Chapter 816 - Central Region

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Chapter 816: Central Region

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Su Shoujiang knew very well that there might be a mole in the inner team of the fallen corridor who had broken the seal.

Putting aside whether the mole was Fang Heng or not, according to the information gathered from various sources not long ago, the Ark Company that had just caused a huge uproar in District 9 of the world of vampires seemed to have a deep connection with Fang Heng.

In the morning, there was also news that Ark Company had appeared in the Wasteland World.

It all seemed strange.

Especially this investigator that was sent from the Central Federation, Xi Yongzhi…

This person was a dangerous figure that was targeted by the Eastern region of the Federation.

He had a close relationship with the twelve corporations and had also come from the Western Region of the Federation to join the Central Federation.

Xi Yongzhi was also very concerned about Fang Heng…

Within three days after the Federation issued an emergency order, all the people in the Necromancer Association and those staying in the nearby twelve regions had all been evacuated.

The evacuation area was still gradually expanding.

At the Western region of the Federation, the twelve corporations were having an internal meeting.

“The Eastern region of the Federation has already begun to carry out emergency plans to evacuate people. Most of their energy has already been expended by controlling the death realm crevice.”

“On the vampires’ side, three types of spatial crystals have already been completed. The fusion of spatial crystals has already been formed. We can start to set up a passage.”

“Wait until the Eastern region makes a move. The aura of the undead will explode and attract the Federation’s attention. Then, we will open the altar passage and condense the blood essence.”

“Proceed according to the plan. Also, regarding the Shrine of Bones…”

“Yes, I understand. The success rate is extremely low. Let Xi Yongzhi give it another try. There’s no need to have too much hope.”

“Also, there’s Fang Heng. We received news from Xi Yongzhi that Fang Heng is still in the inner part of the corridor. There’s nothing suspicious…”

“Oh, I’m fine. I was a little distracted.”

Fang Heng came back to his senses and looked away from the distance.

It was finally the end, he saw the hope of leaving.

A full week had passed.

Relying on the monster-hunting strategy that had been customized by Fang Heng, the player team had already cleaned up all the vengeful spirits in the inner area of the fallen corridor.

Following the team, the players came to the periphery of the central area in the deepest part of the fallen corridor.

The situation was very strange. The original Wall of Bones was now covered by a layer of solidified gray death aura.

Fang Heng had tried to use the purification spell to dispel it.

The effect was not good.

After the initial purification and dispersal, a large amount of black death aura quickly covered it.

To be safe, Instructor Pu Shi and the players surrounded the Wall of Bones in the outer layer of the central area and cast three layers of seals.

After that, Instructor Pu Shi and the players discussed how they were going to lead the team into the sealed area to check out the specific situation.

Li Qingran was not aware of Fang Heng’s absent-mindedness.

She whispered, “Fang Heng, Instructor Pu Shi has checked. The strength of the Shrine of Bones has been completely released to the outside world. It is gradually affecting the seal of the fallen corridor. The longer it drags on, the more troublesome it will be. We have to be mentally prepared. The situation in the central area might be very dangerous.”

“Yes, I understand. I hope Teacher Pu Shi can bring us away as soon as possible.”

Fang Heng had been imprisoned in the fallen corridor for too long. He could not wait to leave this godforsaken place. He had to quickly exchange the souls that he had for the King of Gods’ points.

Teacher Pu Shi was not far away, communicating something with a few necromancy attendants.

After a moment, Pu Shi gave a hand signal to the team behind him.

Seeing this, the players all assumed a vigilant posture and got ready for battle.

“Ka, Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka…”

After half a month, the central region’s skeleton gate finally opened in front of everyone’s eyes.

From afar, Fang Heng looked into the central region.

It was empty and pitch-black.

Countless dark-brown vengeful spirits were entrenched in the central region.

The magic array that was flashing on the floor had lost its luster.

The central sealed area was covered by a thick layer of the black aura.

Even with the night vision ability of the vampires, Fang Heng could not see the depths clearly.

Pu Shi’s expression was grave.

Just as he had expected, almost all of the magic array in the central area had lost its effectiveness. The aura of death was constantly seeping out from the death realm crevice under the fallen corridor, spreading and affecting the magic array of the entire Necromancer Association.

He had to think of a way to purify this area and repair the magic array.

“Fang Heng, let’s begin.”

Just as he had planned, Fang Heng agreed.

He put on a thick set of equipment and followed a few steps forward.

The vengeful spirit bodies floating in the air all sensed the aura of Holy Light coming from Fang Heng’s body.

They slowly and gradually turned toward Fang Heng and then floated in his direction.

Fang Heng held the Book of Creation in his left hand and raised the top of the scepter in his right hand to aim at one of the vengeful spirits.

Golden Holy Light sprinkled down and instantly bloomed.

The vengeful spirits were greatly injured and the black fog on their bodies was mostly dispersed.

The burst of Holy Light aura immediately attracted the attention of a large number of vengeful spirits nearby. They accelerated towards Fang Heng as if they had just woken up from a dream.

Fang Heng slowly moved backward.

At the rear, the players who had long been prepared relied on the strength of the Book of the Dead to weaken the vengeful spirits. Then, the close-combat players would go up and finish the job.

The purpose of doing this was to effectively weaken the number of vengeful spirits wandering in the central hall.

They went back and forth several times like this, wave after wave of monsters being lured.

More than an hour had passed, and the players were more or less tired.

Instructor Pu Shi signaled the players to temporarily leave the central area and take a short break.

Taking advantage of the rest of the players’ rest time, Fang Heng stood outside the entrance of the seal and looked at the black fog in the center of the sealed area, deep in thought.

“Fang Heng, have you noticed it too?”

Li Qingran walked to Fang Heng’s side and followed his gaze to look inside the sealed area. “The number of vengeful spirit bodies hasn’t decreased.”

“En, do you know what’s going on?”

“It might be related to the revived King Guards. Teacher Pu Shi should have discovered it as well. They will have a countermeasure.”

As the two of them were talking, a high-tier player walked to their side. “Senior Sister Qingran, Fang Heng, Instructor Pu Shi invites the two of you to go over and discuss something.”

In another corner, Pu Shi also sensed that something was wrong. He was gathering a few high-tier players to discuss countermeasures.

“The King Guard’s consciousness has yet to fully recover. He’s acting on instinct. He realized that the death aura is beneficial to himself, so he chose to absorb the death aura that seeps out of the death realm’s crevice. However, he doesn’t have a good method to absorb it. Currently, he’s in a temporary hibernation mode.”

Peng He was a veteran player of the Necromancer Association. Although his combat power was relatively average, he had quite a bit of academic knowledge.

He explained the situation to everyone, “Due to the accumulation of a large amount of death aura, a large number of vengeful spirit bodies have been formed. The number of vengeful spirit bodies in the central sealing area has reached a saturation point.”

“We’ve already tried it. Our killing speed cannot keep up with the revival speed of the vengeful spirit bodies at all.”