Chapter 685 - Court Session

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Chapter 685: Court Session

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The day of the court session was the day when the court was filled to the brim with spectators.

These spectators were all here for Jing Ning’s fame, and half of them were her fans.

As a sentence came out from the microphone of the presiding judge, the court instantly fell silent.

“Defendant, the plaintiff accuses you of repeatedly slandering the reputation of others, and the circumstances are serious. Do you have anything to say in your defense?”

The plaintiff and the defendant sat on both sides of the court. On the defendant’s seat sat Zheng Hui, the staff of the magazine, and the lawyer.

“Your Honor, I’ve been wronged! I have never done such a thing. I admit that I am her ex-boyfriend, and I have indeed shown these photos to others, but I have never thought of slandering her reputation. These were done by the magazine, and it has nothing to do with me.”

Zheng Hui had thrown all the blame on the magazine as soon as the trial started.

The staff of the magazine did not expect that the defendant who was on their side would turn around and bite back.

In that case, they would not be polite!

“Your Honor, our magazine has been established for more than ten years. Our magazine has always been dedicated to serving the public. We report every piece of news truthfully. This time, we only did so because we received information from Mr. Zheng Hui.”

The editor-in-chief of the magazine and Zheng Hui stared at each other. Before the matter had even begun, a dog-eat-dog drama had already started.

“Silence. Does the plaintiff have anything to say?”

The judge handed the right to speak to Jing Ning and Yun Xi again.

“Your Honor, I question the words of the editor-in-chief of this magazine. This is the evidence that I have gathered from other celebrities. This magazine has been exaggerating its marketing in order to earn gimmicks all year round. It has been making things up to make things worse. All these years, it has caused many celebrities to suffer terribly.”

Yun Xi first took out the evidence and placed it in front of the judge.

The judge scanned through the evidence. They were all printed documents that stated that the news reported by the magazine differed from reality. The bottom line even had the names of other celebrities signed.

“Defendant, what else do you have to say?”

The editor-in-chief was speechless because the other party was indeed telling the truth.

“Your Honor, the editor-in-chief of our magazine was also deceived by someone and listened to the words of the person who reported the clues.”Therefore, the responsibility for reporting false information lies not with our magazine, but mainly with people like Mr. Zheng Hui who provide news.”

The editor-in-chief could not speak, so it was time for the lawyer to begin his performance.

Yun Xi sat in the plaintiff’s seat and watched the lawyer across from him who was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and speaking these lies in a serious manner.

By earning this kind of money that goes against one’s conscience, would one’s conscience not get hurt?!

“What? It has nothing to do with me! I just sold these photos to you because I saw that your price was reasonable. I didn’t say anything else. As for the words in the magazine, they were all fabricated by you.”

Zheng Hui hurriedly denied it.

What Zheng Hui said was also the truth.

Seeing that the matter could not be argued over whose responsibility was more, the judge brought the second case to the court first.

“Mr. Zheng Hui, the plaintiff is suing you for slandering her reputation once again. The plaintiff did not send anyone to beat you or verbally abuse you, but you and the magazine published photos of you being beaten until your head was bleeding. You bought the trending topic of female celebrities bullying others.”

“Your Honor! You can’t just listen to one side of the story. It’s because she hates me for giving these photos to the magazine that she sent someone to beat me up. Your Honor, you also know that these female celebrities have a lot of power behind them. It’s easy for them to get a few local hooligans to beat me up.”

In order to win sympathy, Zheng Hui took off the bandage on his head and showed the bloody wound on his head to the audience in the spectator stands.

“Hey, this injury is really serious!”

“Exactly. Look at the pus starting to fester at the temples.”