Chapter 1628 - Heard

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That woman’s voice was very youthful, with a hint of unconcealable pride and willfulness. It seemed like she really didn’t care about this Red Soul Woods.

Rong Xiu’s gaze turned, and he nonchalantly looked toward the sound of the voice.

About a hundred feet away from them, a group of people seemed to have just reached this place.

The person talking was wearing a goose-yellow dress, and she looked like she was in her twenties. She was petite, and her hair was so long that it dropped to her shins. As the wind blew, she looked a little like a fairy.

Of course, one had to ignore her voice and the nonchalant and disdainful gaze she used to look at the Red Soul Woods.

A muscular man stood beside her. He looked like he was about 27 or 28, with sharp brows and eyes. He was handsome.

He was much taller than that woman. When the two of them stood together, the contrast was stark.

Behind them were two elders, one wearing black and the other wearing white. They both had white hair and looked old. However, their aura was hidden yet strong, causing one to be unable to underestimate them.

“There are so many places to train in the God Residence Realm. Why did Father specifically choose here? This forest looks really gross.” That woman stretched out her slim white hand and covered her nose, her thin brows furrowed slightly.

They had spent a lot of effort to come to this devilish place.

Originally, she did not harbor much hope. But when she was right in front of it, she realized that it was… much more annoying than she had imagined.

Behind, the elder in a white robe smiled and said, “Second Missy, we came a little late. There’s currently poisonous mist being spread in the Red Soul Woods now. If we see it again in the day, the Red Soul Woods has a decent view. Besides, Master asked you to come because he had good intentions, and not…”

“But I don’t want to come!” That woman interrupted the elder in white and crossed her arms. “Are we not here because of that thing? But it doesn’t require both Big Brother and I to come personally, right? There are so many people idling at home. Can’t we just send a few of them over?”

Originally, she was having comfortable days at home. Who knew that her father would suddenly send her over and not even give her a chance to retort?

The elder in the white robe smiled curtly.

At the side, the elder in the black robe had a cold and stern appearance. When he saw this, he spoke. “Second Missy, that item is very important to you. Master said that he hopes you can find it yourself and bring it back. This way, the others will be convinced by you.”

His tone was much sterner and deeper than the previous elder in white.

When the woman heard this, she unwittingly put her arms down, but she still felt uncomfortable. Then, she raised her voice slightly and said angrily, “I’m the second missy. Even if I don’t come myself. Who would dare to do anything to me?”

The elder in the black robe knitted his brows.

At this point, the tall young man finally said, “Yiyi, you can’t casually say such words.”

His voice was extremely deep and low. It sounded like thunder beside one’s ears.

His tone had a domineering aura and sternness from being in a high position for a long time.

The woman called ‘Yiyi’ then restrained her temper and stomped her feet. “…I got it!”

She dared to throw her tantrum in front of everyone but was only afraid of her Big Brother. This was also the reason why her father sent him with her.

With him around, she had to restrain her temper.

That young man patted her head lightly, and a doting smile appeared on his face. “Be good. If you perform well, I have a reward—”

Before he finished his sentence, his gaze suddenly focused, and his voice trailed off.

Seeing his weird reaction, that woman could not help but ask, “Big Brother, what’s the matter?”

As she asked, she looked toward where her Big Brother was looking.

With this look, she was stunned.

Not far away, a man in a white robe stood with his hands behind his back.

The moonlight seemed like water as it landed behind him in a seemingly gentle manner. Even if the sky was dark and everything in the surroundings was mostly covered by the black shadows, it couldn’t conceal the amazing temperament of this man.

As such, one didn’t need to see that man’s aura. One just had to look at his surrounding aura, and it was better than many lavish items.

Nan Yiyi widened her eyes slightly. At one moment, she felt that her heart was harshly hit by something.

That man glanced over extremely lightly and retracted his gaze before he turned around to leave.

Nan Yiyi instinctively opened her mouth, but she could not say anything at that moment. She couldn’t move.

“Sir, please stay!” However, Nan Yuxing had already spoken loudly at the side.

Rong Xiu stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at them. “What’s the matter?”

His voice was as cold as gems hitting against each other, with coldness and nonchalance. Clearly, he wasn’t very interested in continuing their conversation, and he did not want to interact with them.

Nan Yuxing slowly clenched his fists behind him. “May I know if you heard anything just now?”

Rong Xiu’s expression turned even lighter. “I heard it all.”

The two parties weren’t far apart, and he was strong as well. How could he not hear it?

Nan Yuxing’s expression changed slightly because he didn’t expect the other party’s attitude to be so firm. But thinking in another way, everyone had their own skills, and it was more appropriate to lay all their cards on the table.

He cupped his fists. “My sister was just casually talking. Sir, I hope you—”

“I have no interest in knowing these things.” Without hearing him finish, Rong Xiu interrupted him nonchalantly.

He wasn’t interested in these people’s background and statuses. He completely did not want to know what they were looking for when they entered the God-Killing Tumulus.

“I still have something on. I’ll leave first.” He had to rush to craft the armor for Yue’er. He didn’t want to waste any time on anyone irrelevant.

“You—” Nan Yuxing did not expect the other party to be so rude, and he couldn’t maintain his expression.

He was born distinguished and had never experienced such things before!

“Hah, how arrogant.” He sneered.

“Eldest Young Master, do you think we have to—” The elder in white tried to ask.

Even though they didn’t say the most crucial point, that man had heard quite a bit.

It was originally strange for this man to appear outside of the Red Soul Woods in the middle of the night. They had to ask him properly.

Nan Yiyi reluctantly retracted her gaze when she could not see that figure.

Coincidentally hearing the white elder’s words, her expression changed instantly. “Elder Bai Tong, what do you mean?! He was just passing by, and I didn’t say anything important. Why are you overreacting?”

Elder Bai Tong was confused by this sudden lecture.Why is Second Missy suddenly so hot-tempered?

“T-this is naturally because our mission is important, so outsiders can’t easily know about it! What if—”

“It’s clearly us who didn’t realize that there’s someone around. Why did we blame it on him in the end?” Nan Yiyi said with knitted brows, “Anyway, you can’t cause trouble for him!”