Chapter 695 - Don't Be Impulsive

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Chapter 695: Don’t Be Impulsive

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Su Jin heard Yu Haiyang’s words and quickly asked him to sit down. If Yu Haiyang went out now, he would never be able to turn things around. However, if these people forced their way in, Su Jin could still call the police or fight back. After all, they would be breaking and entering and it’s Su Jin’s right to fight back.

Su Jin comforted Yu Haiyang, “Don’t be impulsive. If you act impulsively now, you’ll never be able to turn things around!”

“These people are trying to provoke you into doing something that you’d regret. And then they would use that against you. We’ll have very little defense then!”

Yu Haiyang heard this and knew that Su Jin was right. However, he clenched his fists as he was reluctant to let these people cause trouble here. He unclenched his fists when he saw his mother’s worried look. It took a lot for him to be bailed out finally, so he mustn’t act impulsively now and worry his mother again.

Yu Haiyang nodded as he said, “I understand, Sister Su!”

Su Jin beathed a sigh of relief when she saw Yu Haiyang sit down. She didn’t expect Yu Junchi to act so quickly and arrange this ruckus the moment Yu Haiyang got out. Fortunately, Yu Haiyang listened to her, or all efforts would be in vain.

Su Jin looked at Xi ShuangShuang and said with a serious face, “Sister, call the police right now and tell them that someone’s making trouble here!”

Xi Shuangshuang snapped out of her daze when she heard this. She picked up the phone and called the police. Although the police had been informed, they wouldn’t arrive so quickly and these people outside the door were pounding crazily on the door.

Xi Shuangshuang was even more worried when she saw the door on the verge of collapsing. She looked at Su Jin helplessly and asked, “Su Jin, what should we do now?”

Su Jin frowned. She had planned to have the press conference tomorrow and make the matter public, but now it seemed like that wouldn’t work. Since Yu Junchi had done this, she could only play along and let everyone know the truth now, swaying the public opinion towards Yu Haiyang. Otherwise, today’s matter would be difficult to resolve.

Su Jin touched the tie clip in her pocket and said, “Get all the reporters here now. Let’s hold the press conference now!”

Xi Shuangshuang was confused. Even though they had the paternity test report, it wasn’t enough. Without other evidence, no one would believe that Yu Haiyang was innocent. Wouldn’t this make things worse?

Xi Shuangshuang held Su Jin’s hand nervously and said in confusion, “Why are we holding the press conference now?”

“We didn’t make any preparations. And we only have this paternity test report. We won’t be able to explain things clearly!”

“Those reporters and the public already have preconceived ideas about Yu Haiyang. They won’t give Yu Haiyang the chance to clear his name. If It’s held tomorrow, we can prepare more evidence!”

Yu Haiyang nodded at his mother’s words. The evidence they had now didn’t explain much. Song Qingyu could very well accuse them of faking the report. If they couldn’t explain things clearly, it’s very likely that they would be completely doomed. It was better to prepare more.

Yu Haiyang added worriedly, “Yes! Sister Su, think about it?”

Su Jin shook her head. She knew what the mother and son meant but the situation right now couldn’t wait. It had to be handled right away, or today’s trouble wouldn’t end. It might even escalate into something bigger.

Fortunately, Su Jin had more evidence on hand. She replied with a sly smile, “There’s no time. Yu Junchi hurt you so badly. You’re my nephew and I won’t let him get away with it!”

At the old Yu residence, Yu Junchi deliberately turned on the TV. The news on TV was reporting that Yu Haiyang was ruthless and wanted to rape and kill his father’s lover. Yu Junchi was very happy when he saw Old Master Yu’s face darken. This was exactly what he wanted.

Yu Junchi pretended to be flustered as he said, “I’m so sorry, Grandpa. I didn’t know that the news was still reporting about big brother!”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have turned on the television. I know that you’ve nurtured big brother with great care. No one expected that he would do something so deranged for his mother. He’s simply unworthy!”

Old Master Yu raised his head and looked at Yu Junchi. Although he was old, he had built the family business from scratch and thrived in the business world for years. He naturally knew what Yu Junchi meant. However, Old Master Yu couldn’t say much because he didn’t have any evidence.

He simply cleared his throat and said to Yu Junchi, “Oh? Junchi, who do you think then is worthy?”