Chapter 693 - Too Amazing

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Chapter 693: Too Amazing

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Yu Haiyang was extremely excited when he heard Su Jin’s words. Su Jin wouldn’t lie to him. With this evidence, he would be freed. The consequences wouldn’t be good for Song Qingyu either. Moreover, this would clear the misunderstanding between his parents and the family could be harmonious again.

Yu Haiyang said excitedly, “Su Jin, you’re too amazing. How did you get this paternity test report?”

“Why didn’t I think of it?”

Su Jin took the report from Yu Haiyang. He was probably too shocked at that time to even think. And after that, he was locked up at the detention center where he couldn’t think at all. Yu Haiyang’s mother was also in shock, so the entire family overlooked this point.

Su Jin slapped Yu Haiyang lightly on the head with the test report and replied, “Because you’re too stupid!”

“Let’s go. We’ll use this to bail you out first and talk about the rest later!”

Yu Haiyang followed Su Jin out when he heard this. However, when they reached the entrance, Yu Haiyang suddenly remembered that Song Qingyu had the miscarriage a few days. How did Su Jin still get the paternity test results? That fetus should have been disposed of long ago.

Yu Haiyang stopped in his tracks and asked hesitantly, “Sister Su, is there a problem?”

“I remember that Song Qingyu miscarried days ago. How were you able to get any sample to do the paternity test?”

Su Jin’s expression darkened when she heard this. She had gone through so much trouble to do this for Yu Haiyang, but this little b*stard was doubting her? She’s Yu Haiyang’s aunt, why would she harm him? She would not do that for Xi Chenxiao’s sake!

Su Jin looked at Yu Haiyang and said sinisterly, “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t, or you’ll get yourself killed. Do you really need to know?”

Yu Haiyang shook his head quickly. Ever since he found out that Su Jin could tell fortunes, he believed her most of the time. He even thought that Su Jin was a god-like expert. Since Su Jin said this, there must be something particularly dangerous about it.

Yu Haiyang did not want to lose his life, so he said in panic, “Forget it, forget it. I don’t know anything!”

Su Jin bailed Yu Haiyang out without a glitch and brought him to Xi Shuangshuang right away. Xi Shuangshuang did not live at the Xi residence. She lived in a small villa on her own. After all, people would talk if she stayed at the Xi residence after such a thing happened.

When Xi Shuangshuang saw that Su Jin had bailed Yu Haiyang out, she hugged Su Jin excitedly and said, “Sister-in-law, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, my Haiyang might have gone to jail!”

Su Jin smiled. They were family and Yu Haiyang had been a good kid at school. As his elder, Su Jin wouldn’t just stand by and do nothing. Also, the devil had tasked her to solve Yu Haiyang’s problem before he left, so she had to deliver.

Su Jin looked at Xi Shuangshuang and said, “Sister, we’re family. You are most welcome!”

Xi Shuangshuang then lit a fire in a brazier and let Yu Haiyang leap over the flames to ward off bad luck. Yu Haiyang leapt over the flames and the few of them went into Xi Shuangshuang’s small villa. Su Jin looked very serious when she handed the paternity test report to Xi Shuangshuang.

“Sister, take a look. The baby had nothing to do with brother-in-law. Brother-in-law probably didn’t betray you. He had been played!”

When Xi Shuangshuang heard this, she looked at the test report and her eyes flickered for a moment. Her eyes dimmed because she had lost all hope with Yu Haiyang’s father. She thought about Yu Qiang standing by Song Qingyu all this while and said self-deprecatingly, “Maybe not in the beginning, but who knows later?”

“Moreover, I will not forgive him for what happened to Haiyang. If it weren’t for his hesitation, Haiyang wouldn’t have been framed!”

Xi Shuangshuang’s eyes turned red as she said this. After all, not long ago, she and Yu Qiang were a model couple in everyone’s eyes. Many people envied them, but things turned out like this. Xi Shuangshuang had nothing but disappointment for Yu Qiang and the entire Yu family.

Fortunately, Yu Haiyang was out. They had evidence and things would be fine soon. Xi Shuangshuang looked at Su Jin and Yu Haiyang and asked, “What should we do next?”