Chapter 820 - The Primeval Forest

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Chapter 820: The Primeval Forest

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For the past week, Fang Heng had been relying on his zombie clones to hack into the game.

After the Tier 2 space tearing device was completed, the space passage was finally opened.

Every day, Fang Heng would not only pay a large number of contribution points to Raptor Company to repay the debt, but he would also send a large number of ore resources and artwork through the teleportation passage to District 8 of the Zombie Apocalypse.

He wanted to get the best deal out of the Wasteland World. Some of the resources included the Wasteland World’s specialty, the spatial crystal.

This kind of spatial crystal ore was extremely rare. After spending more than a week, he had only collected 34 units.

If he wanted to get the best out of it, he needed to think of ways to obtain more zombie clones, raise his character’s level faster and complete the cycle.

Fang Heng was planning his next level-up plan when Mo Jiawei pushed open the door and entered.

“Fang Heng, someone from the Federation has arrived. They’ve been waiting for you for quite some time. They specifically said that they’re looking for you, and from what I heard, they’re looking for us to work together.”

Could this be a trap?

Fang Heng raised an eyebrow and said, “Let’s go and meet them.”

Alba and his two assistants were waiting in the living room.

They rode the SUV all the way to the Ark Company’s headquarters. The three of them were extremely shocked.

The area surrounding the safe area had been cleaned up completely.

Even the mutated beasts could not be found!

It was even more apocalyptic than the apocalypse.

Previously, Alba had felt that the information about Ark Company’s development was exaggerated. Now, he felt that this description was already very subtle.

After entering the Ark Company, Alba realized that the company was even more mysterious. There were almost no players in the entire safe area.

After waiting in the lounge for more than 20 minutes, Alba finally saw the boss of the Ark Company.

A young man wearing a mask.

This mask seemed very familiar…

“Hello, I’m Alba, the direct commander of the federal region.”

Alba stood up and extended his hand in a friendly manner as he sized up the person in front of him.

“Hello, I’m Fang Shuo.”

Alba’s heart skipped a beat. He suddenly remembered the series of events that happened in District 9 of the Vampire Apocalypse a while ago.

That person was called Fang Shuo and he was also wearing a mask!

Thinking about it carefully, it was even more coincidental that there seemed to be rumors about a super-sized company from the high-tier game at that time…

Could it be the Ark Company?

Thinking about it carefully, even the timing matched!

The Ark Company had appeared two days after the end of the Vampire Apocalypse.

Alba’s expression changed several times.

At first, he didn’t think in this direction, but now that he thought about it, it seemed like everything matched!

“What’s wrong?” Fang Heng was puzzled. “You seem very nervous.”

Alba composed himself and said tentatively, “Nothing much. Some time ago, a person named Fang Shuo also appeared in the world of the vampires. He wore a mask just like you. I think it’s quite a coincidence.”

“Yeah, it’s quite a coincidence.”

Fang Heng hummed in agreement and asked, “I heard that you’re here to work with us?”

“Yes, that’s right. In fact, apart from Ark Company, our Federation has also invited many large player companies to cooperate with us.”

“We’re here with sincerity, so I won’t beat around the bush.”

Alba straightened his body as he spoke.

“Our Federation has always locked onto the progress of the main storyline mission of District 11 of the Wasteland Apocalypse. The current stage of the main storyline mission is very difficult, and there is also a time limit. We have already wasted a lot of time on the mission.”

“The mission may have the risk of failure, so this time, we are here to invite your company to participate. I have personally come over to show my sincerity.”

Main storyline mission?

Hearing this, Fang Heng’s interest was slightly greater.

The difficulty of the main storyline mission was mostly higher than normal missions.

This meant that the probability of finding a high-tier creature was higher!

In the past week, he had indeed purchased quite a number of low-tier evolution crystals, but there was no sign of high energy crystals.

He still had to think of a way to farm the crystals.

Fang Heng raised his head and asked, “What’s the specific information about the mission?”

“Well, in general, we have found that there is a scientific research team that is related to the Wasteland Apocalypse. Before the apocalypse broke out, they had already entered the primeval forest area to explore.”

“At this stage, we need to enter the interior of the primeval forest to explore and find traces of this team.”

Fang Heng rubbed his chin. He felt that Alba’s words were very vague. It was likely that he was hiding a lot of important information.

After all, it was related to the main storyline.

No one wanted outsiders to be involved.

Fang Heng continued to ask, “Is the primeval forest area very dangerous?”

“It’s very dangerous. There are a large number of mutated beasts in the primeval forest area. Moreover, the mutated beasts are generally of a higher level and are very difficult to deal with. In addition, the primeval forest area is extremely vast. It’s difficult to search for them, and the logistical reserves are also difficult to maintain. This greatly increases the difficulty of the search.”

“Are there high-tier creatures?”

“Yes, it has been confirmed that there are high-tier creatures of Level 5 and above in the primeval forest. It’s extremely dangerous.”

It was a good place to farm crystals.

Fang Heng pondered and asked, “What about the remuneration?”

“We can discuss the remuneration, but there’s one thing that our Federation will not give in to. This is because it involves the main storyline mission. All the mission items obtained during the mission must be handed over to our Federation for processing. In return, we will give you some compensation in terms of remuneration.”

“Of course.” Fang Heng was not interested in the main storyline itself. He nodded and said, “This is not a problem.”

Hearing Fang Heng agree to it, Alba heaved a sigh of relief.

The Federation was determined to obtain the main storyline mission of the Wasteland World. For this, they were willing to spend some money.

“However, I also have a suggestion.”

Alba looked at Fang Heng. “Please speak.”

“I really need the high energy evolution crystal right now. I’ll settle the payment with the high energy evolution crystal. What do you think?”

Alba lowered his head and thought for a moment.

High energy evolution crystal was rare.

Many high-tier research materials would use it.

In recent years, the Federation had killed many high-tier life forms. They had some stock, but not many.

If the Ark Company could really help them complete the main storyline mission, the high energy evolution crystal could also be used as a trading item.

“Alright, I will communicate with the higher-ups. If your company performs well in the mission, the Federation is willing to provide additional rewards.”

Alba nodded and agreed. He then probed, “Oh right, I heard that your company also has a method to control the mutated beasts?”

“Hahaha, yes, but there is still a difference as compared to the Federation.”

Fang Heng laughed and brought the topic back to the mission itself. “When do we gather to start the mission?”