Chapter 828 - Spawns

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After successfully passing through the cliff, there was a cave straight ahead.

The players lit a burning rod and continued forward.

Not long after, the passage opening in front gradually became wider.

Then, the sound of rustling footsteps came from the front.

Two figures wearing white protective suits appeared in the player’s line of sight.

Both parties saw each other at the first moment.

The other party obviously did not expect that someone would come through that entrance. Everyone raised their muzzle at the same time.

Sheng Hui immediately waved his hand and signaled for the team to put down their guns. At the same time, he shouted, “Is it Professor Dodd’s research team? We mean no harm.”

“Yes! It’s us! Are you the rescue team?”

Hearing this, both parties immediately put down their guns. Their tone was filled with joy.

Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei’s eyes lit up.

Well, it seemed to be good news.

The target of the main storyline mission had been found.

Following the survivors of Dodd’s research team through the long cave, Fang Heng and the others came to a super-sized underground research institute in the depths of the cave.

They were very surprised that they could actually find safe areas in this place.

After going through disinfection, they entered the meeting room of the research institute and saw Dodd with a full beard.

“Hahahahaha, I didn’t expect that someone could really find us in this d*mn place! Eddington, how did you do it!”

Seeing an old acquaintance that they had not seen for a long time, Dodd was in a very good mood.

“I still have to rely on my friends to find this place.”

“I only noticed you guys when I was flipping through the letters from my previous research period.”

Eddington was a little ashamed, “Actually, I received your letter a long time ago. Well, it was about the research of the Glory Club. At that time, I didn’t believe it, so I just threw the letter aside. Some time ago, I also found something related to the Glory Club, so I suddenly thought of you.”

“Hahaha, you believe it now, don’t you?”

Dodd didn’t care at all and laughed loudly, “Actually, many people didn’t believe what I said at that time. I always thought that the Glory Club was very strange. Long before the end of the world, as I investigated the Glory Club, I accidentally discovered that there was a temple built by the Glory Club’s believers half a century ago.”

“After that, I applied to the Congress for an investigation. I didn’t expect to accidentally find this cave, and I also found some traces of unknown ancient creatures here.”

Dodd explained to everyone, “The the Congress is the same as most people. They don’t believe in the Glory Club, but it’s okay. The unknown ancient creatures found here can already make the Congress excited.”

“After the national security assessment, our research team was authorized and funded. We established a large research base here to conduct secret research on the ancient creatures.”

“Then, after the radiation disaster, the creatures here also experienced a great mutation, so we stayed here…”

Eddington was curious and asked, “You’ve studied the Glory Club for so long. Do you know their origins? I’ve been tracking the origin of the apocalypse all these years, and I found that the apocalypse and the Glory Club are somewhat related.”

“Yes. After we entered this place, we sorted out some of the collected texts of Glory Club.”

Dodd said seriously, “After combining various studies, we came to this conclusion. About hundreds of millions of years ago, there was an alien species that entered our world. They would come to our world every once in a while. Because of some reasons, a very small number of races stayed in our world.”

“At that time, humans worshiped these life forms that possessed magical strength. They believed that they were gods and built temples to worship them. This was the predecessor of the Glory Club.”

“At that time, I received some information. It was believed that there was a dead alien life form buried under the temple where we are now.”

Everyone’s pupils constricted when they heard that.

“When you came here, you should have already seen the hole below, right? When we found it, we immediately located the alien life form according to the written records and began to excavate it.”

Eddington, who had heard the most important part of the story, asked anxiously, “Did you really find it? A mysterious alien creature?”

“Yes, we found it. It was stored in a strange inverted triangle-shaped yellow crystal structure. It felt like the tomb of an alien life form. Its body was completely dehydrated, but it still retained its appearance. It was not much different from the appearance of us humans.”

“After we discovered it, we immediately began to investigate the unknown life form on the spot. However, the research team in the Congress still insisted that it was an unknown ancient creature and had no connection with an extraterrestrial life form.”

“I’m sorry,” Sheng Hui could not help but interrupt. “What does this have to do with our apocalypse?”

“It does. Don’t be anxious.”

Dodd waved his hand and continued, “We found some written records on the coffin of the life form. After a period of decoding, we found some prophecies about the destruction of the world

“The extraterrestrial life form predicted several nodes of the world’s destruction and reincarnation. We were on the verge of the last one. We immediately reported this discovery to the Congress, but the Congress didn’t investigate further.”

“I did not expect the predicted apocalypse to come so soon. The radiation mutation happened on the day of the prediction, and the whole world was exposed to high levels of radiation.”

“The strange thing is that Raptor Company actually made arrangements in advance and established high-intensity shelters around the world in advance to deal with the radiation.”

“By the way, when you came here, you should have encountered the reptilian mutated creatures with black rock skin, right? Those are mutated forms that were produced after the mutation of the ancient creatures.”

“In the past, they gathered at the bottom of the pit. After the apocalypse, they experienced a huge mutation.”

Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat.

Unknown extraterrestrial life form?

The Raptor Company that predicted the end of the world in advance?

The messy clues led things in a strange direction.

“We’ve been staying here all this time to study the small sample of extraterrestrial life form that was left behind.”

“About two months ago, we had a major breakthrough in our research. We extracted a special hormone essence from a sample of the life form. This essence can effectively resist radiation from the outside world. If we can mass produce it, we might be able to survive safely in the radiation environment. We might even be able to use the essence on animals and plants to resume production.”

“After we achieved a breakthrough in our research, we immediately sent out a signal to the outside world, hoping that the people outside could discover us and provide us with support.”

“I didn’t expect that the support wouldn’t come, but the accident happened first.”

Dodd sighed as he spoke.

Fang Heng asked, “What’s the situation?”

“On the night after the signal was sent out, we discovered that the power supply in the entire research institute had been cut off. When the power supply was completely restored the next day, we discovered that the hormones had been stolen.”

Everyone’s hearts sank.

“Do you know who did it? Do you know?”