Chapter 1629 - Causing Trouble

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Chapter 1629: Causing Trouble

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Elder Bai Tong was speechless and closed his mouth in embarrassment.

Nan Yuxing’s eyebrows twitched as he looked at Nan Yiyi. “Yiyi, why are you speaking up for that person?”

His sister had been pampered since she was young. Usually, even the family might not have the right to hear a good word from her.

Moreover, the young man was just a stranger, so it was unbelievable that she would say such a thing.

Nan Yiyi’s face heated up slightly from his gaze. She looked away and said guiltily, “I’m not speaking up for him; I’m just telling the truth! Big Brother, have you forgotten that before we went out, Father reminded us repeatedly not to cause trouble outside?”

Nan Yuxing looked at her speechlessly.It’s hard for her to remember this. Unfortunately, she seems to have forgotten that Father had specially said these words to her.

“He didn’t take the initiative to provoke us in the first place. Why must we find trouble with him?” Nan Yiyi pursed her lips.

When the man looked over, his eyes were extremely indifferent, and he didn’t even look at her.

“I’m tired. I want to rest.”

Hearing what Nan Yiyi said, Nan Yuxing could only shake his head helplessly. “Alright, alright. Wouldn’t it be better if we don’t pursue the matter? You’re right. We’ve already arrived at the Red Soul Woods; we can enter the God-Killing Tumulus tomorrow morning. It’s indeed better to avoid trouble.”

He looked around and raised his hand to point in a certain direction. “Let’s go over there and rest first.”

Then, they walked over.

As they walked, Nan Yiyi even turned around to look two or three times. Unfortunately, the night was dark, and she could no longer see the elegant figure in white.

She retracted her gaze in disappointment and sat down behind a large rock with Nan Yuxing.

Nan Yuxing glanced at her from the corner of his eye, his eyes slightly dark.

How could Nan Yiyi’s thoughts escape his eyes?

She isn’t being kind. She has most likely taken a fancy to that man just now!Nan Yuxing frowned.

Actually, Nan Yiyi was already at the age of marriage, but she was very playful and didn’t even take a look at the men that her family had deliberately introduced.

Once, her father had planned to help her get engaged, but she had still ruined it.

Later on, her father simply let go and stopped caring about these things. He just waited for her to want to settle down.

I didn’t expect her to… actually take a fancy to a man whose identity and name we don’t even know outside the Red Soul Woods? Of course, I won’t agree to it.Nan Yuxing sat cross-legged and tapped his fingers on his knees.If she is only slightly tempted, it’ll be fine. If she really does something… I will have to consider it differently.

“Elders, did you see that person’s strength just now?” Nan Yuxing thought for a moment before asking.

The two elders opposite looked at each other and shook their heads. “His aura is hidden very deeply. He must’ve deliberately used some Yuan instrument to hide it.”

Nan Yuxing paused.The two elders have excellent eyesight, and even they couldn’t tell the other party’s aura. It seems that he is indeed capable. Besides… The two of us were so close just now, but we actually didn’t notice that man’s existence! If I hadn’t happened to look up…

In short, that man can’t be underestimated!

“Be careful when you’re outside,” Nan Yuxing said. “Besides, we’re entering the God-Killing Tumulus tomorrow. There can’t be any mistakes.”

The two elders’ expressions turned solemn. “Yes!”

“Also… Since he’s here, it’s very likely that he’s here for the God-Killing Tumulus. Tomorrow, we must act separately from him.”

Nan Yiyi immediately pouted in dissatisfaction. “Big Brother, why!?”

Nan Yuxing glanced at her. “What do you think? We’re not here to have fun.”

He had to help her find that thing as soon as possible and go home.

Nan Yiyi instantly deflated. No matter how arrogant and presumptuous she was, she knew how important this matter was, and she couldn’t be careless.

Every time her brother spoke in such a tone, she knew that she couldn’t continue causing trouble.

“…Got it.” She lowered her eyes and pursed her lips.It doesn’t matter if we don’t see each other. Anyway, I have already memorized that person’s appearance. Although his appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, such a powerful person must be very famous. As long as I ask around, I won’t have to worry about not knowing the other party’s identity.

Thinking of this, she suppressed her restless heart.

Seeing that she was finally willing to listen, Nan Yuxing nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, it’s very late today. Everyone, hurry up and take a break—”

In the sky, a huge roar suddenly sounded!

The few of them immediately looked up in unison!

Dark clouds gathered quickly in the night sky, and the bright moon was quickly covered. Then, a bright silver snake-like bolt of lightning appeared behind the clouds!

This instant of light was like a knife that ruthlessly tore through the dark night!

Elder Bai Tong suddenly said, “Look! That person seems to be preparing to refine a Yuan instrument!?”

The few of them focused their gazes and saw that the white-robed man they had just met had actually walked to a relatively empty and flat spot in the distance.

Above his head was where the lightning appeared!

There were rocks piled up here, and the night was dark, so they couldn’t see him just now.

Nan Yiyi was first delighted, but then she looked at the black-robed elder and asked in confusion, “Elder Wu Peng, is he really going to refine Yuan instruments?”

As an Armory Refinement Master, Elder Wu Peng naturally had more say in these matters.

As expected, although Elder Wu Peng’s expression was still cold, he still nodded.

“I didn’t expect him to be an Armory Refinement Master… Elder Wu Peng, can you tell what level he is?” Nan Yiyi asked curiously.

Elder Wu Peng looked up at the sky and pondered for a moment. “I’m not completely sure yet… However, this person attracted the lightning extremely quickly. He should be quite powerful.”

Nan Yiyi’s eyes lit up.

Soon, the lightning in the sky quickly gathered! After a while, countless lightning bolts appeared in the sky, almost forming a sea of lightning!

“…This is at least an advanced Yuan instrument, right?” Nan Yiyi asked curiously.

Although she wasn’t an Armory Refinement Master, she had seen many refinement scenes since she was young, so she was quite experienced.

Elder Wu Peng nodded.

“It’s just refining an advanced Yuan instrument. What’s there to see?” Nan Yuxing was very unhappy with Nan Yiyi’s reaction and immediately pulled a long face.

Nan Yiyi snorted. “There’s nothing to see, but he’s an Armory Refinement Master after all! Just this point alone makes him much stronger than me!”

He didn’t look old either. An advanced Armoy Refinement master in his twenties was considered not bad in their family.

At this moment, Elder Wu Peng suddenly took a step forward with a bewildered expression.

Nan Yiyi asked curiously, “Elder Wu Peng, what’s wrong?”