Chapter 817 - The King Guard

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Chapter 817: The King Guard

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Hearing Peng He’s explanation, everyone fell silent. For a moment, they could not think of any solutions.

Pu Shi looked around at everyone and nodded. “That’s the general situation. Everyone, brainstorm and speak freely without any scruples.”

A high-tier player raised his hand, “Teacher, under normal circumstances, if we want to deal with a large number of vengeful spirits, we can adopt sealing measures and use the strength of the magic array to suppress them. Is it possible for us to set up a magic array?”

Currently, they were trapped in the fallen corridor. Setting up a magic array would consume a large number of props, and they would also need to enter the central sealing area.

It would be very difficult to do so.

“Teacher, the source of strength of vengeful spirits is the death aura that has been specially transformed by the Shrine of Bones. If we can eliminate the influence of the Shrine of Bones, can we directly attack the source?”

“Are you saying that we should ignore the vengeful spirit bodies and directly attack the Shrine of Bones?”

“Yes, the theory is feasible.”

Pu Shi closed his eyes and thought for a moment, then nodded. “There are too many uncertainties in the actual operation.”

Fang Heng thought to himself, “Isn’t this just being reckless? With so many vengeful spirit bodies that are constantly undergoing rebirths, how could they just run in and deal with the Shrine of Bones? It wouldn’t be that easy. What if they wake up the King Guards?”

Raising his head, Fang Heng was stunned for a moment.

He noticed that everyone was looking at him.

“Fang Heng, how confident are you?”

Fang Heng turned his head to look at Pu Shi. “Huh?”

“We can buy you time. You enter the sealed area and purify the Shrine of Bones outside of the casting limit.”

Fang Heng frowned. He tried to recall the first time he saw the Shrine of Bones and estimated the distance between it and the stone platform in the central hall.

It seemed a little difficult.

Fang Heng raised his head and said, “I can try, but I don’t think it’s reliable.”

“Yes, with the support of the Shrine of Bones, the strength of the King Guards has been greatly increased. Be careful and remember not to be rash. Once you find that things can’t be done, immediately retreat. Just retreat and leave the rest to me. Understand?”

After discussing the strategy, everyone once again entered the central sealed area.

This time, with Fang Heng in the center, the players surrounded him to protect him.

After the drifting vengeful spirits noticed the intruders, they all attacked everyone.

Under immense pressure, everyone cleared the vengeful spirits as they slowly approached the thick black fog in the center.

The substance-like black fog gathered in the center of the sealing hall.

Since he couldn’t see clearly, he could only rely on the surrounding environment to identify the center of the circular hall.

In theory, the Shrine of Bones was there.

It was still more than 50 meters away.

The limit of the purification spell was less than 15 meters and the difference was quite big.

Suddenly, Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat.

He felt a powerful pressure coming from the black fog, directly pressing down on him.

Not good! Something’s wrong!

“Be careful! Retreat!”

Fang Heng raised his eyebrows and shouted. At the same time, he immediately took a step back.

The surrounding players were shocked.

In the next moment, a black shadow flashed out from the black fog in front of him.

A black skeleton creature!

It was the skeleton that they had seen before, next to the central round table!

Under the perfusion of the dense black aura of death, the bones on the skeleton gave off a pitch-black jade texture.

The dense black aura lingered around the skeleton.

It was the King Guard!

The black skeleton held a long bone sword that was surrounded by a black aura of death.

As he quickly retreated, Fang Heng’s gaze was unconsciously drawn to the black aura surrounding the black skeleton.

He had a strange feeling.

That aura seemed to be like a kind of tonic.

If he got closer, he might be able to control the aura surrounding the skeleton.

The King Guard was awakened in advance!

When the players saw this, they turned pale with fright and immediately retreated frantically.

The sound of the bones falling to the ground broke Fang Heng’s train of thought.

At that moment, Fang Heng clearly saw a faint green light appear in the eyes of the skeleton in the middle.

The black skeleton held a long sword in its hand and swept horizontally forward.

The sword light wrapped in the surrounding black aura condensed into an exaggerated sword light that swept forward!

Teacher Pu Shi held the Book of the Dead high up in the air and pointed his palm at the King Guard in front of him.

The thick bone barrier rose from the ground and blocked the path of the sword light.

The aura of the black sword light shattered three layers of the Wall of Bones in succession!

However, in the blink of an eye, more than ten layers of the Wall of Bones rose from behind and blocked the black skeleton.

The King Guard once again charged forward, raising its long blade and charging toward the wall!

The Wall of Bones instantly exploded upon impact!

“Boom! Boom Boom Boom!!”

Relying on the toughness of its body, the skeleton charged forward fiercely, smashing the Wall of Bones along the way into pieces!

However, every collision would cause the King Guard’s charging speed to be slightly reduced.

The two players who were the slowest to escape could hear the sound of the Wall of Bones shattering behind them getting closer and closer. Cold sweat dripped down their foreheads.

Li Qingran was anxious. She turned around and said, “Teacher.”

Pu Shi did not answer. His expression was solemn as he stared at the skeleton and once again extended his hand to control the spell.

Looking carefully, the fragments of the Wall of Bones that had been shattered previously were mostly attached to the body of the skeleton.

They had actually covered the body of the King Guard with a thin layer of ‘armor’.

It was these fragments that had gradually slowed down the charging speed of the King Guard.

Seeing that the last layer of the Wall of Bones was about to be smashed through, Pu Shi’s pupils constricted, and the Book of the Dead in his hand emitted a dark light.

Along with the last towering Wall of Bones, the bone armor attached to the King Guard instantly exploded!

The King Guard suffered a violent explosion and its entire skeleton frame was sent flying by the impact of the explosion.

Suddenly, Li Qingran noticed a bloated figure.

Li Qingran was anxious. “Fang Heng! Get out of the way!”

Fang Heng dashed out from the side, blocking the path that the black skeleton was sent flying!

No one would have thought that Fang Heng could actually appear in that position out of thin air!

He had three layers of equipment on him, causing Fang Heng to appear extremely bloated.

The spear in Fang Heng’s hand formed an afterimage in the air as he ruthlessly stabbed forward.

The passive purification effect of the spear had been activated!

Golden Holy Light exploded in front of Fang Heng!

The vengeful spirit bodies that were nearby let out mournful wails as the golden light exploded before they turned around and retreated!

The black aura from the King Guard who had been hit by the spear kept on spreading out from its body!

A large amount of black fog was directly burned into ashes by the Holy Light!

However, in the next second, more black aura exploded from the King Guard’s body.