Chapter 822 - Plot

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Mo Jiawei had a warm and hospitable look on his face. “Then let’s form a team and take care of each other along the way.”

Fang Heng followed Alba to the logistics office to collect the materials provided by the Federation. Then, he led the three accompanying Lickers directly into the primeval forest region.

As they walked along the small path leading to the exit, Alba looked at Fang Heng and then turned back to look at Mo Jiawei, feeling a little guilty.

“Just the three of us? Where’s the rest of the team?”

The other gaming companies and large guilds all had teams of dozens or hundreds of people. Ark Company’s name was quite big. Why were there only two people?

“Including you, there are now three people. Three heroes combating versus Lu Bu. Let’s go.”

The three Lickers led the way. Fang Heng followed the map and entered the inner area of the primeval forest.

He had a feeling that the mission this time would not be so smooth.

“Rustle, Rustle, Rustle…”

Gradually entering the primeval forest and after passing through an initial section of the safe area, a soft sound came from both sides of the bushes.

“Be careful, both of you!”

Alba reminded softly, “From the sound, it sounds like a mutated wild wolf. Its strength is around Level 2 to Level 3. They often appear in groups.”

Just as he finished speaking, several grayish-brown mutated beasts walked out from the bushes in front.

Level 3 mutated beast.

It was a mutated beast of a wild wolf creature. There was a disgusting sarcoma growing on its neck. Its eyes were flashing with yellow light, and it looked fierce.

More mutated wild wolf creatures came out from the bushes and surrounded the team.

The Lickers rushed forward as soon as Fang Heng gave the order!

Alba raised his beam weapon and carefully hid beside Fang Heng to observe.

It was a special reptilian mutated beast controlled by Ark Company.

He had already taken some photos and asked the logistics department to check, but he didn’t get any information for now.

It was difficult to determine what kind of creature it was just from its appearance, but it did look a little like a human.

In the information, Weixing Technology’s description of the combat strength of the mutated beasts that Ark Company could control was very exaggerated.

Alba narrowed his eyes.

Indeed, what he said was true.

The combat strength of the mutated beasts of Ark Company was very high!

Even though they were surrounded by five or six mutated wolves simultaneously, they were still not at a disadvantage!

Alba suddenly frowned and realized the danger. He raised his energy beam gun and fired at the bushes nearby. “Be careful.”

A few more mutated beasts suddenly appeared from the bushes on the left and right, charging straight at Fang Heng.

Fang Heng flipped his wrist, and the demon hunter broadsword appeared in his hand.

He easily dodged to the right to avoid the attack of the mutated beasts, and the demon hunter broadsword slashed forward.

The broadsword easily slashed the neck of the mutated beast, leaving a bloody mark.

The mutated beast fell to the ground without any sound.

Fang Heng’s powerful attribute had already caused a crushing effect. A low-tier mutated beast was not a problem at all.

Alba’s eyelids twitched, and he was shocked.

A player with close-combat attributes?

In the game, the number of players who fought in close combat was very small.

Because the early stages of the game world were too dangerous, the death rate was too high. If one was not careful and the protective suit was broken, they would face the risk of death.

It was far from being as comfortable and relaxed as a long-range player.

The blood of their companion aroused the ferocity of the mutated beasts, and more and more of them surrounded Fang Heng.

More sounds came from all around.

Alba’s heart sank. He had rich combat experience in the Wasteland World. Based on his experience, he could feel that a large number of creatures were rapidly approaching!

His luck today was not good.

The mutated beasts of the Ark Company were very good at fighting, but it was difficult for them to fight against four hands.

Alba took two steps back and reached out his hand to press on the signal flare on his waist.

The signal flare developed by Raptor Company had the effect of sending out signals and driving out a small number of mutated beasts at the same time.

Of course, this thing was not very reliable. Sometimes, it could not chase away the mutated beasts but ended up attracting more mutated beasts over.

“Fang Shuo, judging from the sound, there are a lot of mutated beasts. We have to think of a way to leave first.”

“Don’t panic. They are not enemies.”

Alba looked at Fang Heng in surprise.

How could they be teammates?!

In the next moment, several blood-red figures dashed out from the surrounding bushes!

They pounced on the mutated wolves.

Alba was stunned and his pupils constricted.

More and more Lickers rushed out from the surrounding bushes, instantly surrounding the wolves in the center!

The mutated wolves in the center sensed the threat and growled menacingly.

Alba looked at the large group of Lickers in astonishment.

They were all mutated creatures controlled by Ark Company?!

There were at least a hundred of them!

The group of Lickers that broke into the forest instantly surrounded the mutated wolves in the middle.

Ark Company’s control over the mutated beasts had reached such a level?

Alba looked at Fang Heng with a Hint of fear in his eyes.

Fang Heng waved his hand.

The Lickers received the order and immediately pounced forward!

The modified Lickers had inherited part of Fang Heng’s attributes, so they could completely crush the Level 3 mutated wolves. As they had the advantage in numbers, the Lickers almost instantly slaughtered over 20 mutated wolves.

The heavy smell of blood was left on the spot.

After the battle, Fang Heng waved his hand at the specks on the ground.

[Hint: You have obtained complete evolution crystals*5, Tier 1 evolution crystal*1.]

Fang Heng curled his lips.

After finishing the massacre, the Lickers quickly scattered into the surrounding bushes. Under Fang Heng’s orders, they were on guard around the team, while also killing the ignorant mutated beasts around them.

Alba was even more astonished. His evaluation of Ark Company had once again risen to an extremely dangerous level.

Mo Jiawei patted Alba on the shoulder and said, “Oh right, Brother, the primeval forest is so big. How are we going to find it? Do you have any suggestions?”

There was a time limit for players wearing protective suits, so most players could not stay in the primeval forest for too long. If they wanted to explore the primeval forest, most of them would use the resting area in the forest to rest and reorganize.

“I heard that Dodd’s team entered the primeval forest to carry out academic research, and then they disappeared.”

Alba came back to his senses, then he nodded and said, “The information that our Federation has is actually not much. We don’t know exactly which part of the forest Dodd went to, so we can only try our luck to find him. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we wasted a lot of time.”

Mo Jiawei was speechless. “So… There’s really no hint at all?”

Alba shook his head and smiled bitterly.

The difficulty level of the main storyline mission at this stage was extremely high.

Originally, every stage of the main storyline mission was very complicated. It was possible for some stages to take one to two years.