reason, but he held back because of Yu Haiyang and Xi Shuangshuang. Finally, someone had done the right thing for him.

Yu Qiang looked at Song Qingyu and said, “I was also beaten until I was unable to react!”

Song Qingyu could guessed Yu Qiang’s sentiment based on his expression, but this wasn’t the time to retaliate because the matter wasn’t over yet. However, she could still vent her anger on Yu Qiang. After all, Yu Haiyang was still held at the detention center. Yu Qiang had to give in to her, or Yu Haiyang would never come out again.

Song Qingyu said angrily, “No matter what, Brother Qiang, that girl went too far!”

“How dare she treat us like that? You must catch her and hand her over to the police!”

Yu Qiang lowered his head. To him, Su Jin was a hero. In fact, Yu Qiang felt that Su Jin hadn’t slapped Song Qingyu enough. She should have hit her a few more times so he could vent his anger through her.

Yu Qiang frowned when he heard Song Qingyu’s words. If it weren’t for his son, why would he tolerate Song Qingyu’s outrageous behavior? Yu Qiang replied indifferently, “I don’t know her either. There’s nothing I can do!”

Song Qingyu’s was even angrier when she heard this, to the point of vomiting blood. Although she had met this girl outside Dr. Wang’s office, they didn’t know each other at all! This girl was simply a lunatic who suddenly rushed into her ward and beat them up. If she wasn’t a lunatic, who the hell was she?

After Su Jin walked out of the hospital, she immediately put Yu Qiang’s hair into a Ziploc bag and Song Qingyu’s hair in a separate bag. After all the packages were in order, Su Jin took a taxi back to school. When she arrived at school, she went straight to Grandpa Mou’s office at the school infirmary.

Su Jin said loudly as she entered the school infirmary, “Grandpa Mou, I need your help again with something!”

Grandpa Mou heard Su Jin’s voice and walked out of his office with a smile. Although this girl couldn’t be his granddaughter-in-law, she could still be his successor. If the girl agreed, the research institute would be able to reach greater heights, even develop more life-saving drugs.

Grandpa Mou said to Su Jin, “What’s the matter, girl?”

Su Jin rushed forward and held Grandpa Mou’s arm. She brought Grandpa Mou into his office. This matter was quite important, and she couldn’t say it outside. When she entered the office, she saw that Grandpa Mou’s grandson was also there. It was school hours, so there were only three of them at the school infirmary.

Su Jin greeted Grandpa Mou’s grandson politely, “Brother Mou!”

Grandpa Mou’s grandson’s eyes lit up momentarily when he saw Su Jin. Su Jin was already married, so he didn’t have any illusions about her. But he couldn’t help but be moved whenever he saw her.

After calming himself down, Grandpa Mou’s grandson stood up and said with a smile, “Su Xiaojin, why are you here?”

Grandpa Mou watched them and knew that his grandson still had feelings for Su Jin, but it’s no longer possible for these two. His grandson should also understand this. From the way they greeted each other, it seems that they were on good terms. At least they were still friends.

Grandpa Mou looked at Su Jin and couldn’t help but teased, “Girl, it seems that the two of you are on good terms. How is my grandson? Isn’t he also very good? Are you really not going to consider him? Oh right, we haven’t seen each other for a while. Why did you change your name?”