Chapter 691 - Unscrupulous

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Chapter 691: Unscrupulous

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Mou Haijun paused for a moment. When he thought about how people got even crazier after they learnt about the raw materials of these tonics. Some of them even thought that eating fresh fetuses was more nutritious. An illegal supply chain had therefore formed, including cases of pregnant women being killed.

At the thought of this, Mou Haijun continued seriously, “We spent a lot of time and effort to find out that the largest supplier was here.”

“But we also found out that the people behind this were all very powerful that the local police dared not investigate them. That’s why I’m here!”

Su Jin was very surprised when she heard this. It was one thing for this to be consumed in China. She didn’t expect foreigners to believe in these things as well and was even more fanatical than the locals that they would kill pregnant women. It’s unscrupulous! How could they harm pregnant women?

Su Jin’s expression also turned serious as she replied, “These people are totally unscrupulous to do something so immoral! Brother Mou, you must bring them to justice!”

Mou Haijun sighed. He also wanted to bring these people to justice as quickly as possible but they are all so powerful, which made investigation difficult. Moreover, everything was done stealthily, and it wasn’t easy to find direct evidence. Nonetheless, Mou Haijun nodded, indicating that he would find out who was behind this as soon as possible!

Su Jin saw Mou Haijun’s expression and knew that the investigation would be very difficult. It was the same everywhere – powerful people might not be arrested even if there was evidence, unless the evidence was irrefutable!

Su Jin suddenly thought of something. She hadn’t told Mou Haijun which hospital it was. How’s he going to investigate? She asked, “By the way, I haven’t told you which hospital it was. Why did you say that I’ve helped?”

Mou Haijun smiled. Since he got involved in the investigation locally, he hadn’t found any clues, so he came to see his grandfather. He didn’t expect Su Jin to provide him with such an important clue. He believed that as long as he followed this clue, he would find evidence soon.

Mou Haijun replied confidently, “There is a hospital logo on your Ziploc bags. I saw it just now!”

“So, I will get someone to investigate the doctors at this hospital. We will follow the clues and find the culprit!”

Su Jin nodded. So, that was it. Mou Haijun was indeed a consummate Interpol officer. What a keen sense of observation! But this was a good thing. Once the culprit was found, those aborted fetuses would be disposed of and such sickening business would disappear.

Su Jin laughed and said to Mou Haijun, “In that case, I’ve really helped Brother Mou! I’m so lucky!”

Mou Haijun nodded in agreement when he heard this. If it weren’t for Su Jin, he had no idea when he would uncover such an important clue. These unscrupulous people had been very careful lately and some of the earlier clues the police had found had become worthless.

Mou Haijun saw Su Jin’s smug look and poured cold water on her, “Actually, it’s not that you’re lucky. It’s just that we’ve been investigating more actively recently that those buyers aren’t as bold as before!”

“This was the only way you got a chance to get this fetal hair!”

Su Jin felt speechless when she heard this. There’s a reason why Mou Haijun couldn’t find a partner. He had absolutely no EQ! Couldn’t he just compliment Su Jin? He had to say that. What a direct straight man. He deserved to be single.

Su Jin looked at Mou Haijun speechlessly for a moment before she said, “I’d better go to class now!”

Su Jin then said goodbye to Mou Haijun, left the school infirmary and went straight to class. At lunchtime, Mou Haijun treated Su Jin to hotpot. He actually wanted to invite Su Jin to a more romantic western restaurant, but Su Jin refused and said that she wanted to have spicy hotpot. So, Mou Haijun followed her to a hotpot restaurant.

After lunch, Su Jin thought that Grandpa Mou would have completed the paternity test. If she went to check the results now, she would know if Yu Haiyang’s father had made a mistake, and Yu Haiyang’s matter would be resolved soon.

Su Jin found Grandpa Mou as soon as she entered the school infirmary. She asked excitedly, “Grandpa Mou, how is it? Have you gotten the results yet?”

“What is the relationship between the fetus and these two people? Is it their biological child?”

“This matter is too important. Grandpa Mou’s test results should be good, right? What’s the result?”