Chapter 690 - Paternity Test

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Chapter 690: Paternity Test

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Su Jin was speechless when she heard this. Grandpa Mou already knew that she was married yet he’s teasing her. Su Jin knew that Grandpa Mou was joking, so she didn’t say anything. She silently accepted the teasing from an old man and took out three labelled Ziploc bags.

Su Jin said to Grandpa Mou, “Grandpa Mou, I would like you to help me with a paternity test!”

“I hope to get the results today!”

Grandpa Mou smiled. This was a small and simple matter to a world-famous medical big shot like him. He took the three Ziploc bags from Su Jin and looked at the labels and hair samples inside.

He then asked in surprise, “Is this the hair of a fetus?”

Mou Haijun’s face turned cold and somber when he heard his grandfather’s words. He walked quickly to his grandfather’s side and studied the hair sample. It was indeed the hair of a fetus. He then looked at the label and a troubled expression appeared on his face. Could this be somehow related to the matter he was investigating?

Mou Haijun pointed at the bag with the fetus’ hair and asked, “Where did you get this?”

Su Jin looked at Mou Haijun’s serious expression and guessed that the police must have been investigating this case but hadn’t found any clues until Mou Haijun saw this. Su Jin became serious. She had nothing to hide, and that Dr. Wang was not a good person.

Su Jin replied, “From a freezer in the hospital morgue, and it’s a fetus that was aborted a few days ago. Based on what the doctor said, it just hasn’t found a buyer!”

Mou Haijun nodded but he looked at Su Jin in surprise. He didn’t say anything, so how did this girl know what he was going to ask? Could this girl have something to do with the case? Or was this girl also investigating the matter?

Mou Haijun asked in surprise, “Um, how did you know what I was going to ask?”

Su Jin glanced at Mou Haijun. How did she know? Mou Haijun worked for the Interpol, so he must know that aborted fetuses were usually destroyed. Moreover, that Dr. Wang had mentioned that there were no buyers recently because there had been more police scrutiny on this matter. That’s why the fetus hadn’t been sold.

Su Jin replied, “I know that you’re a police officer and guessed that you’ve been investigating this matter recently. You really should do something about our sick society!”

Mou Haijun fell silent when he heard this. Su Jin was right. Our society had become somewhat sick. Otherwise, why would there be such a thing as buying and selling fetuses? Those who bought them actually believed that eating them would greatly enhanced their health. It’s really sick. And the doctors who sold them had neither medical ethics nor morals.

Mou Haijun said seriously, “Don’t worry, I will definitely get to the bottom of this!”

Grandpa Mou heard their conversation and sighed softly. Everyone was living a good life now, but why did our society get sicker? We didn’t even have enough food to eat in the past, and now we wanted to eat everything. How were we different from demons?

Grandpa Mou took back the hair sample from Mou Haijun and said to Su Jin, “Girl, wait here for a while. I’ll run the test right away!”

Grandpa Mou then turned and walked into his laboratory. He wanted to get the results of the paternity test as soon as possible. Mou Haijun was still frowning, wondering how he should go about the investigation and whether the evidence would be destroyed by the doctors. Fortunately, Su Jin had given him a clue, which was the hospital morgue.

Mou Haijun said to Su Jin, “Girl, you’ve been a big help to me. I’ll treat you to a meal later!”

Su Jin was a little surprised when she heard this. Although she could guess what they were investigating, it was not to the extent of saying that. How could an officer of the Interpol not find any clues? Although the buyers of this thing were either rich or noble, it couldn’t be to the extent that Mou Haijun couldn’t find anything, right? Or could he be referring to something else?

Su Jin asked in puzzlement, “What big help?”

Mou Haijun immediately became serious. After all, this was a far-reaching matter. It involved not just high-ranking officials and nobles, but also celebrities and socialites. But the more it was like this, the more Mou Haijun had to investigate. He would get to the bottom of this and bring those people to justice.

Mou Haijun looked at Su Jin and said solemnly, “I’m here now because of this investigation. These guys have already formed an international supply chain. Some countries have even broken it down and package it as an expensive tonic. People are crazy over it!”