Chapter 832 - : In-depth Investigation

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Chapter 832: In-depth Investigation

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[Hint: Your negative effect-petrification has been purified.]

The next second, another game hint refreshed.

[Hint: You have entered the petrification charm state. You are petrified. Please immediately distance yourself from the threat or remove the status.]

Fang Heng had already made a judgment in his heart.

Petrification charm was most likely a domain-type spell. As long as it was near the enchanted death spider, it would be automatically cast. Even if it was purified, as long as it was within the skill’s range, it would soon be affected by the skill effect again.

In the blink of an eye, a large number of reptilian life forms quickly surrounded the party.

So these reptilian mutated forms were also controlled by the enchanted death spider??! Leading to this kind of mutated half-petrified creature?

An idea flashed through Fang Heng’s mind.

This wasn’t important!

The important thing was Dodd’s team!

They were the treasure, his heart would ache if one of them died!

Fang Heng shouted. He controlled a large number of Lickers at the back to pounce on the mutated creature. He covered the rear and Dodd’s party quickly left the petrification domain.

Dodd led his party to use long-range weapons to fire and retreat continuously.

Fang Heng quickly observed.

The enchanted death spider’s blood and the acidic liquid it spat out had a petrification effect.

Close combat was very disadvantageous. Hence, they needed to use long-range fire skills to suppress it.

It was time for the fusion Tyrant form to appear.

The eight fusion Tyrant forms that followed behind the party simultaneously picked up the large box on their backs and threw it on the ground, making a heavy sound.

They took out the revolving machine gun from the metal box.

Due to the limited amount of ammunition, Fang Heng did not use long-range attacks to waste bullets in the early stages of the battle.

As expected, it came in handy now.

The revolving machine gun quickly finished reloading its ammunition and aimed it at the swarm of reptilian mutated forms and the enchanted death spider.


The revolving machine gun spun rapidly!

Eight huge tongues of flame shot out from the muzzle of the gun at the same time!

Enhanced large caliber bullets formed a dense rain of bullets!

The enchanted death spider’s body was immediately riddled with huge wounds from the bullets. Sparkling green pus splattered everywhere!

The group of reptilian mutated forms at the front was even more unlucky, as they were directly blasted into pieces of torn flesh and blood by the bullets!

Dodd and the other players had never seen such a scene before, so they quickly hid behind.

What terrifying mutated creatures!

They actually knew how to use weapons!

Moreover, it was such an exaggerated revolving machine gun…

Dodd was secretly speechless, and his heart was extremely shocked.

Only that kind of monster could withstand such a strong recoil force from the revolving machine gun.

Dodd was puzzled. Since when did the mutated forms have low-level intelligence and could control weapons?

Could it be the latest research result of Ark Company?!

This was an improvement that transcended the era!

The revolving machine gun lasted for more than five minutes before it gradually stopped.

Through the dust from the explosion, Fang Heng looked at the enchanted death spider that was lying on the ground unable to move after being bombarded by bullets.

The enchanted death spider let out a soft sound from its mouth.

The outer layer of its hard armor had completely shattered, and its entire body was bleeding non-stop.

Fang Heng raised his modified sniper rifle and aimed it at the dead enchanted death spider’s forehead.

The bullet instantly penetrated the spider’s head.

The intense fire completely exploded the head into a ball of burning fire.

The dead enchanted death spider completely lost its breath.

A line of game hints appeared in Fang Heng’s vision.

[Hint: Player party has killed the enchanted death spider. Player has obtained high energy evolution crystal*1. Player has obtained 2,312 survival points.]

Green blood flowed out from the corpse of the enchanted death spider. Once it touched the ground, it would immediately trigger the petrification effect.

Once the enchanted death spider died, the surrounding crawling mutants would quickly retreat into the darkness.

Dodd carefully poked his head out from behind a rock and observed the enchanted death spider not far away. Then, he turned back to Fang Heng and asked for confirmation.

“Let’s go up and take a look.”

A few researchers behind them held a focused flamethrower and burned it all the way forward. They removed the blood left behind by the spiders along the way and inactivated them.

After a few researchers had thoroughly roasted the corpse of the enchanted death spider with a focused flamethrower, Dodd carefully went forward to examine it, preparing to take a sample for testing.

Dodd found something on the corpse of the enchanted death spider. He pulled a ring off the corpse and held it in his hand to observe.

Dodd nodded and handed the ring found on the corpse to Fang Heng.

[Hint: Player has obtained item-G.P.A metal ring (damaged).]

Description: A special metal ring. When worn, it can cause a life form to fall into a state of fatigue for a long time and reduce all attributes by 40%.

Description: This metal ring is damaged and can no longer take effect.

Description: This metal ring has lost control of the terminal.

Fang Heng was confused and looked at Dodd.

So the enchanted death spider had been weakened by the metal ring?

“It’s a very strange thing. It feels like a technological product of extraterrestrial life forms.”

Dodd sighed. “I think the previous scouting team must have encountered it before they sacrificed themselves.”

Fang Heng kept the ring and thought about going back to Qiu Yaokang to see if he could repair it or replicate it.

After burning the corpse and the green blood nearby, Dodd’s team finally surrounded the corpse and began to collect the samples and clean up the battlefield.

In one battle, Fang Heng lost nearly a quarter of his Lickers due to the petrification effect.

Dodd cautiously looked at the passage ahead and asked, “Fang Shuo, we still don’t know how deep it is ahead. Should we continue to take a look? Or should we go back first and rest for a while before returning?”

Fang Heng swept his gaze toward the depths.

He did not find any other creature in the depths of the passage, but there was a black thing.

From the shape of the shadow, it looked more like a building.

[Hint: Player has completed the mission-Dodd’s defense. Player’s friendship with Dodd has increased significantly.]

[Hint: Player has triggered follow-up mission-In-depth investigation.]

Mission name: In-depth investigation.

Mission description: Explore the depths of the cave.

Mission reward: Dodd’s favorability rating.

From the perspective of the game, after experiencing a boss battle, the possibility of encountering a large number of Tier 6 creatures was not high.

Fang Heng glanced at the mission description and raised his head. “There’s no need. We’ll go deeper and take a look. We’ll retreat when we encounter danger.”

The group of Lickers quickly disappeared into the darkness in front of them again. Everyone continued to move forward along the passage.

As they got closer, they discovered a huge oval-shaped ruined building in front of them.

The ruins had been here for a long time. A thick layer of rock and soil had accumulated on its surface.

Dodd looked surprised. He carefully walked forward and scraped the sand away from the ruins, revealing the metal layer below.