Chapter 690 - Respect Your Choice

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Chapter 690: Respect Your Choice

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Yun Xi hoped that she could help Zhang Ling and make her stop suffering like this.

Men and women should have equal status. Zhang Ling could also have her own life.

“I can’t. I’m not as educated as you guys. I can’t find a job and earn my own living. I don’t have much knowledge. I can only support my husband and children for the rest of my life.”

Zhang Ling once again denied herself.

“You don’t have to have high knowledge. As long as you’re willing to change, it’s never too late. As long as you’re willing to start learning, it doesn’t have to be at a school.

Yun Xi felt that what she said was just words of comfort, but it did make sense.

“Let’s eat first! It’s almost dark. My husband should be back soon. If he doesn’t see me in the dormitory, he’ll get angry.”

Yun Xi’s words had indeed opened a gap in Zhang Ling’s heart, but she had always believed in her own philosophy for the past 34 years.

Yun Xi could never change a person’s ingrained thoughts with just a few words, but as long as a person thought about what she had heard and was willing to change, then that person could still be saved.

“What did you do today?”

Zhou Lin saw Yun Xi busily arranging the cutlery and asked.

“Today, the wife of the vice company commander of the new recruits company, Zhang Ling, brought the local specialty of her hometown to visit me. She was quite lonely and bored in the military region alone, so I used the ingredients I brought to treat her to a hotpot.”

Yun Xi slapped away Zhou Lin’s big hands that were touching her all around. The sun had just set and the sky outside was not completely dark yet. If others saw this, it would be very embarrassing!

“I also heard some insider news today! Is that female soldier who made the vice company commander fall in love with also in the camp now?” Yun Xi asked.

“That female soldier is a sniper. She should be training female recruits now. The matter between them used to be spread around the camp, but I wasn’t training here before. I don’t know what kind of feelings they have.”

“Then what do you think about this matter?”

“I don’t have any thoughts. Everyone is different, and I don’t want to meddle in other people’s family affairs.”

Zhou Lin did not have much of a relationship with the vice company commander. The only time they interacted was when they had a meeting and quarreled.

That time, it was to select new seedlings for the special forces from the recruit company. Zhou Lin felt that his teaching philosophy was very different from his, and the two of them were destined to have no topic to talk about.

“I feel that the most contradictory point between them is still because of the child. What do you think I should do if one day I can’t give birth to a child? Will you give up on me because of this matter?”

Yun Xi used other people’s questions to probe Zhou Lin’s inner thoughts.

“What I love is you as a person! It’s not like I love that you have the ability to give birth to a child!” Zhou Lin did not even consider it and answered firmly.

Yun Xi was very satisfied with this answer.

“Children are the icing on the cake in a relationship, and it’s not the only option. It’s the existence of a relationship between two people. The right to have children mainly lies with women, not men. I’m willing to respect your opinion!”

Zhou Lin’s plain words expressed his deepest feelings.

Yun Xi now believed that Zhou Lin’s teaching philosophy was indeed different from this vice company commander’s.

They were in another single dormitory diagonally opposite.

“Where did you go today?” Vice Company Commander Li Yang’s voice was faint.

“Officer Zhou Lin’s fiancee invited me to eat hotpot. I was with her today.”

“She brought you to eat, so you went to eat?! When the time came, what would you use to repay her? Could it be that the food in the military canteen couldn’t feed you? How can I hold my head up in front of Zhou Lin after this matter gets out? Why don’t you care about my position in the army at all?”

Li Yang was a little angry.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t think so much back then. I just don’t know how to reject others.”

Zhang Ling quickly explained, afraid that the relationship between the two of them, which was already treading on thin ice, would worsen.