Chapter 823 - Clues

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As Fang Heng spoke, he took out the map of the primeval forest region that he had just obtained.

When Alba saw the map, he continued, “This is our current map. It’s based on the information our Federation and the various large guilds have gathered. It’s updated once a day. There’s still a large portion of the region that has yet to be explored.”

“Hmm, take a look at these purple areas.”

Hearing this, Alba leaned over to take a look. He said in a deep voice, “Mhmm, most of these areas that have been marked by purple are extremely dangerous areas discovered by the Federation. Previously, when we were exploring, we confirmed that there were extremely dangerous high-tier mutated forms or large numbers of mutated forms living in groups, or that they were restricted by special terrain.”

“The marking was done to alert them. Furthermore, because there are many companies exploring at the same time, the map cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate…”

Fang Heng said, “In other words, these areas have not been explored in detail.”

Alba opened his mouth and nodded.

“Yes, indeed. We don’t have enough manpower, and we also don’t have the ability to clear out so many dangerous areas one by one. However, in general, we have scouted them…”

Fang Heng interrupted, “So in theory, there might be some key information that was missed in those areas. I don’t think there’s a need for us to continue searching in the primeval forest. We’ll start from these dangerous areas to investigate.”

“The key to solving a puzzle is often hidden in places that are easy to overlook.”

Mo Jiawei understood and gave Fang Heng a knowing look.

He was just bluffing.

They had never thought of the main storyline from the start. They were only here to grind crystals, so of course, they had to target the danger zones.

“Moreover, it’s very risky to keep the mutated forms in the danger zone. Subsequent teams who enter the area will be easily attacked by these mutated forms, so it’s best to get rid of them.”

Mo Jiawei also assisted from the side. He looked at Alba and said, “I remember that the cooperation agreement said that this type of mission difficulty is very high. The Federation has an extra bonus point subsidy, right?”

Alba was confused by what he heard and nodded his head.

There was such a clause in the cooperation agreement.

However, he was still a little confused.

It sounded logical, however, he felt that something was strange.

Other players wouldn’t even have time to run away when they see a dangerous area, why would their Ark Company want to enter the danger zone?

Three hours later in the primeval forest, all of a sudden, there was a “Boom!!!” sound.

A mutated human-faced ancient tree collapsed in front of Fang Heng.

It was a plant-shaped mutated form.

The mutated ancient tree was able to use its ability to bind its opponent and coordinate with a large number of mutated trees nearby to cause damage to the enemy.

Alba remembered very clearly that the player party that encountered the ancient tree before was attacked by the vine entanglement buried underground. They quickly retreated after sacrificing a small party.

They really couldn’t win.

Under the attack of a large number of Lickers, the ancient tree was completely torn apart in less than five minutes.

[Hint: Your zombie clone killed a Tier 5 mutant elite mutant-the mutated human-faced giant tree. You received 203 survival points. You received high energy evolution crystal*1.]

After circling around three purple danger zones, they finally encountered a Tier 5 mutated creature.

It was relatively easy to deal with.

Fang Heng waved his hand and sucked the high energy evolution crystal that the mutated creature had dropped into his hand.

The efficiency was decent.

He estimated that he would be able to complete the next level-up of the space tearing device after staying here for two days.

Alba stood at the side and looked at Fang Heng with eager eyes.

The ability of the Ark Company’s team was really beyond his expectations.

Alba suddenly noticed something.

Beside the fallen tree, there were a lot of tool remains scattered around.

He hurriedly walked over to check.

Alba’s heart skipped a beat, and a look of joy appeared on his face. He raised his head and waved at Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei. “I found something! Come and take a look!”

Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei looked at each other, thinking that they actually found something just like that?

“I found the equipment toolbox of the researcher of Dodd’s team!”

Beside the fallen tree, Alba was examining a toolbox that had been corroded on the outside. “I’ve compared it. The symbol on it is the mark of Dodd’s team…”

As he spoke, Alba opened the toolbox.

He immediately threw all the items in the toolbox on the ground and took out a portable notebook.

[Hint: Player’s party has obtained an item-researcher Dodd’s notebook.]

[Hint: You are unable to trigger the main storyline mission and obtain the main storyline contribution points. You have obtained 5 King of Gods’ points as compensation.]

Mo Jiawei also received the suggestion. He nodded at Alba. “Brother, remember to calculate the contribution points.”

He did not expect things to really progress so smoothly!

The Federation had been searching around the primeval forest for several months without any clues. The Ark Company had only been here for half a day and they were already extremely lucky to find clues related to the disappearance of Dodd’s team!

Their luck was too good!

Alba lowered his head and quickly flipped through the notebook.

Fang Heng and Alba also went over to observe.

Alba frowned and said, “There is some information recorded in the notebook. It is related to Dodd’s team that we are looking for. They entered the primeval forest on a mission and are conducting research on the Glory Club. There are a few coordinates recorded on it.”

“Eh? This coordinate point has been circled.” Alba flipped through it again and carefully looked at it. He frowned and said, “There are also a few strange symbols on it. I don’t know what they are used for.”

“Where are the coordinates?”

Fang Heng opened the map and compared the coordinates with the coordinates on the notebook.

“Right! This is the coordinates!”

There was a hint about the mission!

The four coordinates were most likely related to the disappearance of Dodd’s team!

“Let’s go over and take a look?”

Looking at the map, the coordinates were in the deeper parts of the dense forest. It would still take some time to get there.

Without waiting for Fang Heng and Alba’s response, Alba immediately sent a message through survival radio. He gathered the nearby federal team and guild team to gather at the coordinates. He wanted to see if there was any information left behind by Dodd’s team in the coordinate point area.

“Alba, don’t get too excited. Calm down. We shouldn’t be too anxious. The mission is still more than two months away.”

Fang Heng reached out and placed his hand on Alba’s shoulder.

Alba was stunned. He looked at Fang Heng in confusion. “Huh?”

“In order for the follow-up team to rush over and conduct a detailed investigation, I think it’s better for us to clear out the dangerous areas around us.”

Alba pondered for a moment and became even more confused.

What was he trying to say?

“So, we should still follow the steps. First, we should follow the plan and clear out the dangerous areas nearby so that we can make preparations for the future.”

Mo Jiawei nodded. “Yes, yes, yes. This is the so-called plan before action. Ark Company has relied on stability to survive until now for so many years.”