Chapter 819 - Cooperation

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Chapter 819: Cooperation

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Oh my god! Where did he get this?

Other than the three giant-sized sealing stones that were piled up in the warehouse, there were also many strange sculptures and paintings in the warehouse.

They were emitting Holy Light fluctuations.

Everyone couldn’t help but turn to look at Fang Heng.

They all had the same thought, “Why did you put so many holy items and sealing stones here in advance?”

The players looked at Fang Heng even more strangely.

In the past, players often joked that Fang Heng was a spy from the holy faction.

Now, the evidence was right in front of them.

Faced with everyone’s doubtful eyes, Fang Heng coughed lightly and said seriously, “Don’t look at me like that. In fact, I’m an artist.”

This reason wasn’t very convincing.

However, considering that Fang Heng had always been such a flamboyant person, the players actually felt that it was normal.

They felt that it was very normal for this kind of thing to happen to Fang Heng.

Pu Shi frowned and pondered in his heart.

With the sealing stone, it was indeed possible to store a large amount of death aura safely within it.

In this way… would the battle method change and they could try and compete with the King Guard for the aura of death?

There was a possibility.

Unknowingly, Fang Heng had found a strange path for everyone.

The players could not find an answer from Fang Heng’s face, so they all looked at Instructor Pu Shi, who had fallen into silence.

Pu Shi pondered for a moment, then nodded and said, “Mm, let’s move a sealing stone over first. We might as well give it a try.”

The players heard this and walked into the warehouse.

Soon, everyone stood around the sealing stone.

No one said anything. It was as if the players had an agreement and they all focused their gazes on Fang Heng.

“Huh? What’s wrong now?”

“Fang Heng, to be honest, how did you move such a heavy stone in?”

Until late at night, the players used the trolley to move a large sealing stone with great effort to the entrance of the sealed area in the middle of the fallen corridor.

Pu Shi looked at the inside of the fallen corridor again and nodded. “Okay, let’s begin.”

A few players held the Book of the Dead and carefully walked forward.

The sealed area in the center was filled with a thick aura of death.

The player didn’t need to get too close. They just stood outside the door of the sealed area in the center and raised their hands toward the sealed area.

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes.

Under the control of the Book of the Dead, the death aura was sucked out by the players from the inside of the fallen corridor. It was then infused into the huge sealing stone through the body which acts as an intermediate node.

The sealing stone also began to emit a faint dark light.

The remaining players nervously looked inside the room, on guard against the undead creature that could surge out of the sealed area at any time.

Fang Heng stood at the side, his eyes covered with a layer of red light.

The black aura was gradually being absorbed.

The density of the aura in the room began to gradually decrease.

However, the creature in the hall did not have any reaction.

There was no problem.

Five minutes passed, and everything was normal.

Seeing that the plan had succeeded, the player revealed happy expressions.

Being able to weaken the strength of the King Guard in the central hall without bloodshed was the best!

Fang Heng also tried to reach out his hand towards the central area, trying to guide the undead aura.

However, the aura did not react at all and did not follow his guidance at all.

He felt that the aura was resisting him.

Fang Heng lowered his head and looked at his hands.

The problem was with the sacred equipment on him.

In order to better fit the equipment, he had to switch to the sacred study state. In his current state, it was too difficult to obtain the undead aura.

Fang Heng shook his head and gave up on the idea of absorbing the undead aura himself.

With so many high-tier players helping him convert, it would not make a difference if he was excluded.

Thinking of this, Fang Heng turned his head to look at Li Qingran, who also had a happy expression on her face. “Is this the end of the day? The conversion of energy can’t be that fast, right?”

Li Qingran agreed with Fang Heng’s opinion.

The speed at which the players absorbed and converted the energy wasn’t very fast. There were still many people left behind to guard against possible dangers.

“Today, I’m just trying out the plan and gathering some relevant information. I think Instructor Pu Shi will carry out some optimizations after he returns.”

Federation, Wasteland Apocalypse, District 11, Southwest region.

During the weekly meetings, the Federation had recently received a lot of information and complaints about Ark Company.

The Federation was also a little confused when they realized that a new company that they had never heard of was expanding in the game at an extremely fast speed, and it had also caused some of the companies to report about them.

What was the background of this company?

After carefully looking through the information, they realized that this technology company called Ark Company was extremely powerful.

In just one week, they had already purchased five large-scale safe area shelters under Raptor Company.

“The above is the report about Ark Gaming Company.”

“Ark Company is not registered in the Federation’s database. We believe that it might be an imposter company.”

“In addition, from the information gathered from the outside world, Ark Company has some kind of ability to control mutated beasts.”

“We’ve received a report from a company claiming that Ark Company is related to the anti-federation forces, but there is currently no valid evidence to support this.”

The commander in charge of the Federation’s Southwest region, Alba, listened to his subordinate’s report and could not help but feel a little curious.

A player company that appeared out of nowhere?

Ark Company acted mysteriously and rarely interacted with players. They also possessed powerful abilities from unknown sources.

Based on this information, they did indeed look like anti-federation forces.

There was no other way. If too many people reported about the company, they could only go over and investigate.

Alba rubbed his slightly swollen temples.

These few days, he had been working hard on the main storyline mission. He really did not want to cause any more trouble.

His assistant suggested, “Commander, the higher-ups are still urging us to work together on the main storyline mission. Should we use this opportunity to propose a collaboration with Ark Company?”

He would go to the Ark Company to collaborate and find out more about them!

[Hint: Player’s level has been upgraded to Level 23. Player has obtained an additional 102 zombie clones. Player’s current number of zombie clones: 609.]

Magic arrays appeared under Fang Heng’s feet one after another.

The 102 new zombie clones stood behind Fang Heng.

After more than a week, Fang Heng had collected all the evolution crystals he needed to level up to Level 23 through purchasing and mining.

Another 100 zombie clones had been obtained!

His collection speed had increased significantly once again!

Fang Heng was in a good mood after returning to the game from outside the fallen corridor. He opened the character hint.

[Hint: Level up for the next phase requires Tier 1 fusion evolution crystal*1,000, Tier 2 fusion evolution crystal*3,000.]

The next phase of leveling up was not difficult. In order to level up, he would slowly farm monsters and hack for sometime.