Chapter 697 - The Test

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Chapter 697: The Test

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Old Master Yu looked at Yu Junchi with a puzzled expression when he heard this. Why did his grandson suddenly reject him? He seemed so eager earlier, but now he’s rejecting him? Could he be afraid of something? Didn’t he have the last say in the Yu family?

Old Master Yu asked suspiciously, “Didn’t you recommend yourself just now? Why are you rejecting me now?”

Yu Junchi was elated when he heard this. Although he had recommended himself earlier, he’s rejecting the old master now so that the old master’s convinced that he had chosen the right person. He couldn’t just accept it when his grandfather asked. What if he lost the position as heir to the Yu family because he acted rashly?

Yu Junchi acted all serious as he said to the old master, “Grandpa, didn’t you say that you would like to test me? You haven’t tested me yet. How can I become the heir to the Yu family?”

“You also know that Yu Haiyang’s mother is the young miss of the Xi family. She’s arrogant and domineering all her life. If I became the heir to the Yu family without passing your test, I’m afraid she wouldn’t agree!”

Old Master Yu frowned and thought for a while when he heard this. Xi Shuangshuang hadn’t done anything outrageous since she married into the Yu family. She had also been very filial to the old master. After careful consideration, Old Master Yu still thought that Xi Shuangshuang was a good daughter-in-law, not at all like what Yu Junchi said.

Old Master Yu retorted, “That won’t happen. Even though she used to be arrogant and domineering in the Xi family, she has become your uncle’s good wife since she married into the Yu family!”

“If your uncle hadn’t betrayed her, she wouldn’t have asked Yu Haiyang to do such a stupid thing!”

Old Master Yu actually thought highly of Xi Shuangshuang and Yu Haiyang. No matter what, Xi Shuangshuang was still the young miss of the Xi family. The Yu family prospered mostly because of her. Even though Yu Haiyang was a school bully at times, he’s a smart kid. It’s just a pity that the mother and son did such a stupid thing out of anger!

Yu Junchi was trying to sow discord, but he did not expect Old Master Yu’s reaction. But it didn’t really matter because Yu Haiyang was a useless piece of trash now, and Xi Shuangshuang wouldn’t be able to make waves. If the Xi family wanted to interfere, they would have done so long ago. Since they hadn’t done anything, it meant that the Xi family did not want to be involved at all.

Yu Junchi said unhappily, “Grandpa, don’t you think that the things that Yu Haiyang did were taught by Xi Shuangshuang?”

“Sometimes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Some people look good on the surface, but deep down, they are evil!”

Old Master Yu sighed and looked at Yu Junchi with a troubled expression. No matter what people said, he wouldn’t believe that Xi Shuangshuang was a bad person. If she was a bad person, there would be no prosperous Yu family.

Old Master Yu got into the car and said to Yu Junchi, “Alright, let’s get in the car and see that little b*stard Yu Haiyang first!”

Old Master Yu actually missed Yu Haiyang. How could such a smart kid do something so irrational and become a monster? Dozens of minutes later, Old Master Yu and Yu Junchi arrived at Xi Shuangshuang’s villa, where the media had gathered. Everyone was waiting for Xi Shuangshuang to open the door!

The police arrived rather quickly to stop the troublemakers who tried to break open Xi Shuangshuang’s main door earlier. Some of them ran away in panic but others stayed, waiting for Yu Haiyang’s statement before they sent him back to prison!

Inside the house, Xi Shuangshuang was still very nervous as she looked at Su Jin and asked, “Su Jin, what should we do? There are so many people here now. Are you sure you can clear Yu Haiyang’s name?”

“If these reporters don’t believe us, what should we do? After all, the evidence is still a little lacking. What if…”

Before XI Shuangshuang could finish, Su Jin interrupted her. Since Su Jin had invited the reporters here, she must be well-prepared, or she wouldn’t have asked Xi Shuangshuang to get them here. Su Jin stood up and patted Xi Shuangshuang’s shoulder. She picked up a laptop with her other hand and said calmly, “Sister, don’t panic. There’s no problem!”

Su Jin had already put all the evidence together. She would present the evidence to the reporters when they meet later. The evidence would clear Yu Haiyang’s name and prove that Song Qingyu was working for someone. She would clear Yu Haiyang’s name and let the public know the truth.

Su Jin shouted in the direction of Yu Haiyang’s room, “Yu Haiyang, are you ready?”

Yu Haiyang walked out of his room when he heard Su Jin’s holler. His face was slightly pale and the shirt he was wearing was wrinkled. It made Yu Haiyang look a little dispirited and pathetic, even a little wronged.

Yu Haiyang walked up to Su Jin and looked at her worriedly as he asked, “Sister Su, do you think I look okay?”

“Do I look like I haven’t eaten or slept for three days?”