Chapter 687 - : Family Visit

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Chapter 687: Family Visit

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At the same time, there were still reporters in the spectator seats who used their press passes to take pictures of Zheng Hui apologizing.

Presumably, after today, public opinion about Jing Ning would pass again.

The one who was framed was the one who was sympathized with, and because of this, Jing Ning would receive a new batch of fans’ attention.

The case continued to be discussed for two hours. The two defendants on the defendant’s side were biting each other, neither letting the other go.

However, in the face of the evidence, no one could deny the crime they had committed.

The lawyer of the magazine agency still had some real skills.

In the end, the editor-in-chief of the magazine was sentenced to a term of imprisonment and fined 5,000 yuan in cash compensation to Ms. Jing Ning.

Zheng Hui was the first person to publish the photos and made a profit by selling the photos, so Zheng Hui caused very serious damage to Ms. Jing Ning’s reputation. Eventually, he was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 5,000 yuan.

The heavens were watching. Those who earned the unjust money would eventually be punished by the law.

The curtain fell on Jing Ning’s matter. Yun Xi helped her find another capable agent and received several big-budget movies for Jing Ning.

Next, Jing Ning would reappear in front of the audience with a brand-new image. The new image was of a strong independent woman.

Jing Ning even received an endorsement from an international brand, and her value increased several times.

One day, Yun Xi was playing chess with Old Master Zhou in the Zhou family’s old residence when she suddenly received a call from Zhou Lin’s army.

“Really?! How many days can we go there for?”

It turned out that Zhou Lin’s army held a family visit event that was held once every three years. Some soldiers and officers in the army could let their wives or girlfriends come to live in the army for a period of time.

Zhou Lin also had such a chance before, but because he was single back then, he always gave the chance to his subordinates who needed it more.

This year, it was finally Zhou Lin’s turn to hold his girlfriend’s hand and walk around the army.

The army thoughtfully prepared a single room for family members who came to visit,.

Zhou Lin was involved in the management of the army, so he had always lived alone in a bedroom.

When Yun Xi arrived, they only needed to add another bed to the single-bed bedroom.

“The specific notice for this year hasn’t come yet, but I think it’s about the same as every year. About half a month!”

Before Zhou Lin made the call, he had already planned out all the details and was just waiting for his little fiancée to arrive.

“Alright.” Yun Xi was also very happy.

Zhou Lin had been busy with training during this period of time. There were important figures in Jing City who were going to visit, so the provinces that were close to Jing City were also in a state of first-class alert.

Yun Xi had not seen Zhou Lin for half a month.

In the past, she had felt that she could handle everything by herself. She had thought that she would be reborn with her space. In this life, she would stay away from love and protect her family.

However, when there was a man standing behind her, no matter what she did, he would support her. That man used his love to change her frozen heart. Yun Xi no longer felt that she was the only one in this world who was struggling to hold on.

There was a person who was willing to stand behind her and be her enemy against the entire world. Perhaps this was love!

“Alright then, you can simply pack your luggage. I’ll go to the old residence to pick you up tomorrow evening.”

After saying this, Zhou Lin hung up the phone. Yun Xi could vaguely hear the ringing of the bell again. It seemed that they had been really busy during this period of time.

“Girl! You’ve been foolishly laughing ever since you came out of the study room. What are you happy about? Can’t you see that you’re about to lose in chess?”

Old Master Zhou took a sip of his strong tea and teased.

“I’m going to visit Zhou Lin’s army tomorrow. I might be gone for half a month, so there might not be anyone to play chess with you. Please don’t miss me!”

Yun Xi also teased Old Master Zhou. The way the two of them interacted was very warm. There was no estrangement between the younger generation and the elders.

“It’s good, it’s good!”

Although Old Master Zhou said it was good, his brows were tightly knitted together, and a worried expression appeared on his face.

Yun Xi was still immersed in the joy of meeting her lover and did not see Old Master Zhou’s hesitant actions.