Chapter 1631 - Success

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Chapter 1631: Success

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The extremely hard Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone seemed to become especially soft in his hand, allowing him to mold it into the shape he wanted.

When these Ink-Gold Spiritual Stones fused together, the faint black patterns inside also began to connect with each other gradually.

A majestic aura vaguely emitted!

“How can his refining be so fast!?” Elder Bai Tong also realized that something was wrong and hurriedly looked at Elder Wu Peng.

It wasn’t that they had never seen the scene of refining a royal Yuan instrument, but the current situation… was really beyond their expectations.

Elder Wu Peng frowned.

Actually, he had already sensed the anomaly just now, but he was still a little uncertain. After all, even he himself might not be able to do it so quickly. But now that the truth was in front of them, they had to believe it.

After a long silence, he said in a low voice, “Even if it’s an Armory Refinement Master of the same level, there’ll be a difference in strength because of their different talent and experience. Perhaps he has already tried many times before, which is why he can do it so easily today.”

A trace of doubt appeared on Elder Bai Tong’s face. “This… is unlikely, right? What kind of background does he have for him to take out so many Ink-Gold Spiritual Stones to practice?”

One had to know that if the refinement failed, those materials would become a pile of trash.

Elder Wu Peng pursed his lips.I certainly know that, but other than that, I really can’t think of a better reason. I’ve seen many Armory Refinement Master geniuses, but… They would definitely not be able to do this.

“This person is not simple.” Nan Yuxing pondered for a long time and gave a vague answer.

At first, he didn’t take the other party seriously, but now that he looked at the latter again, he had to admit that this person was indeed capable.

He just didn’t know this person’s identity.

Nan Yiyi glanced at him and excitedly asked, “Big Brother, why don’t we ask after he finishes refining? It’s rare to see such a young royal Armory Refinement Master… If we can befriend him, it’ll be beneficial to us, right?”

How could Nan Yuxing not know what she was thinking? He only glanced at her indifferently. “Don’t worry about these things. The only thing you have to do now is to find that thing after entering the God-Killing Tumulus.”

Nan Yiyi pursed her lips.I’ve heard this so many times that my ears are about to grow calluses!

She snorted softly and looked over again.Although I don’t know the other party’s identity yet, the family faction behind him definitely won’t be weak if he can grow into a royal Armory Refinement Master. Moreover, he is so outstanding. As long as we put in a little effort to find out, we’ll definitely be able to obtain a lot of information.

My father has always said that I’m too picky, but there is indeed such a perfect person in this world!Nan Yiyi placed a hand on her chest and gently exhaled, trying to calm her emotions. However, her heart was beating uncontrollably as if it would jump out at any moment.

Time slowly trickled past.

The sound of the lightning gradually subsided.

In front of Rong Xiu, the eight Ink-Gold Spiritual Stones had completely fused and were preliminarily forged into armor. Only the protective plate in the middle of the chest caved in slightly.

Rong Xiu opened his eyes. With a thought, the force transformed into a sharp flying dagger.

He held the flying dagger and gently cut his palm!

Dark-red blood instantly gushed out and dripped onto the protective heart plate. In a moment, the sunken spot was filled with his blood.

Rong Xiu put away the flying knife, and golden flames danced in his palm!

The remaining blood on his hand quickly dissipated, and even the wound quickly healed. In this short period of time, the blood contained in the protective plate gradually seeped into the entire armor!

A faint red color spread through the golden armor, fusing with the black patterns and gradually covering it. From the outside, it looked like there was a faint trace of blood in the crystal-clear golden jade.

An indescribable nobility exuded from it.