Chapter 826 - The Pursuit

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Chapter 826: The Pursuit

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With the light, the fear in everyone’s hearts was slightly dispelled.

The strange hissing sounds around them also lessened.

Sheng Hui assessed the danger and mission difficulty of this cave in his heart.

“Everyone, let’s go in and investigate again. Be careful and don’t go too deep. Follow-up support is already on the way. If you encounter any danger, immediately evacuate and wait for assistance.”

Everyone listened to the team’s command and moved closer to each other.

Using the light provided by the burning rod, the player’s team slowly moved forward.

As they slowly moved deeper, the cave area in front of them did not shrink. Instead, it became more and more empty.

Fang Heng’s eyes narrowed.

He saw a black life form rapidly approaching them from afar.

When the player players heard the warning, they all stopped in their tracks and raised their guns.

A dense sound came from ahead.

Following that, a group of black reptilian humanoid mutated creatures rushed out from the depths of the cave!

Humanoid mutated creature!

The mutated creature’s skin had a special mutation and seemed as it was covered with a layer of black rock.

They looked a little similar to Lickers. They relied on their four limbs to crawl on the ground, but they were relatively short, with a protruding horn on their forehead.

The reptilian mutated forms dashed out of the darkness and directly pounced on the player team.

“Attack! Don’t let them get close!”

Sheng Hui frowned and immediately gave the order.

The player raised their guns and wildly fired at the mutated creatures in front of them.

“Bang! Bang Bang Bang!!!!!”

Dense bullets poured out from the muzzle of the gun.

Against this kind of visible creature, the fear in the hearts of the players was greatly reduced. Their combat ability had obviously increased greatly, and they relied on the powerful firepower provided by their guns to continuously attack from afar.

Fang Heng also raised his sniper rifle.

The special sniper bullet hit the mutated creature, causing it to directly explode!

[Hint: Player has killed a Tier 2 special mutated creature-crypt unicorn. Player has obtained complete evolution crystal*1.]

No suspense, one shot at a time.

Large numbers of black humanoid mutated creatures fell.

The players’ attacks seemed to have angered the mutated creatures instead.

More and more crypt unicorns surged out from the darkness.

There were actually so many of them?

It seemed to be endless!

Through the vampire bloodline, Fang Heng could see more clearly.

The cave ahead was even wider, but there was an endless stream of mutated creatures climbing out of the depths of the cave!

There were about a thousand of them, and they were still climbing out of the pits!

Fang Heng was immediately delighted to see his prey and a smile appeared on his face.

This wave looked pretty good. They were all Tier 2 mutated beasts. It wasn’t difficult for Lickers to kill them.

The key was the quantity!

There were also a lot of evolution crystals that could be earned!

It was just that he didn’t know if the quality of these mutated beasts would continue to improve.

“Fang Heng, look over there.”

Fang Heng raised an eyebrow and turned to look at Mo Jiawei beside him.

Mo Jiawei patted Fang Heng’s shoulder and pointed at the rock wall on the right not far away from the player team. He said in a low voice, “Is there something over there?”

Through the vampire bloodline’s night vision ability, Fang Heng looked in the direction that Mo Jiawei was pointing at.

On the wall not far away, an alloy metal ladder was placed on the rock wall.

The ladder was obviously man-made and could be climbed up along the ladder.

The top was connected to the platform entrance above.

Fang Heng shouted, “It’s the entrance! There’s a ladder over there.”

Found something again?

Hearing this, Alba quivered and looked in the direction Fang Heng indicated.

It was too dark to see clearly.

“Alba, incendiary bomb!”

Hearing this, Alba immediately lit another incendiary bomb and threw it in the right direction.

There was a burst o flight and the players immediately noticed the ladder erected on the right side of the cliff.

“It was left behind by Professor Dodd’s team!”

Professor Eddington’s eyes lit up as he followed them into the cave. he shouted, “It must be the ladder left behind by Dodd’s research team. I recognize that color. There must be a mark of Dodd’s research team on it!”

Sheng Hui commanded the team to resist the incoming mutated creatures and quickly set up a mission. “Team 1, follow me. Zhuo Jinze, Alba, you guys take the rest of the team and stay here to defend!”

Alba shouted at Sheng Hui and commanded the remaining players to attack the constantly emerging mutated creatures from the darkness.

Meanwhile, Sheng Hui led the rest of the team to escort Professor Eddington toward the ladder.

Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei had already come to the bottom of the ladder to receive him.

Professor Eddington looked excited as he approached the ladder.

“Yes, it’s this ladder. Look, the mark on it belongs to Dodd’s research team! They must have been here before! This is the message they left us!”

Sheng Hui nodded at the two elite players on the team.

The two quickly climbed up the ladder.

Soon, a player’s shout came from above, “Report, there’s a platform and an entrance. Confirm that it’s safe.”

“Let’s go, we’ll follow.”

After confirming that the platform above was safe, Fang Heng followed the team up the ladder.

The group of 12 people arrived at the platform.

In front of them was a smaller cave entrance.

It was pitch-black at first glance.

With the help of the vampire bloodline’s night vision ability, Fang Heng looked into the depths of the cave.

There was a special orange-yellow mucus on the wall of the passage opening.

Was it left behind by some special life form?

As he was thinking, Sheng Hui threw a burning rod into the cave.

The dazzling light illuminated the entire rock wall.

“Hmm? There’s something on the rock wall…”

Professor Eddington also realized that there was a strange liquid on the wall.

He carefully walked into the passage and took out tweezers and bottles from his backpack. He approached and took out tweezers to take samples.

Suddenly, the black tentacles that had previously appeared in the crack of the rock rushed out and grabbed Eddington.

A hand pressed on Eddington’s shoulder and pulled him back abruptly.

A blade light flashed.

Fang Heng swung the beheading broadsword in his hand and cut off the entire tentacle!

The black liquid flowed out of the broken tentacle, and the remaining tentacles quickly shrank back into the crack.

“Phew… looks like these things are a little dangerous.”

Eddington was shocked. He still had lingering fear in his heart. He looked at Fang Heng and thanked him. “Thank you, Little Brother.”

As he spoke, he took out another sampling bottle and carefully used a pair of tweezers to clamp half of the mutated form’s tentacles and put it into the bottle.

“A new type of mutated form that I’ve never seen before. It’s very valuable for research…”

[Hint: Your favorability rating with Professor Eddington has increased.]

“Oh right, Little Brother, you don’t seem to be afraid of these things. Can you help me get a sample…”

Eddington had not finished speaking when two violent explosions came from not far below.