Chapter 688 - Hot-Blooded Aura

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Chapter 688: Hot-Blooded Aura

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When Yun Xu truly came to the army, everything here was in good order. Yun Xi heard the loud slogans outside, and she felt a strong masculine hot-blooded aura.

Yun Xi had only visited the military region for one day before she was arranged to go to the family quarters in the barracks.

Zhou Lin wanted to select some good seedlings from this year’s recruits, so this time, Yun Xi did not go to the special forces training camp, but only went to a recruit camp.

Although it was said that she could be here to accompany the soldiers, the only time that Yun Xi and Zhou Lin could really be together was after dinner. During the day, Zhou Lin would lead the soldiers in the military region for training, so Yun Xi could not see anyone at all.

Yun Xi rubbed her aching old waist and cursed in her heart.

Last night, the soldiers in the army specially carried an iron-framed single bed for her.

They placed the single bed in another corner of the room. There was a one-meter-wide desk between the beds of Yun Xi and Zhou Lin.

After dinner, Zhou Lin brought the two beds together and pushed the desk into the corner.

There were always more solutions than difficulties. The two single beds suddenly became a double bed.

Yun Xi was afraid that the army’s room was not soundproof, so she kept her voice down. Zhou Lin, on the other hand, did not seem to know fatigue as he doted on her the entire night.

Yun Xi slept until the sun was high in the sky. Zhou Lin had already started cross-country training.

How could there be such a huge difference in physical strength between people? Comparing people was really infuriating!

Yun Xi had just washed up, put on her clothes, and went out to look for something to eat when she saw a woman wearing floral clothing standing at the door, holding a red plastic bag in her hand.

“May I ask who you are?” Yun Xi saw that this woman felt very gentle and took the initiative to ask.

“My name is Zhang Ling, and I’m also a family member visiting this military district. I’m staying in the room diagonally across from you. I’ll bring you some of our hometown’s specialties. Come and have a taste of this honey.”

Zhang Ling was a little shy and carefully handed the red plastic bag in her hand to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi saw that it was not too expensive and happened to be a little hungry. There were crispy biscuits in the bag and a thick layer of honey on the outside. The taste was really good!

“It’s really delicious!”

“Thank you!” Yun Xi said as she let Zhang Ling sit down.

Zhang Ling’s face turned shy when she saw the single bed that was merged together.

Yun Xi understood the meaning in Zhang Ling’s eyes. She had already scolded Zhou Lin thousands of times in her heart.

“You are Chief Zhou’s family member, right? My husband is the vice commander for the new recruits. He’s in charge of training the new recruits.”

Zhang Ling found a topic to make the atmosphere between the two of them less awkward.

“I’m his fiancée. It’s almost time for lunch. Let me treat you to hotpot. They’ve all gone for training. We’re bored ourselves,” Yun Xi suggested.

Yun Xi had accepted the local specialties of her hometown, so she naturally had to return the favor. She did not like to owe others anything.

Yun Xi had come in this time to help Zhou Lin improve his food, so she had specially taken a lot of ingredients from her hotpot shop. She could also store these ingredients in her space to ensure that they were absolutely fresh.

“No need. I’ll just eat with them in the canteen of the army in a while.”

Zhang Ling looked like she was afraid of disturbing them and shook her head repeatedly.

“It alright. Look, you’ve already invited me to taste the specialties of your hometown. I’ve also brought some medicine to treat injuries from falling. You can bring some back later. These soldiers train every day. It’s inevitable that their muscles will be sore and strained.”

Yun Xi was bored in the dormitory and tried her best to convince Zhang Ling.

“Alright then!” Zhang Ling’s voice was especially soft, but she still nodded.

The food in the army cafeteria was indeed good. There was meat and vegetables for every meal, and it was rich in nutrients. However, eating too much would also make one sick. No one could resist the charm of hotpot.

Zhang Ling sat on the chair and looked at Yun Xi in disbelief.

“I specially brought a lot of ingredients when I came here this time. Please help yourself,” Yun Xi explained.