Chapter 689 - Could Not Divorce

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Chapter 689: Could Not Divorce

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“So we want to have another child while we’re young. My husband’s mother is a very traditional person. She believes that there must be heirs to the family, and it would be best if it’s a boy.”

Although equality between men and women was advocated now, in some places, some old people still preferred boys over girls. They believed that raising a child could allow them to have a better life when they’re older. If they had a daughter, they would be raising a daughter-in-law for someone else.

“Then you two are now…”

34 years old was also a good age. It had been half a year and the two of them still did not have a child. Something must have changed.

“My husband and I were introduced to each other by people in the village. To be precise, there was no love between the two of us. We’re just living together.”

“After we had a child, we were like a real family. With the bond between us, we couldn’t be separated easily. However, this child is gone…”

Zhang Ling was too lonely. She could not find anyone in the huge military region to confide in.

It was not until she met Yun Xi today that Zhang Ling poured out all her thoughts.

“Then you can just have another child. Could it be that something is wrong with your body? I know a few very good doctors. If you need them, I can help you introduce them to them.” Yun Xi asked with concern.

“No, no.” After answering, Zhang Ling could not hold back her tears anymore.

“There are no problems with our bodies. It’s just that something is wrong with our relationship.”

“My husband had participated in a scout competition and obtained a place in the competition. That was why he was promoted to vice company commander. Otherwise, an ordinary soldier like him wouldn’t have been able to become an officer.”

The military region did indeed have such rules. Yun Xi was also clear about it.

“During the competition, he got to know a similarly outstanding female soldier. My husband fell madly in love with that outstanding woman. Compared to that outstanding woman, I seem to pale in comparison. If I were him, I wouldn’t have chosen myself either.”

Zhang Ling was too unconfident. She had always been belittling herself and felt that she was inferior to anyone else.

“I’ve heard other family members in the dormitory talk about this matter behind my back. My husband had expressed his love for her, but that female soldier ignored him completely. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that the female soldier didn’t have any feelings for him. However, he felt that it was because of my existence that the female soldier didn’t respond to his feelings.”

“I’ve been here for almost half a year, and we’ve never slept together more than ten times in order to have a child. How would I have a chance of getting pregnant?”

If there were any problems with her body, Yun Xi would still be able to help. If there were problems with her heart, Yun Xi would not be able to help.

People’s thoughts were different from each other. Those who had received an education and those who had not received an education had different views.

Yun Xi had no way of understanding Zhang Ling’s inner world.

Zhang Ling cared too much about the opinions of others. The rumors and gossip in the outside world were enough to destroy all the beliefs of a rural woman.

“You don’t have to rely on him for the rest of your life. You are still young. You can also find a job to support yourself. You can also meet a man who treats you well, instead of living in a dead marriage.”

Zhang Ling was actually a kind person, but her thoughts are a bit out of date.