Chapter 686 - Trial

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The crowd discussed in low voices in the audience seats.

“Your Honor, you’ve seen my wound, right?! Actually, it’s extremely serious. The doctor said that if I had arrived at the hospital a little later, and if I hadn’t handled it properly, it would have been life-threatening,” Zheng Hui said in alarmist words.

“Your Honor, even if it’s like what she said, I’m the one who slandered her, then I wouldn’t have gone so far as to do this to myself!”

Zheng Hui’s injuries looked serious, but in fact, he still knew his limits.

These words were just words that he had prepared in advance.

“Mr. Zheng Hui, then how can you be sure that the local hooligans who beat you are the people we sent over? As far as I know, you have been mingling in the casinos and all sorts of places where all sorts of people mingle around. It’s hard to say who you have offended. What right do you have to insist that these people were sent by us? You even slandered our artists in the magazines.”

Yun Xi retorted with a question.

Zheng Hui did not expect to be asked such a question. For a moment, he had not thought of a retort.

“That’s naturally because those local hooligans cursed me while beating me up.”

“I told you to send these photos and bully our Jing Ning. You deserve to be beaten to death!”

“I heard these words from those local hooligans. That’s why I’m sure that Jing Ning sent people to beat me up.”

Zheng Hui thought of a reason and covered up his lie.

“First of all, I’m not sure if the people who beat you said such words. You don’t have any evidence to prove that these people said such words. Second, no one would say their name when they sent someone to beat someone up. Now that we’re in a society ruled by law, we have to bear legal responsibility for beating people up. We’re all people who have a certain level of common sense in the law, so how could we make such a low-level mistake?”

Yun Xi still refuted this.

To judge whether something was beneficial to him, he had to produce evidence that was beneficial to him.

Yun Xi was certain that Zheng Hui would not be able to produce any evidence. He could only rely on his mouth to create rumors without any reason.

If Zheng Hui could not produce any evidence, it would be beneficial to the plaintiff’s side.

“Then where can I find evidence? Before I get beaten up, how can I still know that I will be beaten up in the next second? Can I even use the radio to record the voices of these people?”

Zheng Hui heard that the audience below the stage had already started to stand on Yun Xi’s side and started to stir up trouble again.

“Silence!” This sentence was said by the judge to the audience below the stage.

“If the defendant is unable to provide audio evidence, he can provide the specific features of the person who beat you up. We can cooperate with the police to find these people who beat you up.”

The judge proposed a reasonable solution.

Zheng Hui obviously could not betray the gangster brothers who were acting for him. This was not because Zheng Hui was so loyal, but because offending these people would not end well for Zheng Hui if he went out.

If these people were to turn around and help Yun Xi and the others testify, would that not be like lifting a stone and smashing their own feet?

“I can’t remember anymore, Your Honor. At that time, several of them were the ones who beat me up. I could only use my hands to protect my head, so I couldn’t see their faces clearly at all.”

Zheng Hui revealed a regretful expression.

“Could the plaintiff provide evidence to prove that he was framing you?”

The judge turned his head to ask Jing Ning.

“Your Honor, we accept any investigation on social relations and the timeline of Jing Ning’s life. We have never cooperated with anyone in society to harm Mr. Zheng Hui.”

Zheng Hui could not find any evidence.

Although the evidence in Yun Xi’s hands could only prove that Jing Ning had nothing to do with this matter, this proved that Zheng Hui was framing Jing Ning.

“If that’s the case, please apologize to the plaintiff for framing the other party without understanding the circumstances. This situation already constitutes a crime of framing.”

The judge conducted a reasonable trial.

Zheng Hui had faked such a serious injury, but in the end, it was all for naught.

Zheng Hui was somewhat unwilling.

However, Yun Xi was a capable person. Zheng Hui was afraid that if they continued to investigate, they would find some evidence against him. Zheng Hui could only stand up and express his apology to the audience in the spectator stands.