Chapter 818 - Warehouse

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Chapter 818: Warehouse

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Fang Heng was directly hit by the exploding aura, and he was sent flying out of the way.

Li Qingran jumped to the place where Fang Heng was thrown back and pulled the latter out of the central hall.

Under the cover of the crowd, they finally got rid of the King Guard’s pursuit and escaped safely.

Outside the central region, the players who had just experienced a life-threatening battle sat on the ground and quickly recovered their energy.

The plan had completely failed. The players had also witnessed the power of the King Guard and their hearts were somewhat heavy.

Fang Heng thought to himself that the King Guard was really powerful. That last attack triggered the purification effect of the holy spear of purification.

Unfortunately, the effect was very limited.

Pu Shi closed his eyes slightly. He thought about every scene of the battle with the King Guard, trying to find a weakness that could be used.

Fang Heng broke the silence and asked, “Right, what is that black fog in the center of the sealed area?”

Outside of the game, there were almost no hints. Fang Heng’s understanding of necromancy was not deep enough, so he did not understand many things.

Li Qingran nodded and explained, “That is the aura of death. In essence, it is a type of necromancy energy. After being transformed by the Shrine of Bones, it forms energy that can be absorbed by the King Guard.”

“The King Guard probably does not know how to absorb this energy yet.”

“From the situation just now, the King Guard felt that this strength was useful, so it tried its best to absorb it from the death realm crevice. However, after it absorbed the energy, there was no efficient way to use it, so it swallowed it all at once.”

“On the surface, it has absorbed a large amount of energy to increase its strength, but the energy has not been completely converted and absorbed.”

Peng He pondered and then explained, “So just now, under the influence of Fang Heng’s purification spell, a large amount of death aura that was absorbed by the King Guard dissipated and was purified from its body. Its strength should have been weakened a little.”

“But under the current situation, the King Guard can absorb and replenish its energy very quickly.”

Seeing that everyone was dejected, Peng He continued to cheer them on.

“Everyone, there’s no need to be so pessimistic. Actually, our operation just now caused the King Guard to waste half a day’s effort in absorbing energy. It can be considered a small success. Moreover, we have a better understanding of the King Guard, right?”

Fang Heng’s eyes narrowed as he caught onto the main point.

He could not help but ponder in his heart.

Was this thing the same thing as holy energy?

So what was the reason why he had the feeling that he could control this kind of energy?

Holy energy could be absorbed, but what about necromancy energy?

“I have another question.” Fang Heng continued to ask, “The King Guard can absorb necromancy energy, but what about us? Can we absorb that kind of energy?”

The players all looked at Fang Heng in puzzlement.

Fang Heng was so good at the holy skill, but he didn’t seem to know much about the basic knowledge of necromancy.

Was he really not a spy sent by the holy faction to infiltrate their Necromancer Association?

Fang Heng looked at the crowd curiously, wondering what was going on.

As a worker, Dong Jiachen coughed lightly to help his boss out of his predicament, “It’s not completely impossible to absorb. The troublesome part is that absorbing this necromancy energy that contains a large amount of resentment requires a prior transformation, and the transformation takes a lot of time.”

“Moreover, the undead aura has a strong corrosive nature, and long-term corrosion of the body will lead to many adverse reactions. Many necromancers’ poor health is related to this aspect. In short, absorbing this energy is not worth it.”

“The King Guard’s main body is an undead creature, so it will not suffer any backlash from absorbing this energy. Of course, its conversion rate is also not very good.”

Fang Heng did not have a thorough understanding of the basic logic of necromancy, but he knew the conclusion.

This thing could be absorbed.

Ordinary players were afraid that the aura of the undead would corrode their bodies and affect their bodies.

But he wasn’t afraid.

Fang Heng rubbed his chin and suddenly had an inspiration. He said thoughtfully, “Everyone, I have an idea.”

Everyone looked at Fang Heng.

Fang Heng gestured and said, “What if we can find a way to extract all the aura of death from the central region?”

The player was quite curious about Fang Heng’s imagination and looked at Fang Heng inquiringly.

Fang Heng continued to explain, “The King Guard is using the power of the death realm crevice to continuously strengthen itself, right? So in theory, the longer we drag this out, the more disadvantageous it will be for us.”

Everyone nodded their heads repeatedly.

This was also what the players were most worried about.

They couldn’t beat them in a fight, so dragging this on would be even worse.

It was just a slow death.

And it was precisely because of this that Instructor Pu Shi had been under a lot of pressure during this period of time.

Fang Heng pondered and continued, “So I think we should change the method. Instead of taking the initiative to attack, we should think of a way to extract the death aura from the hall and not let the King Guard absorb it. We can even go a step further and extract the death aura from the King Guard.”

Fang Heng silently added in his heart, “Mm, then I’ll try to see if I can absorb the death aura.”

When everyone heard Fang Heng’s whimsical thoughts, they all frowned.

It didn’t seem right.

However, the players couldn’t tell what exactly was wrong.

“Fang Heng, the accumulation of a large amount of death aura will result in negative consequences. For example, the revival of undead creatures, the mutation of the environment, the mutation of the undead’s life form, and so on.”

While they were discussing, Instructor Pu Shi opened his eyes and said, “Currently, the fallen corridor is in a state of disorder. The vengeful spirit bodies we encountered previously were also produced by the dispersal of a large amount of death aura.”

“Transferring the death aura out of the central area and accumulating it in the fallen corridor will also cause trouble.”

“However, the method you mentioned is indeed a palliative method. In a short period of time, it can have some effect, somewhat slowing down the rate at which the King Guard is enhanced…”

Hearing Pu Shi’s words, Fang Heng suddenly raised his eyebrows and had a thought.

He could not help but raise his head and say, “Teacher, what if we can put the necromancy energy body into the container?”

All the players looked at Fang Heng in unison.

After more than half an hour, the players followed Fang Heng back to the temporary camp and opened the door of a large container next to the temporary camp with Fang Heng.

As soon as they opened the door, they were greeted by a holy aura.

The necromancy players frowned.

They turned on their flashlights and looked inside the container carefully. Three huge stone pillars were quietly stacked at the door of the container.

There was no lack of players who knew what they were talking about. When they saw the sealing stone, they were shocked.

The sealing stone was a rare item, and a sealing stone this big was even rarer.