Chapter 825 - Underground Cave

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Chapter 825: Underground Cave

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“Professor Eddington, you’re here too.” Alba handed over the notebook he had collected and nodded, “There’s not much about the temple in the notebook. We just suspect that Professor Dodd might have come to the primeval forest for this temple.”

As a few of them were talking, a medium-sized player team of about 50 players returned from outside.

A middle-aged player walked up.

Zhuo Jinze nodded to them. “I’ve just checked. This ruins area is very strange. The mutated creatures outside have a fear or respect for this place. Under normal circumstances, they won’t approach this place.”

“There’s something strange here…”

While they were discussing, Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei walked to the small temple to check.

“Fang Heng, look at this.”

Fang Heng squatted down and followed Mo Jiawei’s finger to check.

Strange symbols were carved on the stone slab at the entrance of the temple.

Because it had been too long, the stone slab had been covered in a layer of dust, so it was hard to see clearly.

Fang Heng blew on the stone slab and reached out to touch it, trying to clean up the dust.

The moment his finger touched the slate, a game hint appeared in Fang Heng’s vision.

[Hint: You have discovered a part of the mysterious rune.]

[Hint: Through the occult skill, you have received a part of the hint-god descendant, fall, sunset, reboot.]

It was hard to figure out.

Fang Heng tried to push the loose stone slab.

The stone slab seemed to be able to move.

On a closer look, each stone slab had a rune or hieroglyph on it. Some looked like a small person, and some looked like a symbol of the sun.

“Did you see a similar rune on the notebook I found just now?”

Mo Jiawei’s eyes lit up. He took out the photos and compared them. “Yes, you’re right.”

Obviously, the rune arrangement on the notebook was a hint. Half by guessing and the other half by thinking.

The two tried to reach out their hands and started to move the lines on the stone slab.

After a while, they heard a click.

The two looked at each other.

Alba and the others were discussing the situation around the temple in the open space not far away when they suddenly heard the sound of mechanical gears. Then, they realized that there was a slight tremor under their feet.

They looked back and saw that the stone floor in front of the temple had shifted to both sides, revealing an entrance leading to the lower part of the temple.

The players were a little confused. They couldn’t help but look back at Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei who were standing at the entrance.

Fang Heng also didn’t expect that he could solve the mystery without even understanding the question.

He turned his head to look at Mo Jiawei.

This guy’s lucky halo was definitely activated!

The notebook they found before was obviously not complete, but they only arranged it according to the order of the characters, and then used the enumeration method to randomly try a few times. Did they succeed just by trial and error?

Seeing everyone’s gazes, Fang Heng spread his hands and explained, “There’s a mechanism on the stone slab, and it has something to do with the rune marks on the notebook.”

Everyone still had strange looks on their faces.

Fang Heng coughed lightly. “A simple game decryption.”

The thin old man, Professor Edgington, suddenly came to a realization and shouted in shock.

“The rune on it is the language of the predecessor tribe of the Glory Club. They built the temple to protect the caves of the ruins below. Dodd and the others must have found the ruins, so they chose to come here to study it!”

Fang Heng looked at the old man in confusion.

Alba whispered, “He is Professor Eddington, the key figure of the main storyline mission.”

Seeing that there was a big breakthrough in the main storyline mission, Commander Sheng Hui was excited. He waved his hand and said, “Okay, everyone, let’s get ready. We’ll go in and take a look in ten minutes!”

Alba patted Fang Heng on the shoulder to express his admiration. He felt that Fang Heng was really amazing!

The Federation had not made any progress in this main storyline mission for several months. However, ever since Fang Heng came here, the progress of the main storyline mission had been terrifyingly smooth!

The attention of the players once again returned to the original stone cave below. They began to gather the team to prepare battle materials, change their protective suits, and make a head count of the team members as they prepared to enter the area below for exploration.

Soon, about 15 minutes later, led by the federal team, a team of about 100 people entered the underground cave to explore.

After entering the passage, everyone realized that there was an extremely large primitive cave below the temple.

They couldn’t see the end of it, and the area ahead was shrouded in darkness.

Everyone had a strange feeling in their hearts. They held guns and used their flashlights to light up their surroundings, wary of any possible threats.

A player from the Federation suddenly felt that he had tripped on something and shouted.

Immediately after, a huge strength pulled him to the ground!

The player was pulled by a huge force and was instantly dragged.

When everyone heard the shout, they immediately moved their flashlights and muzzle toward the darkness.

In the darkness, a black tentacle-like vine firmly trapped the player’s ankle, dragging it further into the darkness.

Everyone immediately aimed at the dark shadow and pulled the trigger.

As if frightened, the black vine-like object let go of the player’s ankle and quickly retreated into the darkness.

The player who was attacked quickly got up and stumbled back into the team.

His back was soaked in sweat, and his ankle was swollen.

The player looked at the game log and sighed.

Fortunately, he was wearing an advanced protective suit, so there was no damage.

“Crack… sizzle sizzle…”

In the darkness, the strange sounds of friction rose and fell.

The players were scared. They kept shining their flashlights in all directions, keeping an eye on the monster with tentacles that might extend to their feet.

Zhuo Jinze was the president of the Creator Game Guild. He led a team of more than forty people into the cave to investigate. He was also the first one to bring people to the temple to check.

He looked around vigilantly and asked, “What was that just now?”

Fang Heng replied, “I’m not sure, but they seem to be afraid of the light.”

The night vision ability provided by the vampire bloodline allowed Fang Heng to clearly see his surroundings.

The thing that attacked them was a black life form that looked like a vine tentacle. It looked very soft.

They hid in the crevices of the rocks.

They were good at sneak attacks and were very sensitive to light sources. Once they were hit by the light, they would immediately curl up into the crevices of the rocks.

Alba trusted Fang Heng very much. When he heard this, he immediately lit up a burning rod.

The burning rod provided light and dispelled the surrounding darkness.

The black vines completely curled into the depths of the crevice in the stone wall.