Chapter 692 - Paternity Test Results

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Chapter 692: Paternity Test Results

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Grandpa Mou was puzzled at Su Jin’s excitement. Could this have something to do with her? It shouldn’t be. Su Jin hadn’t been married that long, how could she have a child? It was also rumored that her husband was not interested in women. Although he was curious, he didn’t ask. He just told Su Jin the paternity test results.

“It’s done. Here, take a look!”

Su Jin took the paternity test report and quickly opened the folder. The results were as she had guessed. This child had nothing to do with Yu Haiyang’s father. Su Jin’s mood improved greatly. This at least showed that Yu Haiyang’s father did not betray Yu Haiyang and Xi Shuangshuang.

Su Jin said with a smile, “Grandpa Mou, thank you so much. I’ll treat you to dinner tomorrow!”

Grandpa Mou shook his head. He was already so old, and he had had his share of good food. Moreover, he did not have much of an appetite, so Su Jin needn’t treat him to dinner. However, there was one thing he needed from Su Jin. And it was an important matter that kept him up at night until she agreed.

Grandpa Mou said hopefully, “Forget about dinner. I’m old and don’t have much appetite!”

“But Su Jin, can you tell Grandpa Mou when you’ll follow in my footsteps and become the head of the research institute?”

Su Jin clutched the paternity test report tightly when she heard this. She thought that it’s only right to treat Grandpa Mou to dinner after he helped her. She didn’t expect Grandpa Mou to ask her again to be the head of the research institute. Su Jin didn’t want to do it either, but she couldn’t let the old man down.

So, Su Jin smiled sheepishly and said, “Grandpa Mou, let’s talk about it after my graduation!”

Even if Su Jin agreed now, Xi Chenxiao would not let her go. Su Jin had no choice, and she did not want to quarrel with Xi Chenxiao over such a small matter. When Grandpa Mou heard Su Jin’s response, although he was a little disappointed, he remembered that Su Jin had mentioned that she would be graduating soon.

Grandpa Mou said expectantly, “Your exams are coming up soon, and you’re not far away from graduation. When the time comes, don’t stand this old man up, okay?”

Su Jin smiled. She couldn’t agree easily because no one knew what things would be like on the day of her graduation. Moreover, based on what she knew about Xi Chenxiao, he would not just let her assume the position. They weren’t short of money, and he probably wouldn’t let Su Jin work.

Su Jin just smiled and changed the subject, “Grandpa Mou, we’ll talk about it later. I have to go pick up my nephew now. Goodbye!”

Su Jin then ran out with the test report. Grandpa Mou sighed helplessly as he watched her leave. This girl gave him non-committal responses every time he asked her the question. It’s really infuriating but she was too outstanding and he refused to give up on her!

After Su Jin left the school infirmary, she went straight to the detention center with the paternity test report. Under Xi Tian’s arrangements, she quickly got in and met Yu Haiyang, whose mental state was much better now.

Su Jin put the paternity test report in front of Yu Haiyang and said, “Haiyang, take a look at this!”

Now with the paternity test results, they could expose Song Qingyu’s scheme. The truth about Yu Haiyang being framed would soon be revealed. The Yu family could even turn the tables and sue Song Qingyu. Framing someone was no small crime in the eyes of the law.

Yu Haiyang asked Su Jin curiously, “What is it?”

As he spoke, Yu Haiyang picked up the paternity test report and flipped through it. After a moment of silence, Yu Haiyang was pleasantly surprised, and his eyes reddened. As long as they had this, his family would be fine. His father didn’t betray his mother and him.

Yu Haiyang looked at Su Jin with admiration and asked excitedly, “Sister Su, is this real?”

Su Jin was speechless when she heard this. How could this be fake? Besides, she’s trying to save Yu Haiyang. If a fake report was found out, Yu Haiyang would really be imprisoned for a long time. Moreover, Su Jin had run around and asked for favors to get this report.

Su Jin looked at Yu Haiyang and said, “Do I look like I’m trying to fool you with a fake?”

“Besides, what good is a fake report ?”

“I’m trying to save you now, not harm you. Have you become stupid?”