Chapter 824 - Temple

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Alba was stunned again.

To be honest, this seemed logical.

But under such circumstances, normal people would choose to fight for the main storyline mission and earn a lot of rewards, right?!

He felt that Fang Heng’s way of doing things was abnormally steady.

Was this the survival rule of advanced game players?

Yes, he could not be blinded by the illusion in front of him.

The temptation was great, but he could not blindly ignore the risk in front of him.

Alba felt that he still had a lot to learn.

In a swampy area deep in the primeval forest, a giant-sized mutated crocodile that was more than 20 meters long died under the nibbling of the Lickers.

[Hint: Your zombie clone (Licker) has killed a Tier 5 mutated elite form-crocodile. You have obtained 770 survival points. You have obtained high energy evolution crystal*1.]

Fang Heng opened his hand towards the corpse of the mutated crocodile.

The high energy evolution crystal flew into his hand and fused into the imprint on the back of his hand.

Very good, he had obtained another high energy evolution crystal.

“Brother!! Come and take a look!! I found something!!!”

Fang Heng heard Alba’s shout again. He opened his mouth and turned his head to look at Mo Jiawei beside him.

How could this happen? Did his lucky halo work again?

Fang Heng turned his head to look at Mo Jiawei. Mo Jiawei also looked at Fang Heng innocently and shook his head at him.

He was hinting to him not to believe in metaphysics, it was really unreliable.

After clearing the mutated giant crocodile in the mutated poison swamp, Alba found a large corroded toolbox from the giant-sized mutated crocodile’s stomach.

“Dodd’s team’s research box!”

He turned to look at Fang Heng and waved his hand to call the two of them over.

He felt as if everything was part of Fang Heng’s plan!

This operation was too f*cking smooth!

A player from a high realm was really different!

If it was an ordinary person, he would have rushed to complete the mission and miss out on the clues that existed.

Alba excitedly used his tools to open the toolbox and found a work notebook that was mostly corroded.

He quickly flipped through it.

Similarly, there were bits and pieces of information recorded in the notebook. There was a circled coordinate point and a few different arrangements of symbols.

[Hint: Player’s party has obtained an item-researcher Dodd’s work notebook.]

[Hint: You cannot trigger the main storyline mission and obtain the main storyline contribution points. You have obtained 5 King of Gods’ points as compensation.]

Fang Heng waited quietly at the side until Alba put down the notebook and asked, “What does it say?”

Alba directly handed over the notebook and said, “Yes, there is a circled coordinate on it. It has the same coordinate as the previous notebook.”

Fang Heng observed the contents of the notebook and said, “What do those symbols mean?”

Alba replied as he sent the newly found information to the Federation headquarters, “Yes, I’m curious too. Moreover, these symbols are not quite the same as the ones in the other notebook.”

“Ah, right, the information recorded mentioned archaeological ruins. I wonder if it’s related.”

Archaeological ruins?

From the information he had gathered previously, the main storyline mission was related to the story behind the exploration of the world and its origins.

Wasteland Apocalypse’s game background was a world contaminated by unknown mutated radiation. How did it suddenly become related to the archaeological ruins?

As it was the second half of the main storyline mission, Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei were both baffled, indicating that they did not understand at all.

Along the way, Alba’s suspicions towards Fang Heng had lessened.

He felt that Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei did not seem to be members of the anti-federal organization.

He then roughly revealed more of the main intelligence information that the Federation had obtained to the two of them.

“Yes, we’ve investigated an ancient organization, a mysterious organization called the Glory Club. We believe that they are related to the changes that have occurred in the world. When Professor Eddington was researching the Glory Club, he discovered that a friend of his had come to ask him about the Glory Club a long time ago.”

“Yes, that person was Dodd.”

“At that time, Professor Eddington thought that the Glory Club was a joke and ignored it. He only remembered about it recently.”

“Later, we started to investigate Dodd. We found that Dodd entered the primeval forest to conduct a scientific investigation. After that, he never appeared again and disappeared completely.”

Fang Heng listened to the background story and pondered in his heart.

There were too few clues and he was still unable to sort his thoughts.

However, it wasn’t important.

He had already gathered two high energy evolution crystals. Since they have important information about the main storyline mission information, he could continue to collect some more high energy evolution crystals from the Federation.

In theory, he could go home and level up the teleportation passage.

However, since he was already here, he would continue to take a look and gather more.

High energy evolution crystals might still be useful in the future, so he could get more of them.

After Alba finished explaining to Fang Heng, he lowered his head and looked at the survival radio’s message, revealing a surprised expression.

Mo Jiawei curled his lips and asked, “What now?”

“The two of you, I just shared the coordinates with a nearby player team. A federal team and three player guilds arrived at the coordinates to investigate. When they searched the area, they found a strange temple. It might be related.”

Mo Jiawei suddenly came to a realization. “It’s related to the temple in the notebook? Could it be a temple built by the Glory Club?”

Alba nodded. “Yes, Professor Eddington has seen the photos. He thinks it’s very similar.”

“Alright.” Seeing that the few designated danger zones in the vicinity had been mostly cleared, Fang Heng shrugged. “It’s about time. Let’s go over to the temple and take a look.”

Following the map, Fang Heng and the rest returned to the safe route set by the Federation. They followed the map all the way to the designated coordinates.

As dusk approached, the sun gradually set in the west.

From afar, Fang Heng noticed that there was a small piece of empty land in the forest ahead.

There was a building built from stone on the empty land. It was not big and could hardly be called a temple.

Alba compared the notebook in his hand and nodded. “Yeah, it should be it.”

Outside the temple, a few player teams had already received news through the Federation and were building a temporary camp next to the temple.

Seeing Alba bring Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei over, Sheng Hui brought the Federation team and a few player team captains over.

Sheng Hui was the Federation’s commander in chief in charge of this main storyline mission. The moment he received the relevant information regarding the main storyline mission, he immediately formed a team of Federation elites and rushed over.

Sheng Hui nodded at Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei, then looked at Alba and said, “I’ve only arrived a few minutes earlier than you two. Alba, I heard that you guys found the notebook?”

A skinny old man with glasses beside Sheng Hui asked first, “Didn’t the higher-ups say anything else? Can I have a look?”