Chapter 827 - Cliff

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The sounds of gunshots below became chaotic and even the sound of explosions could be heard.

“There’s a mutated form coming up!”

The two elite players guarding the entrance to the cave shouted a warning while shooting down at the same time.

It was unknown when it began, but a large number of crawling mutated creatures had already climbed up the surrounding rock walls and were attacking the cave that Fang Heng was in.

“Captain! There are too many of them!”

Seeing that the situation was not looking good, two players yelled as they retreated towards the cave entrance at the back.

Within a short span of time, the player team had completely retreated into the cave entrance at the back.

The endless stream of crawling mutated forms from the outside world had practically surrounded the entire cave entrance!

Alba’s team, who had originally led the player team to guard the cave entrance, was also having a difficult time.

“Let’s go! There are too many enemies! Let’s leave this place first!”

Seeing that the number of reptilian mutated forms was increasing, the party’s damage output could no longer keep up and they were being surrounded. Seeing this, Alba immediately called the players to retreat.

When they retreated to the exit, the petrified mutated forms gradually retreated.

Fortunately, the mutated forms had probably gotten used to the cave’s environment and did not continue to chase after them.

After escaping, the players gasped for breath and sat on the ground one after another.

Alba panted heavily and looked around blankly.

Where’s Professor Eddington?

The situation was critical just now. He had already sent an emergency retreat signal to the higher-ups.

The other party didn’t receive it?

The situation was critical just now. During the retreat, he had no time to pay attention to the situation of Sheng Hui’s team.

Judging from the situation, Sheng Hui’s team was still trapped in the cave.

“Hurry Up! Contact Commander Sheng Hui!”

In the cave, Fang Heng and his team hid in the passage to take a break.

In the beginning, a large number of mutated forms poured into the passage and attacked them.

Helpless, Fang Heng controlled the Lickers to block the intersection and limit the number of mutated forms that could invade. The team retreated while fighting back.

Unexpectedly, the deeper they went into the cave, the fewer mutated creatures that dared to chase them.

Mo Jiawei was puzzled and said, “Strange, why aren’t they chasing us?”

Professor Eddington fiddled with the mucus bottle that he had asked Fang Heng to get and said, “I think the problem lies in this mucus.”

Everyone was curious and turned to look at Eddington. “Mucus?”

“Yes. After a mutated creature has mutated, it still has some instincts, such as danger perception towards higher-tier creatures in the food chain.” Eddington tried to analyze it. “I think these are very likely secretions from higher-tier creatures in the food chain. They are afraid, so they don’t dare to approach.”

Mo Jiawei carefully swallowed his saliva upon hearing that. He carefully looked at the bottomless hole in front of him. “Does it mean that the further we go, the more dangerous it is? Are we sheep in the tiger’s mouth?”

“No, I found traces of artificial synthesis in this mucus. It’s combined with the characteristic aura of a high-tier creature. I think it’s very likely that Dodd developed it to disperse those mutated forms.”

Professor Eddington’s eyes lit up as he spoke. “Based on this, we must have found the right place. Dodd’s research team should be inside!”

Sheng Hui briefly communicated with the outside world through the survival radio. He turned around and looked at the crowd, “A large number of mutated forms appeared just now. The team couldn’t hold on any longer. Alba and Zhuo Jinze’s team have already returned to the ground.”

Everyone’s hearts sank. They subconsciously turned around and looked back.

They had been chased all the way just now, and now they were stuck in the passage.

“Since we’re already here, the danger level of staying here is the same. I suggest we continue forward and see what’s ahead.”

Fang Heng shrugged as he spoke, and continued to walk toward the interior of the cave.

There were two possibilities.

The first possibility was that the mission location was ahead and after helping the Federation find the mission target, he would earn a large sum of crystals from the Federation to get huge profits!

The second possibility was that they would be unlucky, Eddington’s judgment was wrong and they would encounter a high-tier mutated beast.

When the time came, they would take action themselves and kill the mutated beast to get the crystals.

No matter how they looked at it, they would not lose anything!

Everyone looked at each other and nodded. They followed Fang Heng and carefully explored the area.

Everyone followed the passage of the cave and walked in circles for nearly ten minutes.

An exit appeared in front of them and it was still a cliff platform.

Fang Heng walked to the edge of the platform and lowered his head to look down.

It was pitch-black below.

There was no way out?

Sheng Hui threw the burning rod in his hand toward the cliff ahead.

The light from the burning rod illuminated the cave and soon, the burning rod fell into the bottomless abyss. The light below gradually dimmed and was swallowed by the darkness.

There was probably no way to survive if they fell.

The players’ hearts sank.

Sheng Hui lit another hand-held burning rod in his hand.

“Look at the opposite side.”

Facing the back of the hole, there was a protruding hole on the cliff in front of them.

The distance between the two was about 20 meters.

“I think these two holes should have been connected by a suspension bridge or something.” Fang Heng squatted on the platform and looked at the traces left on the ground, “Look, there are nails and iron chains in this place. There are also breaks in the iron chains. They were cut off by someone.”

Sheng Hui walked over when he heard that. He squatted beside Fang Heng and checked the traces left on the ground.

Sheng Hui shook his head helplessly and said, “It seems that we can only stop here this time. We need to wait for the follow-up support team. With their help, we can cross over to the opposite cave.”

Fang Heng lowered his head and looked at the bottomless abyss. He then looked at the opposite side and asked, “Did you bring any iron chains?”

Everyone looked at Fang Heng in confusion.

Alba whispered, “Hey, Fang Shuo, don’t force yourself.”

“Yeah, I can do it. Didn’t you bring any ropes?”

Sheng Hui was very curious about the method Fang Heng would use to cross this cliff. He asked his subordinate to take out a rope from his backpack and give it to Fang Heng.

Fang Heng took out two ropes and let the player team hold the other end of the rope.

Then, Fang Heng took a step forward.

With the strength of the holy weapon, the vampires’ boots, he rose into the air and floated in midair.

Talent skill? Floating in the air?

Everyone was surprised.

Soon, Fang Heng flew through the cliff and floated to the other side with the rope. He fixed the two iron ropes on the rocks.

Fang Heng tested the stability of the iron chains. He turned his head and gestured to the players on the other side.

The players looked at each other.

Fang Heng fixed one end of the iron chain firmly, indicating that the other party could come over.

Seeing this, Sheng Hui nodded and said, “Let’s go.”

The physical fitness of the elite team was higher than that of ordinary people. The two iron chains were enough to maintain balance and cross easily.

As for Eddington, Fang Heng could only float back and carry him in the air.