Chapter 1630 - This Man

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Chapter 1630: This Man

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She looked back as she spoke.

The man in white was taking out a few faintly golden stones. The stones were exactly the same shape and size, lined up in a row.

Upon closer look, one could see black patterns inside.

“That’s…” When Nan Yuxing saw it clearly, he was also shocked. “Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone?!”

Elder Wu Peng nodded.

The remaining few people exchanged glances.This thing is extremely precious, but why did this man take out so much at once? Moreover, it is used to refine Yuan instruments.

“There are so many Ink-Gold Spiritual Stones. What Yuan instrument is he trying to refine?” Nan Yuxing frowned slightly.

Previously, he was only suspicious, but now, he was basically certain that the man’s identity was definitely extraordinary.

Elder Wu Peng didn’t speak. His eyes were fixed on that spot.

Perhaps infected by the atmosphere, the few of them fell silent at the same time.

After arranging the eight Ink-Gold Spiritual Stones, Rong Xiu looked up at the sky.

Lightning gathered and swam crazily.

The next moment, he gently closed his eyes.

There was a short silence. Immediately after, countless bolts of lightning covered the sky!

Bolts of lightning descended crazily and struck the Ink-Gold Spiritual Stones!

His figure was almost completely engulfed by the dazzling light!

“He’s not refining an advanced Yuan instrument.” Seeing this, Elder Wu Peng finally spoke in a low voice with a firm tone. “He’s going to refine a royal Yuan instrument!”

The remaining people said nothing.

Actually, even if he hadn’t spoken, they would’ve seen it. Why would there be such a commotion when refining an advanced Yuan instrument?

Even they rarely saw such a young royal Armory Refinement Master.

“He really has some ability…” Nan Yuxing narrowed his eyes. “But why does he have to refine Yuan instruments here?”

Refining a royal Yuan instrument required a lot of time and energy. Even a royal Armory Refinement Master couldn’t guarantee that every refinement would succeed.

Under normal circumstances, they would choose a quiet and safe place in advance and find someone to protect them to ensure that they wouldn’t be disturbed before officially starting to refine Yuan instruments.

It had to be known that once the refinement process was interfered with by external factors, the refinement failure was a small matter. If it caused a backlash to the refiner, it would be terrifying.

However, this man actually refined Yuan instruments outside the Red Soul Woods just like that… Was he too ambitious, or did he have full confidence in himself?

Arrogant.Nan Yuxing gave the other party a judgment in his heart.

He had lived for so many years, and with his special status, he had seen many arrogant people. Even he himself was one of them.

However… The man opposite him was still more arrogant than most people he had seen.

Even though the other party hadn’t said much to them from beginning to end, he could feel the arrogance in the man’s bones. This made him very unhappy.

“A royal Armory Refinement Master at this age should be quite famous in the God Residence Realm. Why don’t I remember him at all?” Nan Yuxing searched his mind for a long time, but he still couldn’t find the right person. “Elder Wu Peng, can you guess this person’s identity?”

Elder Wu Peng shook his head. “Either the other party disguised his appearance, or… he has just broken through to become a royal Armory Refinement Master.”

He paused, feeling more hesitation.

In fact, neither scenario seemed likely to him. What kind of person could pretend to be so talented? Most people would basically go in a low-key direction if they wanted to disguise themselves. Who would do the opposite?

Looking like this, nobody who had seen him would forget him. Then, what was he after?

As for the second guess… it was even more ridiculous to a certain extent.

He was an Armory Refinement Master himself, so he could naturally tell that the other party was skilled and relaxed. This was definitely not the strength and condition of someone who had just broken through to become a royal Armory Refinement Master.

“…There’s another possibility—he used to hide his true strength.” This was the only way to explain many things that did not make sense.

“This… Is that why he deliberately refined Yuan instruments here?” Nan Yiyi came to a realization. “There’s basically nobody here, so he specially chose this place! It’s just that he definitely didn’t expect to meet us—”

The Red Soul Woods actually surrounded the God-Killing Tumulus, but they met in the same place. If this wasn’t a coincidence, what was?

Hearing this, Nan Yuxing was relieved.It seems that the man in white had indeed come here to find a convenient place to refine Yuan instruments. He doesn’t want to blow his cover, and we don’t want to deal with him. It’s not bad for both sides to mind their own business. More importantly, it usually takes a long time to refine a royal Yuan instrument. It can be as short as a month or as long as half a year.

He had even heard of someone spending a full three years just to refine a royal Yuan instrument. It could be seen how troublesome this matter was.

If that’s the case, this man should still be here when we pass through the Red Soul Woods and enter the God-Killing Tumulus tomorrow. Then, there is no need to bother to separate from him.

At this moment, another loud bang sounded in the sky! Several more bolts of lightning appeared!

Nan Yuxing’s expression changed slightly.Isn’t… Isn’t this person attracting the lightning a little too fast?

Amidst the light, Rong Xiu’s eyes were still closed, and his expression remained unchanged.

He raised his arm slightly and clenched his slender and fair fingers in the air.

The eight Ink-Gold Spiritual Stones began to fuse rapidly under the bombardment of countless lightning bolts!