Chapter 684 - Once Again on the Top Searches

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Chapter 684: Once Again on the Top Searches

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“Sis! Sis! Not good, not good, you’re on the top searches again.”

Jing Ning’s little assistant rushed into Jing Ning’s bedroom with breakfast and told Jing Ning the new news that she had seen on television the whole morning.

“What happened again?”

Jing Ning’s psychological endurance was already very strong. She had already survived the incident with the pornographic photos, so what was there to be afraid of?

Female celebrities were a profession that was full of controversy and public opinion. It was very normal for television stations to report on her. Whether it was praise or criticism, they should all accept it. Then, they should bring their new works to amaze everyone again.

“It’s that Zheng Hui again!”

The little assistant took a breath, placed the breakfast on the table, and continued.

“He once again cooperated with the magazine that reported on us and took some untrue photos. They said that our female celebrities bullied people and sent people to beat him up to vent our anger.”

Zheng Hui played a cruel trick again.

People always had more empathy for the weaker people who were worse off than them, and their emotions were more biased toward the weaker people who were worse off than them.

Jing Ning was once again pulled into the whirlpool of public opinion.

“I also received this news. This is the newspaper that I saw early in the morning, so I bought it back!”

Yun Xi happened to push the door open and enter, joining in the discussion of their topic.

Jing Ning picked up the newspaper on the table. At first, she did not express any emotions, but in the end, she even sneered.

“This Zheng Hui is really hardworking! Looking at the wound on his face, it doesn’t seem fake. He really can be ruthless to himself!”

Jing Ning put down the newspaper in her hand and opened the bag of breakfast.

“Sis, how can you still laugh out loud? Your reputation has just improved a little, but you’re on the top searches now again. Then all our previous efforts will be in vain, right?”

The little assistant was especially anxious. Jing Ning was not even anxious, but the little assistant was!

“The court session should be starting soon, right?” Yun Xi’s face was expressionless as she asked the little assistant for a specific time.

“Sister Yun Xi, why do you also look so indifferent? What should we do about this matter? I reckon that in a while, those media reporters will definitely surround the outside of our studio again.”

Seeing that Yun Xi was not in a hurry, the little assistant hurried her.

After Jing Ning left Star Creator Media Company, Yun Xi bought a commercial apartment. The studio was a small loft on the second floor.

Jing Ning still lived with Jiang Meng, and now she lived in the studio occasionally. After all, it was easy for the paparazzi to capture her whereabouts if she traveled too much.

If outsiders found out about her address, it would be a very dangerous thing for Jing Ning.

“Don’t worry! The reporters outside won’t be able to find the address of this newly opened studio.”

Yun XI patted the little assistant on the shoulder, hinting that she should not be so anxious.

The thing that Yun Xi valued more when she bought this loft was the security measures in this residential area. The property in this community was very responsible. Without the key card in the community, it was impossible to enter the community.

If someone from the inside brought them into the area, the security guards would also register the identity of the visitors.

“The court session is the day after tomorrow!”

The little assistant took out her small notebook, which recorded important events, and reported the court session information to the two people.

Public figures were not supposed to attend the opening of the trial, for fear of causing a disturbance in society.

However, because of Zheng Hui, the clown, who kept stirring up trouble, Yun Xi’s previous plans were changed.

“Lil’ Lin, go to the court and discuss with the judges to change this trial into a public trial. Moreover, you have to submit the accusation of Jing Ning using her power to bully others, so that Zheng Hui’s schemes will be exposed.”

Yun Xi and Lil’ Lin said.

“Alright, alright. I’ll go and inform the court! I knew that Miss Yun Xi must have a way to deal with this matter.”

Lil’ Lin’s eyes were filled with admiration for Yun Xi.

Although the two of them were of the same age, the difference in the way they handled things was like the difference between heaven and earth.